72Baton Rouge, United States
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My self-summary
PLEASE take the time to read ALL of my profile before you decide to respond. The photo you see IS a recent photo. You may find it hard to believe I am 70 years old. (My birthday is July 3rd--almost a fire cracker!)---I am VERY PROUD to be 70. I do not feel--look nor act my age! I still have the same energy I had when I was 27--can you keep up with me? You will just have hear my voice or see me on my cam--which I have given instructions at the END of my profile to see me live via Yahoo Messenger ID: fun.wanking

I know some women will just skim through my profile looking for those tid-bits of information that is what they like or dislike about a man--that is fine with me. While other women WILL take the time to read ALL of my profile and then decide if they like what I shared to respond. I have put a lot of time and effort in writing my profile. There maybe ideas/beliefs I have which you would have issues with---but I have tried to be open and honest and give you a glimpse/taste of my heart, mind. I do NOT intend to offend you in any way with what you read.

I DO ENJOY my NAUGHTY thoughts/moods/actions to ALWAYS be thinking of ways in giving PLEASURE to my beloved. At times I love to be a DOM!

I AM very PROUD regarding the joy I have in GIVING PLEASURE---if that offends you so be it. You are free to read my profile and OKC has given me the freedom to share with you what I enjoy!

What you read in my profile IS who I AM!!!

I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANY CASUAL SEX!!! I believe a man OUGHT to make-love to a woman's HEART and MIND and SPIRIT and THEN EARN the privilege of making-love to her BODY! THIS TAKES TIME!!

I am a man full of passion! I AM 69--I do NOT look my age--I do NOT feel my age nor do I act my age--I am so proud of my age. I still have the same energy I had when I was 27. I am semi-retired from selling home security systems. I work when I want to work. I raised my daughter from the time she was 3 till she was18 by myself. I LOVE to be a dad!

If you are looking to be respected--cherished--appreciated and loved with agape love--lets get together for lots of FUN!

I enjoy being a free-spirited man that wants to grow in his spirit --heart--mind and body and stay physicaly fit with a woman that desires the same. I PREFER younger females---42--65. I am willing to "live and let live". I want to get involved with a woman that is willing to help me become a better man and I in return help her become a better woman. I live life to the fullest and am on the go the majority of the time--but I do appreciate the quite times to snuggle and be close. I want to learn more about the woman I am with and she learn about me. Much of my joy in life is giving to others and seeing that they are happy.

I am a giver and enjoy always giving to my beloved. I have no interest in just sex--I am more interested in MAKING-LOVE. Making-love is just that MAKING something together. Also--I do not want to FALL-in-love with you--that is too negative. I want to GROW-IN-LOVE with you.

I feel it is important to be honest about who you are when presenting your profile. I am ready to discover my SOULmate--are you willing to take the risk and discover yours? If you are?--I would love to hear from you. [No photos--no response.] It is difficult to understand that so many women here and other sites do not post a photo. Often when they post a photo it is photo of a tree--plant--sunset--etc. Remember us guys are VISUAL and you females are more cebral. Not very many men are going to take the time to look at a woman's profile if they do not know what she looks like.

Cooking is one of my favorite activities next to fishing and golf.Do you have any good receipes to share?

I love the outdoors and would love to have you as a "fishing and camping buddy." I have a 18 ft. Stratos bass boat with a 200 Mercury hp engine. My pop-up camper sleeps 7. It has a king-size and queen size beds--one for you and one for me. It has a A/C--heater--sink--stove--microwave--table--drop-down TV--hot water heater--toilet and shower. You can see my boat and camper in my numerous photos here on my profile.

I love to write. I have written several essays from "BEING SAFE" [dealing with safe contacts on the internet] to erotic stories for the female reader. I have begun 3 rough-draft chapters to my Christian novel--"PARADISE: Remembered".

If you are not willing to do YOUR PART investing in our relationship then do NOT contact me. I DO believe that EACH of us have our OWN opinion/ideas/philosophy of living and I will NEVER tell you are wrong. We BOTH should be allowed to express our OWN views. I would NEVER not allow you to give your opinion. I believe we MUST "agree to disagree." I want to learn from you and I pray you want to learn from me too. COMPROMISE in a relationship IS a MUST!! TALKING is a MUST in working through our differences. NO YELLING or raising our voices OR putting down the other person will NOT be tolerated. I will NEVER use you and I pray you will NOT use me either.

I am NOT interested in "scoring" with you--just want to have FUN!!!

MOST IMPORTANT: I do not want to sleep with you--until I do not want to sleep without you!
What I’m doing with my life
At the present time I am semi-retired from a career in sales. I love to make people's lives safe and secure. I enjoyed selling numerous products and services that people felt they needed and wanted.

I will continue to discover numerous ways I can give to others.
I’m really good at
I am good at being positive and giving to others. It IS more BLESSED to give to others than to receive. I get back when I see that others are happy and enjoying life.

I love to use a black magic marker--scissors--trimmer and safety raiser to give the JOY OF THE HEART at least once a month. I do have a photo of my my work to show you.

I am VERY GOOD at giving cunnilingus!! The love of giving cunnilingus is not for my pleasure but is in giving YOU pleasure. My pleasure comes in hearing you SCREAM LOUD when you cum. Cunnilingus produces the FINEST tasting nectar in all the world---oh so YUMMY!!

I do know how to make a woman experience "The Big O". Very few men know how to give a woman the ULTIMATE experience!!
The first things people usually notice about me
People notice my smile and the sparkle I have in my eyes. Life is good. I HATE the phrase "Life is short!" Life is awesome and I do not concern myself with time--I am continually giving and giving--have no time to worry about my life being short. I live and give to life each day.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There are so many great books to read. My favorite book is the Bible. I enjoy good novels and enjoy action and western movies as well as science fiction movies. I love to cook and enjoy any type of food---enjoy trying new foods and receipes. I love to collect old cook books.
Six things I could never do without
1. God

2. My great sense of humor.

3. My love of life.

4. Kissing

5. Golf

6. Fishing and camping

7. Cunnilingus

8. Theatre

9. Wanking

10. Being NUDE as often as possible.

11. Snuggling

12. The Bible

13. More cunnilngus--It produces the FINEST tasting nectar in ALL the world--oh so YUMMY!!!

How do you limit those things/feelings/
desires which are so much a part of your life to just 6? I can not nor can many individuals just list 6.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can find creative ways to make others happy.
On a typical Friday night I am
I enjoy going to a movie or being with friends for food and fellowship.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I will answer this question AFTER I have spent some time with a woman. Very private and I feel she WOULD enjoy it too.
You should message me if
you want ONLY and I state ONLY you would like more in-depth chats regarding my NAUGHTY side--then add me at Yahoo Messenger ID:


When you add me you WILL see a photo of how HARD I love to get!! If you want--I will let you watch me wank LIVE on my cam. I love to have a woman watch me stroke for her.

I wonder how fast---with you watching my cam--will it take for you to make me get hard and look like my photo?

AGAIN: Adding me at Yahoo Messenger is ONLY and I say ONLY IF you want to SEE a part of my NAUGHTY SIDE LIVE!!
The two of us