69 Caserta, Italy
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My self-summary
I'm FLORINDO, a retired secondary school teacher of letters, 65years old (born on March 18th, 1947), I live at a town of 20.000 inhabitants (in Southern Italy, about 35 km. from Naples, the biggest town in Southern Italy.
I was left a widower last year 2008. I'm childrenless, I live alone alone completely alone. I'm 1,70 centimetres high, slim, thin, 63 kg., grey grizzled a bit long hair. I'm young-looking, a very very sensitive, sentimental, romantic person, good-natured, sweet-tempered, calm, meek, polite, well-bred, refined with good manners, a very cultured man. I'm poet and writer. I don't drink, I don't smoke.
II like too beauty, poetry, Fine Arts, music (classic as well), nature, flowers, wonderful landscapes, I have a lot of interests. I DON'T FLY, NOT NOT NOT PLANE!
I believe so much in fairness, faithfulness, sincerity. I respect all religions.
I'm looking for a very honest, sincere, faithful, submissive, obedient, serious woman, my future wife.
In a woman I like and appreciate very long, smooth, black hair very very much. Hopefully my future bride doesn't cut her hair never never. I know French, Spanish, English but the foreign woman who lives in Italy knows a bit of Italian language.
I should like to meet and know a partner with the some my temperament, a sensitive, romantic, good-natured, very rich in love lady. who like and wants to live here in ITALY together with me. DO YOU LIKE TO LIVE FOR EVER TOGETHER WITH ME HERE IN ITALY????????
I'm very affectionate, I have a lot of love in my gentlemanly heart and soul, I want to rebuild again my life after the unespected, dramatic death of my beloved wife.
From the bottom of my heart I would like to go together with you through the wonderful, stunning, charming road of love, I WANT TO LOVE and have at my side a very longesthaired FLOORLENGHTHAIRED or KNEELENGHTHAIRED WOMAN with my utmost joy and pleasure..
I'm waiting for your reply.
My email: flodimo@libero.it
Facebook: Florindo Di Monaco