33 Washington, United States
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My self-summary
I'm ridiculously awesome and awesomely ridiculous.
What I’m doing with my life
Business / data analysis for the day job (and enjoying it!). Working on my five-year plan for personal and professional growth.

As for my spare time… I run, I've run three marathons and am training for my fourth. I spoil my cat. I sometimes brew my own beer. I'm a photographer. I collect autographs. I used to skate in men's roller derby. One of my friends said that my hobby is having hobbies, hahaha.

I like to travel; I took a whirlwind tour of Europe once just to see how many countries I could visit in two weeks, as well as Canada and Japan, and most recently took a month-long trip between New Zealand and Australia. I enjoy going on road trips. I'm trying to be more "green". I'm getting acquainted with bicycling around DC.

I try to do as many awesome things as I can; to paraphrase Viv Savage in "This Is Spinal Tap", I try to have a good time all the time.
I’m really good at
…making bad puns and corny jokes.

…helping lost cats find their owners.

…applying myself toward goals.

…accidentally whacking various extremities on nearby doorframes, footboards, refrigerators, windowsills, etc.

…causing TV shows to declare this is their last season just when I start watching them. (Three times now! I'm looking at you, The Wire, Deadwood, and Downton Abbey!)
The first things people usually notice about me
I've no idea. Maybe my green eyes?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For books, I like biographies and true-crime thrillers, and P.G. Wodehouse stories. I recently went on a magazine-subscribing spree and now I've got about a dozen wide-ranging periodicals I read. It's fun to have a variety of things to read to choose from.

Movies, I like all kinds. I once filled my Netflix queue with so many movies it wouldn't let me add any more. I love anything Criterion publishes. I tried to watch as many new-to-me films last year as I could and ended up seeing 50.

I don't watch much TV. I watch the Orioles play baseball and the Capitals play hockey… I don't care much for football, but I may tune in to watch if I've nothing else going on. I'm a MST3k fan. I like Doctor Who (both old and new), Top Gear, The Venture Brothers, and Game of Thrones.

Music, I like pretty much anything, but tend towards classic rock. The only country I like is old-school country (and Western!). I used to play the oboe, and I wish I could learn to play it again.

Food, I'm willing to try most things at least once, but I don't like things that are very spicy. I try to eat healthy, and I'm improving my culinary skills. I prefer craft beers over hard liquors.
The six things I could never do without
- my cat. I adopted him at the beginning of April 2012 when he was already about a year-and-a-half old. He's smart and quite the troublemaker. He's named after a P. G. Wodehouse literary character (well, two literary characters, if you include his middle name/initial).

- my music collection. It'd take me forever to listen to it all, but it's such a stress reliever for me.

- my MINI Cooper. If you own one, you know what sort of a cult it really is.

- my sense of humor.

- I'm such a dork for including a to-do list, but I'd be overwhelmed if it weren't for my OmniFocus GTD apps. (On the bright side: I don't forget important things to do! :) It totally helped me get through grad school while working full time, and since then it's become indispensable.

- my glasses. I could get contacts or laser eye surgery, I suppose, but I think I look good in glasses and without them everything's just enough of a blur to be annoying.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What else I could be doing with my life, and think about what opportunities I should pursue next – I'm always trying to find ways I can improve myself, and I'm looking for someone who does the same.
On a typical Friday night I am
…keeping it low-key at home or with friends. When I'm training for a marathon I tend to have a long run early on Saturday mornings, so I usually end up staying in Friday nights.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I collect motivational quotes I come across. They're not always from people you'd consider famous or "motivational", and some are pretty funny, but I like having these as my own semi-personal pep-talk.
You should message me if
…you're looking for a serious relationship with someone who is clever, who thinks its important to keep active and stay fit, who likes to travel, who has a sense of style, and is eco-minded. Bonus if you also try to stay young at heart – life's too short not to try to have fun! :)