49 Howell, United States
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My self-summary
- Seriously in the process of researching and developing the world's greatest Carrot Cake recipe - like so yummy you cannot stop eating it good!! No layers, dense and moist with THICK cream cheese frosting. If you have ever been to Brighton Bar and Grill it is theirs that I am trying to reproduce. Anyone with these skills or recipe goes to the top of the list - J/K But I am looking so can someone help??
***CC is on the back burner for the summer - soon it will cool off enough to create recipes baking

Simple would be a good 1 word description - at least from a personal needs standpoint although I carry high expectations of individuals I will devote my time to with regard to friends and lovers. I am not interested in quick hook ups or shallow relations. Plenty of that in everyday life - if I am going to spend time with or getting to know someone they need to value "time spent" and have an undestanding of commitment and the timeline it takes to develop such things.

I like to remain fit because I want to live forever and was an athlete my whole life. Just like to remain healthy.

I enjoy cooking and keep a relatively clean house with all my toilet seats down :)

I keep a good balance of me time with people time and remain very close with my family. I have no children but children love me.

If I find something that facinates me I tend to want to learn how it's done and do it.

I am courteous and receptive to courtesy enjoying passion and intimacy post developing a relationship which warrants it.

That said, I am not in a hurry at all. My life is extremely full and I am very happy - I just like people and would very much like to meet someone of value to share that with.

Beyond that I am professionally employed and like my job. It provides me great challenge and autonomy to do things needed at my pace and style while paying well enough to allow me to do live comfortably. I am an outside person and like cool weather and winter over summer heat waves. Fall is my favorite season. November my favorite month.

I imagine this is an ongoing process as far as developing a profile so I will reserve the right to upgrade as I move forward. I am truly interested in meeting someone, have no expectations as to who that someone is and no timeline - life is long. Sexy helps but it comes in many forms. I also appreciate a bit of a risk taker, I myself, am a little shy about making the first contact and would hope that others are not so much?

As I type this I am also speaking to myself but seriously, what is there to loose by asking a few questions and getting to know someone. this is about the safest means of pre-dating available I think.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it - a lot
I’m really good at
*seeing good
*making others feel comfortable
*figuring difficult things out/problem solving
*coaching kids
*being a friend
*Cautious optimism
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my height and that they like me
The six things I could never do without
*Great coffee
*Great relationships
*Me time
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*Why is it that woman want total equality but refuse to contact others on OKC? What is the risk of being the one who is first to say, Hello? It is not like you don't know if someone wants attention - its a dating site :)
**Why does everyone(myself included) answer "NO" to the OKC question; Did you join OKC to find someone to have sex with?
Obviously this is not the only reason but I would speculate with great certainty we all, eventually, hope to find a lover or we would not be searching an online dating site. I think if the question was better posed as: is hooking up your only priority the "NO" answer would be more honest but beyond that; most of us are liars to some degree. Just saying.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am home a lot doing whatever I do - typically making something but it is such a random question for me. Lately I am often at a U-10 baseball game watching my friends boys play ball. I may be camping along side a trout stream w a good friend waiting for morning to arrive or traveling. Often I build a bonfire out back and hang out with my pup and friends enjoying conversation. Did I mention I am good at relaxing? I really just do whatever I want if my dog can come along or my dog sitter is available.
- Do you think you might like to join me/us??
- or possibly are you a good dog sitter - it can be a tough interview but I pay well and my dogs are easy?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
*If I am quiet it does not mean I am not enjoying myself - I am just a calm person.
* I read a lot of profiles and am totally intrigued by them but rarely will contact people first because it seems so daunting.
***I know - I called you out above for not doing this - but you could help a little here!!
You should message me if
*"There is interest" would be the first important factor I think. beyond that you have intrigue my 1 page bio did not answer.
*you are patient and don't want to get in bed right away
*you are capable of "simple" and can truly enjoy good conversation, a fire, a great cup of coffee, good fruit in bed and appreciate functional art.
*you like dogs
*you are honest and comfortable with yourself
*you are fun - sexy would help, but fun is a great start to sexy
*I visited your profile so there was obviously some interest and I have read it, because that is what I do, but I am also a little shy about first contact and need a nudge(see above)
**Beyond all that if you can honestly teach me to fold a fitted sheet or at least explain why when you are putting clean sheets on the bed and there is a 50/50 chance that 80% of the time you start the fitted sheet and come up short to the next corner???
** or, can you explain how hotdog buns are baked with slits??