65Sandpoint, United States
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My self-summary
I'm kid-like, playful, spunky....searching for the man who aligns/resonates with these values/lifestyle....

I'm outraged about Trump; Liberal politically and a not a match for Conservative men.
[11-18-16 thoughts..... I'm losing faith in my own species…too many of my friends and men here are saying things that make me want to cry or scream….words like: “I did not vote; I am not political; do we need to be concerned? Send him, his cabinet members [who are committed to increasing carbon, deporting 3 million people, getting out of Paris climate agreement, negating EPA on and on] positive thoughts.” Really?
Now is the time to ACT, engage, get involved if we/you care about life…all life….the most vulnerable, your children, nature. This is the time to DO something, find a cause to support…..there is heartfelt work to be done!

Being in nature is my cathedral: laying at the base of old growth forests, backpacking alpine meadows, alpine glow, early spring wildflowers and the first Varied Thrush of the year, riding my quarter horse, silent cross country skiing on moonlit nights, coyotes howling, swimming with green turtles, petting the soft nose of an elk....

Outward Bound Instructor/outdoor adventurer turned therapist turned naturalist and director of an environmental organization working on climate change. I'm dedicated to my life making a difference. To do no harm. Awaken action regarding climate change.

Spiritually hungry since childhood....thru eastern thought/ Himalayan expeditions, meditation, Buddhism of all flavors, Landmark Education, deeply digging into the contents of the mind only to ultimately find that thoughts, and opinions and emotions are all made up. No such thing as right/wrong....only what is. And occasionally, when my mind is very quiet, I can experience an elegant sense of connection to all of life.

I imagine our sustainable home, not a city. .....where we both wake up feeling inspired because of our natural surroundings. A part of the planet to nurture. Animals to love.

You are a man who knows the unity of all life, nature's sacredness. You want a best friend/lover to laugh and play alongside streams, hike, garden, explore new birds/wildflowers, critters; eat healthy foods, stay in shape. You are a seasoned hiker, adventurer, you feel exuberant exploring untrammeled wild places. You are devoted to being "aware" and know the gap between thoughts; that thoughts are made up/not real. You dive deep into exploring your own patterns, taking 100% responsibility for your ego and ways of avoiding closeness.

I long to create, together, a vital, dynamic vision for this last stage in life with a purpose bigger than us, a partnership that accelerates our growth.

~ turn towards each other not away when we start "reacting"
~ bring humor, compassion, and honesty to our partnership
~when those inevitable breakdowns happen, we welcome everything and push away nothing!

I'm searching for a marriage partner who:
~ meditates regularly
~ financially secure
~ green, liberal
~ very affectionate
~ wants a rural, sustainable life style

You are vulnerable, curious about your own mind, adaptable, nurturing. You require radical honesty, integrity, profound communication, and complete transparency. ... You know that you are the author/cause of your life; desire a committed monogamous relationships where we're "safe" for physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. You are complete with the past and available/heart open and ready.

You have passionate concerns about our environment and global circumstances.

You don't smoke/do drugs, very limited drinker, non-hunter.....

You would be drawn to this poem:

Out beyond Ideas of
wrong-doing and right-doing
there is a field.
I'll meet you there
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase, Each other
doesn't make any sense.....Rumi
What I’m doing with my life
climate change education/planning for rural forested communities
I’m really good at
Listening, playing in the high country, envisioning "possibility"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pema Chodron/Uncertainty; Michael Brown/Presencing Process; Manifesting Change, Ekhart Tolle, Yogananda, Byron Katie, Eknath Easwaran, Craig Hamilton, Dalai Lama, Ken Wilber, Jed McKenna, Proof of Heaven
Six things I could never do without
silence, trees, flowers, intimate connections, sangha
You should message me if
Your heart is open + you're available + you're funny as hell + you wanta live on 10 gorgeous acres in pristine N ID!
The two of us