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My self-summary
**putting this here because I'm tired of answering this question.** I date MEN not SKIN COLORS. I've dated men from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and am open to continuing to do so.

I would best be described as an extroverted introvert with extremely varied interests and an insatiable curiosity for the intricacies of life.

Things I'd like to do with another person*:
Cards Against Humanity tournament
Movie marathon (w/ cuddles AND popcorn)
Dance my ass off at a music festival
Photo scavenger hunt

*disclaimer: I'm not necessarily good at any of the activities which might involve skill.

Why am I single?

Striking the balance between intellectual stimulation, shared interests/values, and sexual attraction is hard!

I want something meaningful, but things will have to progress slowly relationship-wise.

Sometimes it seems impossible finding someone in the middle of this "fuck 'n' chuck vs. marriage tomorrow" spectrum ...
What I’m doing with my life
This used to say some shit about becoming the female version of Michael Eric Dyson (that blowhard) ... That definitely says a lot about how long ago I created this profile because now we have one of those ... Oh, Melissa Harris Perry! Her speech impediment is so much cuter than his,too (Come on with the iambic pentameter already, Dyson!)

History and anthro-nerd. Right now, I kind of have a foot in two worlds. I work as a project management professional with a number of non-profit entities. I'm also in beauty school getting my entrepreneur on!

The only other thing I'm doing with my life (definitely the most important thing I'm doing with my life) is raising my daughter.
I’m really good at
reading, talking, dancing, acting foolish, correcting people, telling long drawn out (sometimes humorous)stories, scooping ice cream, laughing at myself and others, providing people with useless facts, finding stuff that OTHER people lose, losing my own stuff, and kissing etc.
The first things people usually notice about me
I feel like there's an elephant in the room and I have to acknowledge it before we can move on so let me just get this off of ...


Is that the first thing that most people notice about me? Probably.

But I've also gotten ...

"I noticed your smile/eyes/pretty face/laughter."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

N.K. JEMISIN!!!!!!!!

Do you know how some people on here have obnoxiously long music lists? well i could totally bust out an obnoxious book list.

honestly? i'm a grade-A BOOK NERD.

I will read anything: romance, sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, about vampires/werewolves/fairies (yes Charlaine Harris of TrueBlood fame, and even that sad sad Twilight series), some manga (I prefer to just watch the anime series though), and most popular fiction.

my favorite authors are:
Tanarive Due, J.K. Rowling, Karen Marie Moning, George R.R. Martin, Jasper Fforde, Jean M. Auel, Edgar Allan Poe


Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, Meet the Fockers, The Natural Born Killers, Kill Bill Volume all of them, Johnny Depp being creepy/sexy, the original Drunken Master with Jackie Chan (really anything with Jackie Chan), The One, Rayearth, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, All of the Star Trek movies (the last one was banging! mostly because of Spock's hot ass, though) Madagascar 2, Stranger Than Fiction, Borat , Sixth Sense ( M. Night Shyamalan completely fucked up The Last Airbender), The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, A Mule for Sister Sarah, Fifth Element, BOONDOCK SAINTS (the second one wasn't as good as the first ... i think it was the absence of Smecker AND Rocko) ...

I rarely get to see movies (let's take a minute to cry about this). It will be more helpful for me to list all of the movies I'd LIKE to see:
The Godfather
Pulp Fiction (and various other Tarantino movies)
Deep foreign films with subtitles and awkward sex scenes
Something about sunshine and a spotless mind
Brokeback Millionaire
I saw the Dark Knight but I need to see it again
Beautiful Mind
Fight Club

Tv: shameless (watching the UK version now and will get to the American version soon), the last airbender, game of thrones, trueblood, girls (I'm ashamed to admit), misfits, lost girl, the neighbors, I want to see The Wire


i'm one of those people you see when you're driving who is dancing and singing with the music cranked all the way up.

When I want to dance I listen to: go-go, crunk, reggaeton, salsa, samba, rap, Diplo and dubstep, and pop.

When I'm driving, I like to listen to music I can sing along to: Prince, Jilly from Philly, Adele, Coldplay, Mumford, Florence and the Machine, Bublé ...

Thanks to Guitar Hero/Rock Band and my big brother I'm starting to get into Rock music and Metal ... still trying to figure out how to dance to this shit though ...


When I want to hear music ABOUT something I like neo-soul and hip hopCommon, Jill Scott, Kanye West, John Legend, Busta RhymesMos Def, Talib Kweli,

Then, of course, there are the classics: Prince, Parliment Funk, Earth,Wind, and Fire, Smokey Robinson, the Temptations, Chaka Khan and Rufus, Rick James

other folks: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Rare Essence, the Backyard Band, Corinne Bailey Rae, Missy Elliot (whatever happened to this chick?), Timbaland, LL Cool J.......

foods: Seafood!! (I'm a Maryland girl). I'm a good cook. However, I like to cook FOR people. Preferably for people who wash dishes.
Six things I could never do without
1.)my loved ones
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can edit my "Details" section to include "Fuckery" as one of my languages.

what im going to be when i grow up

what i am gonna read next


how the last book i read could have been better


How to start a self sustaining commune/alternative family without getting categorized as a cult by the US government and assassinated.
On a typical Friday night I am
reading a good book or dancing like a crazed person to shitty music with my black girl.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1.) I'm a complete geek.

2.)When I see folks spell things the "British" way (ie. Favourite, realise, colour), instead of thinking, "gee, it must suck that y'all are still under the thumb of British colonialism." I think, "gee, it must suck to always have to type that extra letter in 'humor'.

3.) I only come onto this app when I know I can have the appropriate sense of humor needed to read through some of these messages ...
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