62Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary

Rate your last lunch or dinner date based on this simple test! (p.s. the only exception is if the date was me…ok ok even me)

1. Lunch

• He paid for lunch (+ 2)
• He paid for lunch but asked you to tip (-1)
• He paid for lunch with money borrowed from you (-5)
• He tried to engineer a “dine and dash” (-10)
• He brought his own lunch in tupperware (-20)

2. Ex-wife or girlfriend

• Didn’t mention ex-wife or girlfriend (+1)
• Mentioned ex-wife or girlfriend in passing (-1)
• Mentioned ex-wife or girlfriend with wistful look in his eye (-2)
• Mentioned ex-wife or girlfriend while sobbing uncontrollably (-10)
• Mentioned ex-wives or girlfriends had all died
“under mysterious circumstances” and quickly changed the subject (-20)

3. Awkward pauses

• NO awkward pauses (+2)
• 1-3 awkward pauses (-1)
• One awkward pause while he talked on the phone to his ex (-3)
• One awkward pause while he passed out drunk (-10)

4. After lunch

• Suggested a walk by the water (+2)
• Suggested a walk to his apartment (-1)
• Suggested a walk on “the wild side” (-3)
• Suggested a ride on his Harley into the California desert to do some “trippin’ and deep thinkin'” (-10)

5. Conversation

• Talked about himself and asked about you (+2)
• Talked mostly about himself (-1)
• Talked only about himself - and continued when you left the table to go the bathroom (-10)
• Talked about himself even after you’d been driving home for 30 minutes (-20)

6. Music

• He likes good rock and roll and R+B, but is open to all styles of music (+2)
• He likes heavy metal “but the melodic kind” (-2)
• He likes all music “but mostly the Grateful Dead” (-3)
• He really only likes the Grateful Dead (-4)
• He’s never heard any music besides the Grateful Dead. (-10)
• He likes experimental music created by synthesizers being smashed in storage containers while playing music inspired by the Grateful Dead (-20)

What’s your score? (If it was me on the date please add ten points.... and remember – I just bought that Harley and…who doesn’t love the Grateful Dead??)

ABOUT ME: Creative-type but grounded and not flaky. Involved with music, business, volunteer with Literacy Victoria and the Mustard Seed food bank, want to pursue caregiving for mentally challenged folks. Love going to great concerts, theatre, movies, trying out new things, plays and interesting, serious or just popcorn-roller-coaster-ride movies. I'm obsessed with trying new restaurants. I have a slightly twisted/edgy humour, look good for my age (they say), and I try to be considerate and HONEST. Some say too honest at times, but it beats the alternative!

Please msg for more info. I enjoy talking about myself. A LOT. Just kidding.
What I’m doing with my life
Learning, learning, learning, progressing, building my company but trying to do it and still love my work and in the process help other people, not be stressed, be outdoors, active and healthy.
I’m really good at
creativity, problem-solving, music, making a silk purse out of a sow's ear (which would be a pretty gross purse when you think about it), thinking out of the box, smashing and burning the box, feeling bad you lost your temper on the box, spontaneity, making popcorn, juggling, balancing work and play, conversing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall? Good smile, funny, my back (if they're behind me).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fiction, biographies, Kazuo Ishiguru, classics like The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, A Cure for Everything, music business books (for work), books on the Beatles ("You Never Give me Your Money" and the Coleman Lennon bio).

Movies: interesting and different or just fun and entertaining as long as they aren't brainless, classics, foreign, noir.

Music: R&B ex. Motown, Philly soul, Marvin Gaye, lots of classical music, great pop like the Beatles, Kinks, Stones, new wave era stuff like Police, XTC, Blondie....LOTS OF NEW MUSIC

Food - GREAT restaurants, new flavours constantly, east indian, Ulla in Victoria, Thai, seafood, great pizza but haven't found one in Victoria yet!
Six things I could never do without
Ummmm air, food, music, friends, learning new things, GREAT food, books...that's seven things right?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ducks. I'm not sure why. But just...ducks. No...ummmm the world, learning new things, science, the brain, why one of my cats doesn't like me, how creative minds work, how I can become a super hero someday with a cape maybe, food, finding new and exciting music, finding cat food on sale.
On a typical Friday night I am
Finding cat food on sale. Kidding (ummmm ya...). I have a job I love (music) so it doesn't matter if I'm being social with friends and/or working....I play m,usic, go to concerts, movies theatre
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you're willing to admit it then is it private?...ooh I hate paradoxes!! Ummmm well I was a nerd in school BEFORE it was cool to be a nerd and I got teased and bullied a bit, until I joined a band and then I suddenly became cool. But I've always retained my nerd status and never really cared.
You should message me if
You see something in the above that piques your interest, like the part about ducks...or being a super hero, or you like witty conversation and doing new things, and are interested in seeing if romance develops, or just exchanging recipes for fish.
The two of us