27 Tallahassee, United States
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My self-summary
I am fun, and I love to laugh. I view getting to know people as a very important facet of life; relationships and people are important factors in everything we do.

Also, I am the eternal optimist. I actually really cannot tolerate negative people. They drain my energy too quickly and I have patience for them.

I really love to travel; I have grand plans to travel the world and the country, some of which I have already fulfilled. I also want to learn many languages. I already speak a bit of French, but I really need to practice. I have also recently started learning Swedish.

I love knitting and sewing, but I am not great at either of them. I just like the thought of making my own clothes. I also love starting with quality materials and putting my soul into them until they become a unique product of my own creative inspiration. I think art is vital and important to the soul. A lot of my income goes into these projects, as does a lot of my time.

Something that I have been reluctant to say on this profile for a while is that I am a cancer survivor. I have had cancer 2 times in the last 7 years. This simultaneously has so much and so little to do with my personality that I haven't included it until very recently, but it seems important enough to make the cut. Please do not message me only to talk about cancer unless you have a new and original thought. "I once knew somebody who had cancer, and they died," does not constitute a new and original thought.

I am not looking for anything monogamous right now, so if you are then I am not the woman for you.

I also have a baby who is a huge and important part of my life. I'm not looking for help raising my baby, but I do have a baby which freaks some people out.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying the hell out of it. I am busy being myself, and I am thrilled to do so. Sometimes I am astonished by how lucky I am and how beautiful and fulfilled my life feels. I wish that everyone could understand that feeling.

Right now I am working toward a goal of finding a talent that I can market toward people who go to Renaissance festivals, so I can live a nomadic life from festival to festival, never settling down, but still supporting myself. (Apologies for the run-on sentence, I was excited.)

As for what I am doing professionally, I really dislike that most Americans define themselves by what they do instead of who they are. It makes me a bit sad. Anyway, what I am doing with my life... If you must know what I do as work I am in retail management.

I might go back to school one day. That day might be sooner than later.
I’m really good at
Helping people to see the positives in a situation. Like I already said, I am an optimist. I really believe the point of life is to be happy. I like to make sure the people closest to me are happy, healthy, and intellectually fulfilled if possible.

I enjoy cooking; I don't know if I am extremely good at it.

I need to put this out there just because I felt that it needed to be said: I am a great kisser. If you are not a good kisser, I will leave. If I leave halfway through a date but fairly soon after we start kissing it is because you are a bad kisser, not a boring date. We are all adults here and we should have learned to kiss when we were teenagers. Go to my pictures, look at my lips, and if you think you cannot handle them, don't message me.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and how much I am enjoying myself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't really pay attention to much pop culture, so questions about books, movies, tv shows, and music are best handled in person. I promise you that in my life I have read books (even sometimes for pleasure /gasp), seen television and movies, and listened to music. Plus, why ruin the fun in learning and understanding my personality too soon? Getting to know people is at least half of the fun, probably more.

Having said that, food is not pop culture, so here is a brief list of things I enjoy noming on: Thai food, Indian food, sushi, soup, French food, German food, vegetarian and vegan goodness. I've recently been on a Korean food kick. My favorite food is eggs.

If you absolutely need a list of things I enjoy before you think you can trust me as a person, message me. I am really friendly and I have no qualms about saying hi.
The six things I could never do without
Nail Polish
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How interconnected the world is. This is an idea that continues to astonish me the more educated I become. Everything is related and somehow either directly or indirectly affects everything else. It's very fascinating.

Feminism, specifically ecofeminism, but really any type of feminism and the misconceptions that come with it (like that I am a man hater, which I am not).


New recipes to cook (particularly raw, vegan, or vegetarian ones).

Whether one is to say tased or tasered in reference to someone using a TASER against someone else.

Why anyone would ever want to use a TASER against someone else.

Religion and spirituality or a lack thereof. I do not consider myself religious, but I an definitely spiritual and I am fascinated by the major and minor religions of the world.

I also think a lot about how to be happy and why people deprive themselves of happiness.

How to smash the patriarchy.

One OKC specific thing that I spend time pondering is how some people have points against other people in areas that have absolutely no effect on them. The best example of this is when I answer yes to the question that I would consider dating someone with a child. It's a really silly thing to count against me. It has no effect on your life unless you have a child, in which case I would hope it didn't count against me. I know that this short rant sounds much more annoyed than I actually am. It doesn't bother me when people do this; it is just something (like the question would imply) that I spend a while thinking about. It is also something that I try to avoid because why should I hold you responsible for something that will not affect me?
On a typical Friday night I am
There really is no typical in my life, but lately I have taken to Friday night karaoke (I am one of those weird people who likes to sing in public, be on stage, or even give speeches).

I also like to go to the first Friday art walk whenever I remember about it.

There is also quite a bit of enjoyment that I find in just staying home on a Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I pick my nose...a lot. I get quite a bit of pleasure out of it too. I don't just pick it to get rid of the stuff that is up there, but because I genuinely enjoy it.

(This is not a joke. Some people have mentioned how funny it is that I put this on here to scare people away. I'm on here to meet people, not to scare them away. This really is the most private thing I was willing to admit to a bunch of strangers.)
You should message me if
You proofread your messages before you hit send.

You want to explore the world and have crazy adventures with someone vivacious.

You are intrigued by non-monogamy.

You like to karaoke and just need someone to do it with consistently.

You need a new brunch friend.