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My self-summary
I'm a Boulder native. I'm a software engineer at a company you've probably heard of. I enjoy debating philosophy and discussing the finer points of programming languages, but I also like hiking and taking pictures of dead trees. Sometimes I create absurdity in public, other times I stay at home and listen to good music. I like meeting new people, especially if card games or board games are involved. I've met some of my best friends on the Internet, but there's always room for more interesting folks.

I've been on OkCupid since 2004. Many of the statements below are less true now than they once were. There are probably a lot of questions with answers that are inaccurate, too. Take me with a grain of salt and a drop of oil.

And now, without further ado, we bring you the unabridged ABCs of Flwyd.

Comprendo Español más o menos, pero escribole como dificultad. Quiero hablar y practicar. Mi vocabulario necesita más fuerza.


I am xeric, runcible, quixotic, rupestrine, verbose, and hirsute
What I’m doing with my life
Using energy and matter to transform matter into energy, matter, and waste.

For several years, I didn't spend as much playful time as I did in school. I'm looking for friends who like to play card games and walk in dry leaves. Who like to hike and talk philosophy. Who like to eat good food and make obscure puns.

Current status, spring 2017:
I suffered from an odd medical condition last year which made eating difficult, which in turn made physical energy a scarce resource. I have since addressed the condition surgically and am voraciously enjoying such exotic cuisine as peanut butter sandwiches and cruciferous vegetables. I've always been a big fan of eating; I now savor the experience even more.

2016 was a pretty bleak year for democracy, so I decided to start having better conversations with folks even if they don't share my background or values. My current political focus is a nonpartisan approach to climate change, but I'm interested in listening to people about whatever's on their mind.
I’m really good at
making obscure references.

Programming computers, being playful, being serious, solving problems, creating ritual, providing unusual perspective. Being a great former boyfriend. Philosophy arguments and non-verbal ritual. Running around and sitting still. Twisting language into puns and fractured phrases. Cuddling, snuggling, tickling, and supporting. Seeing the whole picture and seeing the little pieces. Wearing costumes and being naked.

I'm good at giving but I often struggle to open myself for receiving. I'm good at doing things on my own but I often struggle at delegating or asking for help. This means I'm good at equal opportunity: I rarely ask anyone to do something I would not be willing to do myself (assuming I were able).

I have a ridiculously long attention span. My mind is really good at playing by itself. I am fond of stratagems. I concoct cunning plans that remain perfect because they don't leave my mind.
The first things people usually notice about me
My screen name's lack of vowels. If I were properly pseudo-Welsh, it would be Fflwyd.

I am a statistical outlier in many ways; which one you notice says a little about your own cultural context.

In China, the first things people usually noticed about me were my Caucasian-style light skin and my Caucasian-style giant mass of facial hair. To answer their three most common questions: I am American; yes, my beard is real; and yes, I can use chopsticks, though I use an "incorrect" technique I developed when I was six (and had much less hair). But noticing depends on context. In China, I'm 胡子 (huzi), "That white guy with long hair and a beard." But at a gaming convention or a hippie/pagan drum circle, that's simply insufficient for distinguishing me from other participants.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Informative, beautiful, visceral, tasty.

When I was a kid, I was really into sports. I invented new leagues, held drafts, made up statistics. I've been a St. Louis Cardinals fan since I was six and a Denver Broncos fan since I could watch TV. These days I don't play sports (though perhaps I should) and mainly watch postseason baseball and football and the occasional college game hoping for an upset of a ranked team. I love the Winter Olympics; I think speed skaters are hot, I love the scream of excitement when a medal is won, and I wish curling wasn't only on cable.
Six things I could never do without
The Internet – my second brain since 1993; how did we ever live without hyperlinks and markup? Google is part of my cognitive process.
SunlightApricity is one of my favorite feelings.
Music – I have over 600 days worth of digital music on my hard drive (remember the days before streaming?). I love to share interesting, fun, and obscure tunes.
Wholesome food – I spent a year on a frustratingly limited diet, so I'm now savoring every interesting taste and texture.
Water – running rivers, reflective pools, hot springs, warm tea.
Public lands – from Burning Man to Rocky Mountain National Park to concerts at Red Rocks to camping in isolation, my mind is restored by places owned by We the People.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The answer to this question. Things which are better with bacon.

Lately, particularly at festivals, I've done a lot of experiencing without thinking. It's one of those great Taoist/Zen states that's harder to do if you try, but really easy if you just slip into it.

Geography. I love staring at maps. I like hiking up the foothills and looking over the city. Getting lost is part of the fun and there's nowhere better to wake up during the summer than a tent in the mountains.

I muse about the relative merits of anonymous inner classes and lambda functions, come up with clever design and programming solutions in the shower, and architect software systems which I never get around to coding.

I believe that loving one person does not (or at least should not) diminish one's love for anyone else. I believe there are many ways of loving someone and having some ways not activated should not prevent people from exploring the other ways.
On a typical Friday night I am
Thirty-seven years old.

I'm a Happy Thursday cruiser ride devotee, but I don't have a Friday routine. I'd like to see the International Film Series more often. If you think a typical Friday night (or just next Friday night) should include playing games, drop me a line.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have millions if not billions of y-chromosomes, but I have more traits typically associated with yin/feminine than a lot of guys do.
I don't believe there's a wrong way to dance. In practice, that can lead to some awkward moments when I try to dance with a partner, who typically ends up leading.
I've never smoked marijuana. I've never eaten brie.
I'm pretty good at cuddling.
I love the way bare skin feels after submersion in water. That's private but not secret.
My favorite sound in the world is the shrlchk of dry leaves 'neath my feet or bicycle tires. That's personal, but not private.
There is some private information I will never share, even with family. Passwords, mostly.

I tend to verbosity, so over five and a half years, this profile got imposingly long. I archived my old answers if you're really curious.
You should message me if
... the universe contains an odd number of atoms.
... you'd like to know either where I am or how fast I'm going.
... the set of all messages includes one from you to me.

Try the wink hijack (formerly woo hijack): send me a wink/woo and I'll send you a random quote and an Elizabethan curse. If I can glean your musical tastes from your profile I'll also suggest an artist or two. Is wink even still a think on OKCupid? I'm old school.

If you'd like to view the world through cactus-colored glasses. If you read something interesting at flwyd.livejournal.com. If you'd like to go for a hike or a bike ride. If you have a fiendishly clever pun you just have to share. If you think Pie Night sounds like a fabulous idea. If you'd like to know about the "Other" in the Religion category and why I'm laughing about it.

I'm a computer geek with a minor in philosophy. A fantasy gamer who hasn't played a computer game in years. An athiestic religious practitioner. A libertarian communist. A do-it-yourselfer who's always willing to help. A political activist who has issues working with people. A UNIX-advocating Mac user. Gregorian chant and heavy metal fan. Nudist with a great wardrobe. A busy procrastinator. Straight but not narrow. Jesus with a shark on his head. If any of these yin-yang pairings interest you, let me know.

You should message me if you want to play a game, have a conversation, go for a hike, watch a film, or explore a park.

I often leave my computer unattended (it's old enough to be out on its own) while I'm logged in to OKCupid. If you send me an instant message and I don't respond, I'm certainly not paying attention, not ignoring you. Please follow failed message attempts with other forms of contact. It should be a simple exercise for you to find other instant and delayed mechanisms of contacting me through the Internet. I make myself easy to find.

I'm not a big fan of the "Guys should pursue, gals shouldn't" dynamic. I think people should pursue anyone they find interesting. So if you'd like me to chase you, take the initiative and make the first move. I may be up for the chase, but couldn't come up with a clever opening line. Plus, I'm attracted to assertive women.
The two of us