35Manila, Philippines
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My self-summary
Unapologetic. Loves life, fine red wine and the undeniable perfection of pho and sushi.

I was apprehended but never incarcerated; I'm sometimes intoxicated, often celebrated but never faint-hearted. I appreciate the beauty of 90s pop music (no, really, I do).

frustrated poet, aspiring CIA agent, frapuccino and pasta lover, R&B fanatic, funny lad, chivalrous knight, red wine fan, film critic, foodie, part-time unsolicited advice giver, future gelato connoisseur.

I'm confident in the sense that I can abruptly sing at home whenever I want to and there's nothing that people can do about it. 9x out of 10, I'm killing it, seriously - that's how good I am with singing. =D Fine. OK. Maybe not.

I live my life to the fullest and I always like to have fun.

Currently working in Bonifacio Global City.

I can be (or should I say, I am always) sarcastic but I'm definitely funny - I bet I can make you laugh just by looking at you (Ha! Try me!).

I work out usually twice a week; need to sweat it out since I'm slowly getting addicted to ice cream again. =p

I love sports, especially basketball. If I'm not running or working out, I'm usually at home surfing the net or reading a good book. Which reminds me, I need to buy new books next time I pass by a book store.

I'm a very good listener, I like to listen instead of talking. I'm the type of person that likes good, long, sensible conversations over a cup of tea, but please, let's stay away from political talks, shall we?

I slowly became an optimist thanks to the inspiring people around me.

I find it awesome whenever I'm inside bookstores, I guess checking out new books is one of my guilty pleasures, I can spend hours inside one. Nope, no plans on getting a Kindle YET. And no, I'm not checking the ladies out in the Fiction aisle. But you'll definitely see me checking out books along the Sci-Fi section {not an excuse}.

I'm the kind of guy girls bring home to meet their mother. (Yes, this is a true statement).

Single and looking… anyone wanna be found? {Yes, this is my advertisement}. A lady with beauty, brains, breeding and class, where are you?!?!??

I know what I want in life.

I'm cheesy, but I'm not easy.
What I’m doing with my life
Craving for pasta, japanese food and mocha frapuccinos, paranormal activity, watching NBA basketball games, working out, Bill Gates' bank account/assets, findin' time to learn swimming, looking for the next great craft beer, watching mixed martial arts events (mostly in the UFC), getting lost at bookstores finding sci-fi books.

I'm into sports, but lately my free (IF I have some, due to my current workload) schedule is being occupied by watching TV shows, movies and exercising. Oh, and searching for the girl of my dreams (cheesy but true!).

I have yet to find Taylor Swift's real home address. Yes, I'm THAT serious.

I'm a big fan of the Portland TrailBlazers, Orlando Magic and San Antonio Spurs.
I’m really good at
talkin' about anything under the sun and making people laugh. I like making people around me comfortable.

I'm good at listening too, I find it nice to know more about people.
But trust me, I'm NOT the shy type. :P

Being positive, it's my new addiction. =)

Just lying on the beach, relaxing.

I'm also good at making fajitas and salads, and finishing a frapuccino in less than 10 minutes. Oh yeah, I can prepare a nasty ice-cold Milo, too.

Does teasing our dogs 'til they bark at me crazy count?
The first things people usually notice about me
I read a lot and I'm almost always updated with current events? Seriously, I just think people find me funny. Haha.

They say I'm approachable and friendly; some say I am snobbish, some say I am a jerk, some say they have a huge crush on me (wishful thinking, man!). I say I'm the coolest, nicest guy this side of the equator.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mostly medieval novels, sci-fi/fantasy books, e-books about travel, fitness. I like reading sports articles, too.

Movies would be anything with Denzel Washington and Edward Norton on it. Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Mostly independent films that have good reviews on catch my attention. Oh yeah, I like The Avengers, any Marvel-related movie and The Hunger Games, too.

Recent movies watched and Liked:
Cold Eyes
Hide and Seek
Man from Nowhere

***The 4 movies above are all Korean films shown in 2013.

Favorite dishes would be (in no particular order): Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese (GOTTA LOVE THE PHO, son!), Filipino.

Basically I love/crave for/dream about: pasta, seafood especially crabs and shrimp!, steaks, Japanese food, Filipino street food.

Mangoes and oranges are awesome too!
Six things I could never do without
family, friends, work, money, sports, positivity

I'm breaking rules by saying number 7 would be Minka Kelly's smile. Wow. Just amazing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- my future and how I will be spending the rest of my life productively.

- my next travel destination and who's willing to go to Maldives with me.

- how I can be better than the person I was yesterday.

- the odds of me dating a supermodel.

- how they fitted a ship inside a darn bottle, yes, INSIDE A BOTTLE!

- how I can make a difference in our world 10 years from now.

- who actually made the pyramids in Egypt.
On a typical Friday night I am
When I'm not going out with my friends? I'm just at home, surfin the net or looking for new recipes online.

When I'm tired from work on a Friday, sometimes I drink red wine and eat cheese to get sleepy while reading an article online, finishing a sci-fi book or just reading an e-book or magazine.

If I can squeeze it on my schedule, I go to the gym and sweat away all the stress while pretending I'm not checking the ladies out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was born awesome, that I value my privacy very much, I am afraid of clowns, I can't swim, that I find girls with good fashion sense and girls that love sports cool, I don't imagine I can solve a rubix cube, I get really freaked out about anything that involves paranormal stuff and I want to date Taylor Swift! You read it right, TAYLOR SWIFT!

Oh, and I still often jump like silly whenever ants bite my foot.
You should message me if
You are willing to take good care of our dogs AND go on a friendly date with me (YES, A DATE! Coffee would do just fine, 'cause I don't know you that well! And if you scare the hell out of me when we meet up, I'll just create an alibi like I need to floss our dogs and go home, so don't you ever think of scaring me), you're smart, knows how to smile, laugh and have fun and you are not a criminal! =) SERIOUSLY.

You want to be my travel buddy (yes, TRAVEL BUDDY!!) and is willing to go to Japan and Korea with me, I plan on returning to Hong Kong next year, too. No dates yet, but waiting for good schedules and flights. Oh, and Bali too! Yes, I LIKE travelling. =) Any takers? MESSAGE ME!

Update: Off to Osaka come February 2017.

You wanna know a funny guy who is not afraid to save you from cockroaches that fly.

I am turned on by independent women and ladies with no drama, too. So you better know what you want (especially if you want pizzas, we can go to Amici!).

Manners matter. Beauty is a bonus. Humor is a must.

If you have beauty, brains and breeding.... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!? I'M JUST HERE, darn it!!

If you are indifferent to twerking - I am serious!

And if you like me, just tell me. I'm no fortune teller!

*By viewing my profile, you are giving me consent to view yours too and send you messages (Hey, I'm looking! Haha).

Message me, I DON'T BITE.
The two of us