28Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
Here's a list of things that I enjoy
-Videogames, (Old videogames, new videogames, most videogames, Nintendo videogames, silly videogames, hard videogames, good videogames, bad videogames)
> Here's some silly internet games to enjoy right now
Have fun!
-Drawing, I draw somethin' every day
> Here's a video of me drawing some strange place https://youtu.be/yJu1ZXFHUPE
>There's also some of my drawings in my photos ^ Up there.
-Crafts or whatever. I make a lot of things out of perler beads. Also sometimes make tiny furniture n junk for stop motion animations
-Sciencey and general trivia podcasts,
-Japanese, currently learning
-Going for a walk in a new place
-Going for a walk in an old place
-Opening the mystery box
-Anime, a wide variety of
-Manga, also a wide variety of
>You can take a peek here if you're interested https://myanimelist.net/profile/florn
-I enjoy Chillhop?, Chiptune, Soundtracks to various games n anime, Ambient? and many hard to genre musics. Why don't I just list some random examples. Boards of Canada, VA11 HallA OST, Nujabes, Umineko OST, YMCK, Flying Lotus, De De Mouse, Kurahashi Yoeko, Katamari OSTs, Caravan Palace...

Actually, here's some music links for you:
Nujabes - After Hanabi https://youtu.be/EsSOv7Skl-0
Kurahashi Yoeko https://youtu.be/GmG9kWniDk0
VA-11 HALL-A OST https://youtu.be/H8w_Q57RQJc
YMCK https://youtu.be/qtSuMMDAnew

Maybe send me a message on Skype or Line. My username for them is the same as the one here, but with a "tree" at the end because florn is taken in most places.

Results may vary.

Here's a Mario for you, or is it Luigi? The world may never know.
The two of us