46 Tampere, Finland
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My self-summary
Not seeking partner right now, I'm courting with one candinate, and we might use this site as tool in getting-to-know process.

Computer geek.
Not a follower of sports, but utilitarian Walker/Cycler for basic fitness.
Game player.


Tietokone nörtti.
En seuraa urheilua, mutta hyötyliikuntaa tulee harjoitettua pyöräilyn ja kävelyn muodossa, edes jonkinlaisen peruskunnon ylläpitämiseksi.

Latasin juuri Android OKCupid sovelluksen luuriin.



I don't follow any sports from TV, actually I don't have the TV nowdays. And when I had TV, it was in the Other Channel what was Not broadcasting sports, or it was shutted down. I watch my preferred material from Internet. More about that at later.

I like utilitarian exercises, to keep certain basic fitness. I prefer to use bicycle, instead of bus, for moving place to place. If distance get over 10 km, then I might consider first bus. And to distance of 3 km I will walk if bicycle is broken. Body-Mass-Index (BMI) is 23, making it Average.

When I was about 20-28 years old when competition dancing was in my list of hobbies. I selected it just because it was something different what I normally do. Kept a bit of shape, met new people, and dancing wasn't bad skill to know. Once I have attended to Dance Club's internal introductionary competition. Dances were Ballroom and Latin and more specificly: Slow Waltz, Tango, Quickstep, Jive, ChaChaCha, Samba.

I have also been at hiking trips, few times at about week length trips, and few day-trips with friends (walking somewhere at forest, doing some campfood, and walking back).



En seuraa ollenkaan urheilua TV:stä, itseasiassa en edes omista TVtä enään. Ja silloin kun minulla oli TV, se oli aina Jollain Muulla Kanavalla jolla Ei tullut urheilua, tai sitten se oli suljettuna. Nykyään katselen haluamani materiaalin Netistä ... siitä lisää jälempänä.

Pidän hyötyliikunnasta, jo pitääkseni yllä jonkinlaista yleiskunto a. Liikun mielummin pyörällä kuin bussilla paikasta toiseen. Jos matkaa on yli 10 km, saatan valita silloin mielummin bussin. Ja jos matkaa on 3 km, niin silloin vaikka kävelen, jos pyörä on rikki.
Painoindeksi on 23, joka on vielä normaalilukemissa, vaikkakin hieman yläkantissa.

Noin 20-28 vuotiaana kilpatanssi oli yksi harrasteeni. Valitsin sen jo siksi että se oli jotain erilaista kun normaalisti tekisin, pysyi peruskunto yllä, tapasi uusia ihmisiä, ja tanssiminen ei ole yhtään pöllömpi taito osata. Kerran osallistuin tanssiseuran sisäiseen kilpailuun (katselmukseen). Tanssilaji oli vakiot&lattarit, eli ainakin Hidas Valssi, Tango, Quickstep, Jive, ChaChaCha, Samba.

Olen ollut jokusen kerran viikon mittaisella vaelluksella, ja muutamalla päivävaelluksella kavereiden kanssa (rämmittiin jonnekkin metsään, lämmitettiin nuotiolla jotain ruokaa, ja käveltiin takaisin).



I'm quite good in small tinkering.

There might be some effect to that I used LEGO Building Blocks very much when I was young. I created my own things, and every item had always some neat functionalities.

Later I was creative with computer programming. Actually I did my first computer game when I didn't had own computer. I wrote the Basic code to booklet, and my friend typed it to his Commodore 64, and wrote down the error messages what he got when tried to run it, and then I wrote the fixes to that same booklet. And I knew only very few commands in Basic at that time. I still don't know too well any Real Programming Languages - Being comfortable with Bash Shell Script does not count - not even when I have written almost-like-application-software with it.

I'm also very comfortable with Spreadsheets. Actually I have complex Libreoffice Calc Spreadsheet system in our company what really should be done in PHP/MySQL.


I know more than average person about astrology.

My eastern astrology sign is Dog, making me most compatible with Tiger and Horse. It can be also said that, in Chinese Astrology good matches comes with 4 years of age difference.
Nowdays disappeared Facebook application "The New Astrology by Suzanne White" gave me these kind of compatibilities:
"You will get along with Taurus/Rabbits, Virgo/Rabbits and Pisces/Rabbits.
Taurus/Tigers, Scorpio/Tigers and Virgo/Tigers are strong favorites as well.
Horses born in Scorpio might irritate you, but almost any other Horse will be a good bet."
Another general astrology compatibilities are:
Same elements. Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
And Water - Earth combo is also also good.
Earth: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.
More info from Compatible Suns

And with a bit more advanced astrological terms, I am:
Ascendant: Libra
Moon: Leo
Sun: Cancer
Venus: Leo
Mars: Cancer

Additional Compatibility "wild-card" can be found from Moon Sign:
According that, I can be "soul mate" with someone whose Sunsign (Horoscope, for newbies) is Leo, though it would be beneficial if her Moon is in Leo or Cancer - or the feeling would be one-sided.
Or any other Sun Sign, if we both have Moon: Leo.

There was My Moon Sign - application in Facebook, but it has been disappeared. There was good synopsis in program description what goes like this:
The traditional rule is that if the Moon of one person is close in the Zodiacal circle to the Moon or the Sun of the other person, this is the sign of marriage.

These days we can possibly extend the traditional rule and say that such a combination shows that these two people can have a very strong emotional bond - whether it will be manifested as marriage, close friendship or simply deep mutual understanding and support.

I found another application, it is separate web page Moon Sign - Calculator with description Link has my info - so you get description of Leo there.

And for those who are really into astrology:
1970-7-6 13:25 Europe - Finland - Tampere (E23.492 N61.307), no daylight saving were in effect back then (summer time).
can be used in for example


I have been always interested about games, classic games like Chess and mainstream like Monopoly. Pure luck or quiz -games are not my thing. I like when game has certain element of decision making and diplomacy during the play session. Whenever I encounter new boardgames, I want to find out the elements on the game what makes it different from others. Main thing in playing is that actual gaming experience, not winning.

I have even designed few games to my drawer, actually first ones are from time when I was less than 10 years old. And later when I was about 25 years old, I had situation when I didn't had any computer around, or interesting books. I made improvement to one boardgame, made from scratch car-wars (Mad Max) battle system with car building, and space ship battle system. Oh, and made combat system for Lego minifigs (later I found BrikWars from Net).

Best games are the ones where is no at all the concept of "winning", that's why Roleplaying games (and especially Pen&Paper Roleplaying) has been in my hobbies list from teen-ages. Currently I have very rarely game happenings, about just few times a year, but anyway it is great way use imagination and being in "virtual world" with group of friends. Also very common co-operative playing in Roleplaying games is added bonus for them.

Second best games are played with computer, and those are usually in simulation, building, "Computer RPG" -category (even though even today those Computer RPG's hasn't even seen The Real ROLEplaying, most are just "first person tactic games" under name of RPG. It would be great if Computer game has multiplayer/net option, and possibility to co-operate with others. Ah, and I do have played MUD's and in Harshlands MUD - I have found computer/net game what goes very close to ROLEplaying game - very good fix for actual Pen&Paper RPG. Actually I donated some improvements to that game - not so big thing, because it is encouraged to do improvements to that game.


Usually I like to be at home.

I have been married two times, ended with very different reasons.
I really hope that third time works, and I want serious courting where we are actively investigating if we are compatible for marriage.
At least I'm deepening my knowledge of marriage - see more info from books section.

What I want:
Equal lifetime Companion. Best Friend. Partner to Grow and Glow with. Spiritual well being.

I have also profile at Facebook.

Nyt yritän etsiä keinon, miten saan suomenkielisen osion tehtyä tähän myös, muutoin kuin näin jatkamalla tämän perään.
What I’m doing with my life
Co-owner of free enterprise with my brother. Trying to make my living with it. We are doing computer service for ordinary consumers and small businessess. We do have also some used computers in sales and we can order laptop or build desktop computers.
My role there has become to do customer service work, so it is usually I who greets customers when they come in. I do also some easy and fast services (like adding more memory, or replace power supply) and do quick diagnosis of to broken or messed up computer systems.
I am also responsible of general paperwork there, like constructing the material binder for our bookkeeper. I have studied the bookkeeping/accounting at business school but I just have no time to be sure that my knowledge is up-to-date, and it is always better if there has been at least two people gone through the papers, so actual bookkeeping is outsourced.
Omistan yhdessä veljeni kanssa yrityksen, jonka varassa yritämme tulla toimeen. Teemme tietokonehuoltoja kuluttaja-asiakkaille ja pikkufirmoille. Myymme myös käytettyjä koneita, ja meiltä voi tilata myös uusia kannettavia sekä voimme koota räätälöidyn pöytäkoneen.
Minun tehtävikseni on tullut hoitaa asiakaspalvelua, eli olen se joka yleensä ensimmäisenä tervehtii asiakkaita. Teen myös pikahuoltoja (kuten muistin lisäys, virtalähteen vaihto) ja yleensä myös alustavan vikadiagnoosin huoltoon jätettävälle koneelle.
Teen myös sihteerihommai, kuten materiaalimapin kokoamista kirjanpitäjälle. Olen opiskellut kirjanpitoa, mutta kun ei ehdi pitää sitä tietoa ajantasalla, niin ostetaan se palvelu tilitoimistolta. Muutenkin on hyvä että vähintään kahdet silmäparit katsovat kirjanpitomateriaalin läpi.
At weekends I usually work at parents/childhood farm, and that way all the farmwork is familiar for me.
At summer of 2012, I continued my contributions to OpenStreetMap and particular interest is the area surrounding my family farm. In short - I'm volunteer mapmaker.
Viikonloppuisin olen yleensä vanhempien/lapsuuden maatilalla, ja sitä kautta maatalon työt ovat tuttuja.
Kesällä 2012 jatkoin vapaaehtoistyötä OpenStreetMap projektille, ja erityisesti kotitilan ympäristöalueelta. Lyhyesti, olen myös kartoittaja.
I don't still have anything what can said to be "The Big Plan". Though I like to work at our shop.
Minulla ei ole mitään "suurisuuntaista suunnitelmaa" mitä tekisisin "isona". Liikkeessämme työskentelystä pidän kyllä.
I’m really good at
Creating systems, developing. It can be new or improved game system, or spreadsheet document.

Some had said, that I'm good teacher. At least I keep routinely every day "15 minute crash courses" of something computer or software related subject to our shop's customers.
The first things people usually notice about me
First impression is being quiet, calm, peaceful. I rarely do first contact, but if stranger approaches me, then I can start conversation easily when I get some hooks for subjects.

When common interesting subject is found, I can be very much in voice, and excited about it.

I have been told, that I am easily approachable. For example: At one big institution where I worked as computer support for employees - they mentioned, that it was easy to ask quick help from me, if I was about to pass by them. I guess I can add "friendly" to list then.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

All scifi novels from few local libraries has been red, it was time when I couldn't be online, but still had be awake. Many favorite authors, like Arthur C Clark, Isaac Asimov, Stanislaw Lem, Douglas Adams ...
Core Fantasy books from JJJR Tolkien (The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Silmarillion), from Eddings: Belgarion ... something. From Le Guin: Earthsea - stories. Other historical fiction: Clan of Cavebears.
Now has been pause of several years (more than 10) of reading novels.

I have recently finished:
Conscious Courtship by Raymond Switzer, ISBN-10: 0853985081.

And I have started reading:
Partners in Spirit: What Couples Say About Marriages That Work by Heather Cardin, ISBN: 1931847312.

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Triller - in that order. Reality based or otherwise thought provoking ones are good also. some examples: Amadeus, Schindler's list, Beautiful Mind, Jeanne d'Arc, Dances with Wolves, Forest Gump.
Star Treck (and spinoffs), Star Wars, Stargate (movie, and TV series), Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (-80's and 2000 series), Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe ... lets say all scifi

Web podcasts
I use Miro to watch these, it downloads subscribed podcasts to computer, then it is easy to watch those from the viewer.
It has also easy browser to search podcasts from different themes, for example, I have these subscribed:
TED talks (usually though provoking 25min talks)
Nasa podcasts
Category 5 Technology TV (mostly Ubuntu Linux things)
Nova Vodcasts (Science)
Discovery News (Science)
Stupidvideos (Fun)
Failblog (Fun)

Usually I don't put music on when I'm alone. Actually I don't even own any specific music playing gadget.
Genres: Pop, Rock, R&B, and also melodic peaceful music.
Examples: Alice Cooper, Bryan Adams, Eagles, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Simon & Garlfunkel, Sting, Toto, U2, Queen, .
Oh, and Weird Al Yankovic has good versions of well known songs what are actually usually better than original ones, ... And at least I can understand the words without first searching lyrics from 'Net.

Everything goes. I'm not picky.
I eat meat, but it is not must, so going towards vegetarian eating habits is possible.
And actually, I most probably will go at least to Weekday Vegan - way anyway.

I'm lazy cooker. Though I _can_ make food. But nobody has not given good rates of my warm food cookings. I have "survived" with my own cookings many years.

I even did some sweet bakery when I had time and just happened to get inspiration to do those. Oh, those were okay, at least others didn't said anything nasty, and picked more to eat.
The six things I could never do without
* Linux operating system (I fix other people's Windows boxes by profession - I want system what works, so I have used Linux at least 15 years as my Primary Operating System). I like also philosophy of Linux / GNU / GPL. I started from Slackware (friend installed it for me), then Debian (from 1.1 version), and now Ubuntu, mainly because at our shop we are installing to our second-hand computers always also with Ubuntu (and to new computers also if customer wants, to side of Windows) - and if customers has any questions of those, then it is better to have Ubuntu reflexes than Debian.
* Internet (Communication is must).
* Imagination (used in: Games, Computer, Novels, Movie, Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games as Player and Gamemaster).
* Baha'i Faith. (description of Bahá'í Faith by BBC). Some common things on Buddhism and Bahá'í Faith written by one of my friend.
* Friends / other people - those are important also.
sorry ... can't come with six things right now, I must edit this part later.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things what-are-not-in-this-real-world. Like very much of above things gives the idea, it has very often something to do with Imagination, Planning, Developing, Creating.
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually it is just same as another workday, because I have to work at saturdays also, though just half day, but anyway normal wakeup routine at morning.

Usually at evenings I am:
At home at Computer what is on 'Net.
Browsing web (usually at Facebook nowdays), and playing game. Actually I have almost always running one simulation-game at another monitor, yep - geek has computer with two big CRT screens. Sometimes watching episode of sci-fi serie or movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a bit messy. My items has places and those are usually there - but I know that usually people take a walk with vacuum cleaner more often than I do. However I wash my hands several times a day and take morning shower.
You should message me if
* If you have something to comment.
For example, if you want me to add more explanations of particular subject to my profile. So improvement suggestions are always welcome.

* If you see some potential as lifetime partners.
Lets investigate how it really is then.

Some requirements what I would like you to have here:
Match% over 80%
Enemy% under 20%
I'm not strict about those, but it just gives prediction if we really have enough common things.

If you have answered just 35 questions, and Match% is just too good to be true - it only means that by random chance, we just happen to have same opinion with those few questions. But if you answer ... lets say ... over 500 questions, there should be some questions what we both disagree (some Enemy%), then it can be considered quite realistic compatibility.

Generally it is good idea to be all questions answered, it helps Me, it helps You, and it helps other mens to find you - and it makes possible for computer do the filtering for you.
I have all currently available questions answered, so you might have quite tedious work to do the same in short time (It took less than one month to answer). If you are willing to answer only some questions, it would be most efficient if you answer to those questions what are important to me, click first in right side "He cares about". And if there is still too many questions to go through, then answer those what You consider the most relevant ones. You tell the importance to this system by ranking those as "Mandatory" or "Very important". That way you can very efficiently improve the Match% accuracy with minimum amount of Questions answered, because those questions have much more weight in scoring system. That was short version, more details of this particular math is explained in How are my match percentages calculated? Read the FAAAQ

When I encountered strange terms or words in questions, I found these sites useful:

Actual Questions can be used also as subjects of conversation. That is possible for questions we both have answered publicly. Just select "We disagree on" - and browse those. You might even find absolute dealbreakers, or otherwise might want to ask about clarification of specific question.
I may have there very strange partner's answer option selected (your given answer is in red, when with all logic, it should be black - Red answer means that the other one doesn't like that answer). Or you might spot strange "preferred partner's answer" option in your preferences - At least I have found majority of my strange options that way.

When you are struggled when you try to select your own profile pictures, I recommend to use OKCupid application - MyBestFace