32Tampa, United States
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My self-summary
Heyo fellow incels!

I always try to write some autobiographical magnum opus in here and it probably always comes across poorly, so, limited autobiography:

I just moved back to Florida after about 10 years out west (California, Wyoming, Colorado), to be closer to family and home. I really am more partial to the mountains and western mindset, but it's back to mutant insects and constant swamp ass for now.

I was in a poly relationship back in CO - the openness of communication was a welcome change for me. Not looking for anything super serial, need a good solid network of friendsies first and foremost.

On that note, I quit drinking a few years back and recently quit taking mad bong ripz (Jeff Sessions convinced me of the craven iniquity of the marijauna cigarettes), so I'm totally xstraightxedgex for now...I think there might be something to that idea of getting your own shit straight before you jump into a relationship.

I'm into bicycles/bike touring, reading, left politics, good coffee, being alone, sometimes lifting weights, meditating/Buddhist philosophy.
What I’m doing with my life
Moved back to Florida to be close to my folks & the place I grew up - Plant m'fuggin City. I have an "adult" 9-5 job in construction but my ultimate goal is to live in a van, have a small farm on the family land with some animals, live simply and travel as needed.
I’m really good at
Galaga, whistling, spelling, Boggle, self-deprecation, procrastination, riding a bike, reading slowly
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here, let me display my suitability as a mate by listing things I enjoy consuming. Maybe they are similar to the things you enjoy consuming; if not do not engage it may shatter our fragile realities

The Last Psychiatrist. Guy Debord. Michael Lewis. Dan Simmons. Ursula K Le Guin. Matt Taibbi. David Mitchell. bell hook's The Will to Change.

Drive. The Thing. Nolan's Batman. Cheesy 80s action/horror.

Not really into TV - even great shows (Westworld, Breaking Bad, etc. etc.) inevitably devolve into dramatic bullshit after one or two seasons to keep that cash spigot flowin...

M83. St. Lucia. Active Child. Glass Animals. Kitsune Maison. YACHT. 8-bit.

Six things I could never do without
Eh, you can always do without. But I'm partial to coffee, my bike, a good book, and...I got nothing else.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
existential dread
On a typical Friday night I am

with a book

scrolling through movies on Amazon for 1.5 hours without choosing anything
You should message me if
You have normal eyebrows, the whole perfect drawn-on brow thing is super weird and similar to gigantic bolt-on orb tits

probably an unnecessary opinion but fuggit
The two of us