35Collingswood, United States
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My self-summary
You probably don't want to read a personal essay, you just want the essentials. That's how Buzzfeed got so popular even though everybody seems to hate them. Here is my bulleted list:

● I consider myself loving, attentive, loyal, and dependable, though I respect personal space. I tend to throw myself full-force into a new relationship. I'm easily excited by new things!
● I'm willing to say and do just about anything to make people laugh.
● I will definitely tell bad jokes and you'll be a little irked that you laughed anyway.
● Despite that, I'm very timid around people due to insecurity. I try to work on that.
● I love kids like you see in the photos and want to be a dad before I get too old to chase a rogue toddler.
● I have what used to be called Aspergers Syndrome which makes my emotions a little different from regular people and I have a hard time reading non-verbal signals in person.
● Because of that, I tend to over-ask how someone is feeling just because I can't tell.
● I'm a comic book nerd, buy them every week.
● I love a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant as much as I love searching out the greasiest cheeseburger within 20 miles. You want to know where to go for either one? I'm your man.
● I also dabble in cooking. I make amazing mac and cheese.
● I'm good at troubleshooting/fixing problems, except when they're my problems. Then I'm good at knowing what I need to do and then procrastinating.
● I'm getting better at knowing when a problem needs fixing and when the problem-haver needs commiserating.
● I own my home, it's a duplex. Just me and the dog.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wish I had the attention span for print books, I mostly wind up reading comics. Stuff like Atomic Robo, Saga, Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man, Pride of Baghdad, Bone, Scott Pilgrim, and also mainstream Marvel stuff.

My three favorite movies, in no particular order, are The Big Lebowski, Lilo & Stitch, and Wall-E. I can't make sense of it either!

Here's a rough sampling of my TV preferences:
Breaking Bad
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Rick and Morty
Inside Amy Schumer
Bob's Burgers
The State
30 Rock
Star Trek The Next Generation
The IT Crowd
...kinda all over the place, except I gravitate towards comedy.

For music, I like music that has passion, anything that makes me feel something. From old school rap to current pop, from hard rock to Al Green, from comedy acts like Weird Al and Jonathan Coulton to serious orchestral pieces, I like almost anything.
Six things I could never do without
1. My keychain Swiss army knife. If you've never had one, I highly recommend it. Can someone open this box? I can't tear open this bag! This stupid screw is loose. This beer is a pop top. I'm on all of that.
2. The password to my parents cable account, since they have all the premium channels.
3. Quality footwear, for which I give thanks to the blessed St. Hubbins.
4. Decent socks to go with the shoes, it's just not worth it to walk around all day in lousy socks.
5. The portrait of me that gets older so I can stay the same age.
6. And ice cream. Sometimes I substitute a pint of Ben & Jerry's for a meal.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Obscure references involving various pop culture ephemera to work into conversation that would make 1 person in a hundred laugh. Also excuses to use vocab words like "ephemera".
You should message me if
If you're into being affectionate with somebody. Holding hands, cuddling, I like that sort of thing.

If you can put up with or join in on the movie quotes I'll exchange with my family and friends.

If you enjoy eating meat and are cigarette-free.

And if you have the missing half of this golden amulet, for when it is re-formed... I've said too much, meet me at the place foretold in the prophecy!
The two of us