31 Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Well girls the first thing you should learn about me is that I'm immune to shaming a guilt, but you are welcome to try it on me, just know that I will tease you about it, got to have my fun with it after all.

The second most important thing you should know is that I don't out up with flakiness, I'm a reliable person, I ask the same of the people I hang around with.

I know, I know those are a couple of pretty heavy items to drop on you right away but I want to be upfront about myself.
What I’m doing with my life
For work, I am at Shaw on the National Planning Team, sounds important doesn't it? ask me about it sometime...

For health, Sundays its Volleyball, Tuesdays its Dodgeball. Sometimes we need subs for the teams... just saying. Also I am sparatically using up my passes for bouldering.

Also I have this friend who is kind of a pet project for me, I didn't plan it but he's always coming to me for career and love advice, I'm no PUA, but I handle my relationships with women in a way that works best for me (see above), I guess he prefers my way over being whipped ??

Lastly, while travel is nice for vacations, I want more than that so I'm working on using my career to live and work in other countries.
I’m really good at
Sports, come sub for one of my teams sometime and see for yourself

My job, Don't look for problems, look for solutions.

Discussing social politics and our terribly terribly flawed system, watch "Money as Debt" next time your on YouTube with 45 mins to spare, that'll give you a pretty good idea of what I'm on a bout
You should message me if
You are an attractive, smart, social, funny, down to earth woman

OR you would like to talk with me about something you read above