33 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
While I am confident that I can write with the poetry of Wilde and Joyce and the imagination of Dahl I am going to stick to a good old fashioned utilitarian list:

I have a passion for discovering, exploring and learning about new things.
I am very outgoing and always like to be doing something, but patience and laid-backed-ness is definitely one of my attributes.
I am a freelance animation director I love my work and have built my business from scratch which I am very proud of.
I guess that leads me onto the fact that I am creative, I love painting, drawing, film making, photography but enjoy turning my hand to anything.
I am extremely passionate about travel and at the moment try and spend at least 2-3 months out of the country each year.
I am very 'outdoorsy' in general but especially enjoy running and surfing and have also, after a recent trip, decided I am now a hiker/ trekker.
I think London is incredible (even after 29 years of living here) and I like to make the most of all the galleries, exhibitions, bars, clubs, gigs, theatre, cinema that it has to offer as well as just having a good old stare down the thames (I am definitely partial to a good bit of scenery).
I also like science, properly though, even before brian cox made it all sexy.
And despite the dry list like quality of my opening gambit I think I have a pretty good sense of fun and of humour.
The first things people usually notice about me
Massive hands I should think. Gloves are not really an option.