34Auckland, New Zealand
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My self-summary
I would prefer to get invites to coffee from people who live in the same time zone as me! I am not going to be able to meet up with you if you live in New York, California or Montreal!! I'm also not interested in talking to someone who lacks a basic understanding of geography. I live in New Zealand!

Young, Pansexual, Polyamorous Play Pirate. :)

On here to meet new people, for fun, sex, or possibly even more!


I live on Waiheke, I'm really looking for an Auckland based lover to see once a fortnight, or more if you are prepared to come visit me on the island.


I wrote this following bit in my diary at a new years festival, its a bit lame, but relatively accurate:
"About me? As much beatles as the stones, a bit of Bowie and a touch of Bono, we'll go to the finest restaurant in town if we have any coin between us, and we'll check out every dumpster along the way for hidden treasure!!

I'll hold your hand if you let me, we'll go off somewhere secret if you like, lie down, talk look at the stars and be the world we dream of. I'll keep you warm safe and loved."

I am passionate, playful, and sincere
What I’m doing with my life
I'm in Aotearoa/New Zealand at the moment, currently on Waiheke Island. I've lived here for 9 months now, and have settled in to a good job instructing Archery and laser Clay Bird Shooting at a multi-activity vineyard, and also some casual work in the local brewery. I also do gardening work from time to time, but I generally don't work more than 20 hours per week. I think I've got my work/life balance pretty much right.

I'm in NZ to take a break from the Environmental Activism I had been involved with a grassroots group in Tasmania, Australia campaigning for the immediate formal protection of the old growth and high conservation value forests of the island, and an end to the woodchip and corruption fueled destruction of some of the last wild free places in Australia.

The conflict was a bit intense, I got to being really negative and self destructive, but coming over here has really helped. I'm living clean, eating well, and taking better care of myself.

I was honoured and privileged to be part of that campaign and have been lucky enough to have spent time in these fantastic soul centering places, but needed a break as the pain of watching beautiful places destroyed was getting to me.

New Zealand has healed me. Being here, being welcomed into a loving family, called onto the local Marae, being part of the community here has cured me of most of my misanthropy and reinstilled a basic hope in the creative problem solving capability of humanity working together to achieve common goals.
I've cut my dreadlocks off, but kept my free spirit.

In a previous life (In Sydney, where I grew up) I studied Sociology, History, and English at Uni, I have a keen interest in Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Justice. I then went on to spend five years working for a bank. I worked hard and travelled all around the world on my holidays, but the work was not satisfying and I knew something was not right. Leading me to "go walkabout" and find myself in Tasmania defending forests.

I am an open and proud Poly. if you're unsure what that's about, check out, google it or wikipedia it.

Also, I'm pansexual not bisexual, and being queer is part of my identity, whomever I am with.

I'm quite interested in fetish, group sex and experimenting.

But also in twosomes. you know, one on one sex! And also non sexual relations! But I do enjoy meeting someone, and if there is a chemical, emotional or spiritual connection, exploring it in whatever way feels good safe and fun! I believe that sex is fun and pleasure is good for you :)

My usual answer to a new suggestion is "why not?" Back in Australia I frequented fetish clubs, and participated in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the "PolyGlamorous" float. I went over again this year and was part of the Mardi Gras again.

I enjoy good conversation and debate, but am not a fan of conflict or arguing. I enjoy it when people can explore each others points of view without personal attack.

I am a big fan of Marshall Rosenburgs "Non-Violent Communication" and I strive to maintain respect and compassion, whomever I am talking to. And I have a need to be treated the same. :)
I’m really good at
climbing trees, having discussions, acting spontaneously, making cups of tea, and doing the dishes.

digging holes :)

I've been doing some life modelling lately, so I'm also good at sitting and standing very still for a long period of time.
The first things people usually notice about me
I just asked around, here and on Facebook, and some of the answers were:

- My eyes, [a few people said this, one with many exclamation marks]
- My (sometimes vertical) dreadlocks (these are now sadly gone)
- My lack of shoes,
- "enjoys fishing for compliments"
- My willingness and readiness for fun
- My lack of shoes :P
- nature based hedonist
- "wants you to look under his kilt"
- looking for cute things with eager beavers
- Usually naked.

And this from a fellow OkCupid user (now awesome Newcastle based workaholic lover): "enjoys fishing for dates" ha ha. My first impressions were interesting, spunky, nice karabiner. 10 mins later I would say; exuberant about forest politics, compassionate, intelligent and open-minded. xx
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Ethical Slut (who recommended this site!) Terrence McKenna: Food of the Gods

I enjoy good cinema, usually independent, but will go see a cheesy blockbuster too, I am a lost cause unsavable tragic Dr Who fan,

As for music, Pandora seems to have me pegged aa guy in his early thirties Playing late 90's shift rock and naughties indie easy listening and electronica.

And food, i love food. Adventurous always, I'll try anything once, I love strong flavors!
Six things I could never do without
Friends and Lovers, Rivers and Mountains, Trees and Mosses.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I probably over think. I've been told this.

I spend a lot of time thinking of the forests and wilderness, the experiences of raw energy and every type of emotion I have felt in and defending them, both with the place and with and between the people in the bizarre drama of those interactions.

I also think of the others in the world disadvataged by the structure of our society. The millions oppressed, literally and emotionally to our consumerist way of life and the environmental, social and cultural destruction that goes with it. I think about the climate emergency in which we live and the weak inadequate response our elected representatives are making, and wonder if there will be another generation after us.

I think about the madness of debt, and of a society built on it, and continuous consumption and expansion in a finite world, and how long it will take before we realise how mad we are!

But don't think I'm not cheerful, or that this gets to me too much. Those are just the things that tick over in my mind.

In less intense moments I think about trees. I really love trees. I know heaps about Tasmania's native forests, and since being in NZ I've visited Tane Mahuta and learnt about Totara, Pohutakawa and Kauri, and I am constantly increasing my knowledge.

If you know a bit about trees and/or like them that would be great!

If not that's ok. Just bear in mind that if you don't steer the conversation I might bring up trees.

And beer. I really like craft beer.
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably drinking two or the craft beers at a friend's house on the island, no more though because I typically work weekends. I love the great conversation that a good beer can bring out on friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have often been accused of oversharing about myself. I made the choice 3 years ago to be open and honest to the nth degree. So if you ask me a question, I will answer it honestly and proudly.

If this question is really saying: "The most embarrassing thing I am willing to admit" Then I might answer; all and all, the royal family seem to be an ok bunch.
You should message me if
none of this has freaked you out, you are somewhere near me, , are into polyamory (if you are seeking me for sex/love) progressive and liberal in your worldview, into activism, campaigning for social causes, like poverty, health care, indigenous issues, renewable energy and enjoy a chat,

Or, if you just like the look of me, enjoy having fun, most likely outdoors, are open minded and free, and willing to take a risk on a friendly stranger, who might ask permission to kiss and hug you :)
The two of us