29Harrisville, United States
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My self-summary
In a house there are rooms
in those rooms there are things
in those things there are memories
and in my memories there is love
and I am gonna take it with me
where ever I go
What I’m doing with my life
I work full time with special needs adults as a Behavioral Specialist, we build bonds and break down walls with eachother. They are a great source of inspiration and fascination

Just walking, hiking the streets in the sky, hiking those streets in the sky.
I’m really good at
The flower that springs from it's roots
brought to life by the sun and the shade
these inspirations undo my boots
to feel the grass and every parcel of their blades
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a star crossed lover with no telescope
i just squint at the blinks
and the big old sun sinking pink
i put my soul in the stars
and wait
for that falling shard
of hope
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Near the fence she was pacing
and the horses were breathing
she was waiting in the moment
of their whispering dance

against the boundary of the farm
at the edge of the night away from the barn hall lights
they pushed and pulled against that fence till it fell
the horses never ran they just stayed in their place
and breathed heavy
as they embraced

the night was as young as the colts in the stalls
they ran to the moon out in the field they ran from the barn hall dance
Six things I could never do without
mother father son and daughter
children born with cries of hunger
of love for one and others
everybody becomes sober with each colt born in the clovers
wild horses laugh and roll over
everybody is saved with the birth of a baby
with a name upon its shoulders
to carry the weight of life they must feel love from all over
I spend a lot of time thinking about
To be true to thy self is to be free
to know the truth that we are all things being

Anything can be free if you just let it loose
lose yourself to your world so that you can find you

Discover the deep hallows of the forest
and be seen by the night watchmen the owl
I've seen on my deck one pouring sunny morning
the blur that is the hum bird hovering

Appearances should never be guarded
let your guard down to the world and it will set you free
lead you astray in all its wonder and all its plenty
find what you're looking for in the world's pours
discover the finite as well as the infinite in it all
the possibilities of our minds are endless
our lost and found abounds
get lost in the world and find happiness in the waterfall that pours through you
like the deepest falls in the rain forest
that make the birds sing, the monkeys howl,
the frogs chirp and burb, and the insects search.
On a typical Friday night I am
In the fall
the paint brush is dipped in to the lake
the colors run and the colors shake
in the morning the sun is your youth
warming your soul cooling your breath
when night falls it will show you truth
remember you

Remember your youth
the things you know to be true
remember the warm bed
the sheets over your head
remember your first cat
laying on your clothes
licking her fur licking her toes
it is her with her purr
that brings you to a good place

the seasons change
as much as you grow
each day is different
sometimes fast sometimes slow
whether in a winter's rage
or a summer storm
each day is the day you were born
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Down low in a valley
below a slope of pearly pines
behind to heavy doors
his love is still blind

"The drugs don't work
they make you worse" she says,

He wants to feel her love again
she wants to see his face as then
when words work spoken
tender and intended

The first place where love is found again
is where the sad man now cries
is the first place where love can live again
behind his eyes

In their moment of departure
he tells her,
"Harmony cant be found with a person like this."
she reaches out her arm
and places a handful of fingertips to his lips

She was never blind to his failures
never was blind to those sorrowful mourns
she tells him,
"Anger won't be their for long."

The first place where love is found
is where the sad woman cries
is the first place where love lives
behind their eyes

Torn apart by his salvation
she waits in wonder
like a child waits for lighting after the thunder
she fears the flame that catches from a spark
that lit his life up with a world so dark
You should message me if
In our cars and in our bedrooms
what a waste of time
when no one is on the passanger side

in our blue canoe
in our boat for two
how slow it goes
when we dont row in time
we will wade
water, cold stones, and shadows

bodies warm
bodies pure
every speck of gold in your eyes is my cure
with the right light
the right sight
i fall in the flakes of gold when you wake your eyes
all our love flows
down the river
we follow in our minds
in our shallows
The two of us