38St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
I can be very high-brow and then easily downgrade to low-brow. I enjoy a night at the symphony, art museums, seeing plays, drinking good wine, going out for a film, etc. On the other end of the spectrum I enjoy dancing all night at the raves and clubs, drinking PBR down by a creek with a bonfire going, hanging out with friends making incredibly strange humor, watching good-bad movies, and various other forms of hanging out. I'm an introvert until I get to know you, then I'm the extrovert my friends all know and love. Also, I always have a frisbee in my car. It lights up so it can be used day or night.
What I’m doing with my life
I live alone with my cat, have my own car, pay my own bills, handle my own business, etc. Graduated college in '06 from Webster U with an Audio Engineering degree. Since then I've been working locally in St. Louis. I love living here but someday hope to spend a few years living out west if I can ever get that plan in order. Seems like I'm working more on Plan B of becoming a homeowner instead.

I'm currently lead technician at COCA, running sound and/or lights for our shows as well as various behind the scenes stuff that I can make sound glamorous. I LOVE my job, being a part the backstage magic has been very rewarding and so much fun. I work elsewhere for other random concerts/shows/productions whenever I can.
As for my biggest hobby: I've been a DJ and promoter specializing in Techno since I was 15. Bought my first turntables in 1995 then I moved to St. Louis for college and began an infamous DJ career in the midwest. Nowadays I do club gigs here and there, either throwing events or DJing at them. I also tinker at home with my keyboard and various software based production equipment to produce my own music.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh. Finding interesting music. Dancing. Mixing. Listening. Making sure the sound system is proper. Applying low-end frequencies. Weeding out bad people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Everyone who cards me says I can't really be that old. That usually cheers me up. Otherwise... my charming personality? And I'm told I have beautiful eyes and a great taste in music. I don't know really, ask everyone else what they notice. I go by what I'm told to avoid ego trips.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Dune (the series), Lord of the Rings, Ender's Game (the series), The Princess Bride (yes, the book), 1984, Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, The Running Man, Party Monster, geeky audio magazines, Non Sequitur, Calvin And Hobbes.

Just finished: Stranger in a Strange Land
Currently reading: Ender's Shadow and Mockingjay
Movies: Stanley Kubrick films, Tarantino, Martin Scorcese, Wes Anderson, American Beauty, Pleasantville, Monty Python films, Human Traffic, Royal Tanenbaums, Life Aquatic w Steve Zissou, LOTR, Star Wars, Princess Bride, True Romance, Fight Club, Sin City, Kung Fu Hustle, Little Miss Sunshine, Children of Men, this could go on for pages.
TV Shows: South Park, Archer, Invader Zim, Cowboy Bebop, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Venture Brothers, Squidbillies, Home Movies, Star Trek: TNG, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Mighty Boosh, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, The State, Daria, Cops, Bait Car, Mythbusters, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock. I haven't had cable in over a year but I have ways of not missing my favorite shows.
Music: I'm all over the place
Genres: Techno, House, Drum 'n Bass, IDM, Alternative, Jazz (88.7fm is the shit!), Classic Rock, Disco, Reggae, Rock/Indie/Metal/Industrial I listened to in high school, downtempo/chill/ambient, some hip-hop (mostly the underground stuff where more attention is paid to the beats and production values). I've found amazing music even in the genres I hate (like dubstep or country)

Artists: Beck, Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Prince, David Bowie, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, DJ Food, Mr Scruff, Bonobo, Tribe Called Quest, Portishead, Orbital, Dave Brubeck, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Venetian Snares, to name a few... this also, could go on for pages and pages. I have a vast music collection.
Food: Seafood, Italian, Mexican, things that taste like chicken. My taste buds are pretty blue collar.
Six things I could never do without
People (Friends and Family)
The sky with its blues, its greys, its sunsets, and its stars
The Internet, that damn internet
Something or someone to laugh at/with
Living in a city any less exciting as St. Louis
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I wish I had more time to travel. I recently spent 9 days in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and am already needing another vacation. I'm hoping to get out to the west coast again. I also need to see the Pacific Northwest, both ends of Canada, and can think of a few dozen other places I need to visit internationally.
On a typical Friday night I am
On Friday and Saturday nights I'm either hanging out with friends, working a show then going out, or staying in on the couch with a movie or a book. Honestly, my Tuesday nights feel like a normal person's Saturday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I get my first tattoo it will be Calvin and Hobbes.
You should message me if
you read my profile and found an interesting connection that we share...

Update: Back in this dating pool again. I see it hasn't gotten any umm.... better? Ugh... I hate being on singles websites and I hope I can meet someone who loves to bitch about it.

Someone who:
Can appreciate my dorkiness, geekiness.
Likes to run, dance, or some other physical activity.
Can correctly type: "They're there in their room."
The two of us