49Fresno, United States
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My self-summary
101 reasons why me...
1. I'll like you for who you are
2. I'll let you drive if you want
3. I'll hold your hair when you get sick
4. You can drink the last of the orange juice I won’t mind
5. I'll always be faithful
6. I'll love the way you look when you wake up in the morning
7. I wont leave the seat up
8. I wont drag you to my family outings
9. I will get jealous "I am a guy"
10. I'll love your imperfections
11. I'll will give you flowers when you’re mad at me
12. I like to argue, just to make up
13. You can sleep on any side of the bed you want
14. I'll never tell you nothings wrong when there is
15. I share the radio in the car
16. I wont make you go somewhere that you don’t want to, as long as
you don’t do it to me
17. I'd rather stay home and drink than go to the bar
18. I'll always ask you what you want to do
19. I'll never leave without saying goodbye
20. I wont be mad if you fart
21. I'll wash your hair
22. I’ll wait for you to take a shower first, or I’ll take one with
23. I'll brush your hair until you fall asleep
24. I'll walk behind you just to stare at your ass
25. I like candles and foreplay
26. I love to give oral
27. I'll always let you cum
28. I'll fix your car if it breaks
29. I'll fix you if you break
30. I'll never hit you out of anger
31.I'll never talk down to you
32. I'll always tell you the truth about what I’m doing and where I
33. I don’t cheat
34. I'm not big in to sports
35. I love to kiss your neck
36. I'll act silly just to see you smile
37. I can unclog the sink
38. I like southpark too
39. When we go to the movies you can pick the flick
40. I'll lie for you to the cop's or your boss if you need me to
41. I wont be mad when you want a girls night out
42. I know How to wash dishes
43. I won’t giggle at your sunglasses
44. I'll always be your beer pong partner
45. I'll always be there for you when you need someone to talk to
46. I love the smerfs
47. I like to cuddle too
48. I like to cook
49. I don’t have a problem with public affection
50. I will watch you while you sleep
51. I'll never hang out with an ex
52. I don’t make a lot of money but I don’t live with my mommy
53. My career is not more important than you
54. I wont forget your birthday
55. I'll rub your feet if they hurt
56. 420 is ok with me
57. I don’t drive drunk
58. I do care if you do
59. I'll leave the light on for you
60. I spent the time to make this list
61. I'm not a racist
62. I play well with others
63. I know how to knock
64. I can Program the clock on the microwave
65. I can Program the clock on the vcr
66. I can keep a promise
67. I can’t tie a cherry stem with my tongue but I’ll learning
68. I like the way you smell
69. I know what hand cuff's are for
70. Blind folds to
71. I know how to call when I’m going to be late
72. I can be ready in less than 5 min's if needed
73. I'm not a nympho but mid afternoon quickies are ok with me
74. Mornings are also ok
75. I love to massage your neck and back
76. I'll open the door for you
77. I have good manners
78. I will always try to make you happy when you’re sad
79. I'm Tall enough to reach the stuff in the top cupboard
80. I'm afraid of rollercoasters
81. I have a job and work mon - fri
82. I own my house
83. I'll kill the nasty spider for you
84. I like cats and dogs
85. I like scary movies
86.I can make a fire
87. I can put a fire out
88. I like to go camping
89. I'm ready to leave whenever you are
90. I know how to dance
91. I can flip my eyelids inside out
92. I will leave little notes for you in random places for you to find
93. I can tie my own shoes
94. I I'll be nice to your friends even if I don’t like them
95. I always check my voicemail
96. I will kisses you with meaning.
97. I'll hold you all night
98. I'll hold your hand when you get a shot
99. I'll let you hold the remote
100. Kinky is ok with me
101. You can scream I will scream with you
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Who I'd like to meet:
I'm looking to meet someone who is down to earth.A woman who appreciate car doors being opened for you or little notes found in odd places letting you know how I feel. I am a Full time father to old son (note, I am a independent father I know my responsibility and not looking for help)I been doing the father thing 4 along time . I in-joy having my son in my life.
first date some where we both feel conferable with..
The two of us