32Jakarta, Indonesia
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My self-summary
OK Cupid does have great tests, I think those tests can summarize myself in a pretty correct way. Check my test results.

And here is about me on my own words:
I'm a romantic person, I love to day dreaming.. you should check out my blog in which I wrote everything about what I'm feeling inside my heart, my love life journeys, my thoughts, and some photographs I like. Tell me if you find easy reading it and attracting to you :) I'd love to know you then.

I fall in love easily, I don't need to see your face, I don't need to feel your touch, but I can fall for you in just one second once you touched my heart hahahah is that sound weird? Well I am weird.

I'm very honest, I don't tell lies although sometimes I don't really tell you the whole truth, but I don't lie. I'm open minded, and I like to share ideas with others. Most of the debates I enjoyed usually about important issues which in the middle of the debate turned out to be unimportant and then ended as non significant issues between our laughs

I like to laugh but I also like to stay in touch with mellow feelings. Sometimes after a fun hung out or party with friends, I came back home and relaxed my self by listening slow songs with sad lyrics, or watched some inspiring/touching movie. I like it so much when it rains, watching the water drops on the window glasses and the cold air is so comforting.. but I don't like cold air comes from air conditioner, it makes me freezing. I like adventure too, like hiking the mountain, camping in the jungle hehehe not much I have done but I would like to try. I swim once in a while when I'm in the mood, it is the only sport I can do without feeling so much tired and worry that I'm not good at it hehe

and the last one about me, but not least.. I love my God, I love Allah. I'm hoping that one day I can find someone who share my believes in Allah and who can be a leader for me in applying Islamic ways of life.

Menurutku ga banyak yang bisa aku ceritain ttg diri sendiri. Pasti orang lain lebih bisa menilai lah... so sebaiknya ngobrol aja biar tau

I am genuine, unguarded, and emotional
What I’m doing with my life
Usually I go with the rules of life... rules of my religion. In my opinion, human needs rules, because a life without rules will be very chaotic. So, I try to do what is right and avoid what is wrong... but you know, sometimes what I think is right is not always right :)

Biasanya aku mengikuti aturan2 dalam hidup... aturan agamaku. menurutku, setiap manusia butuh diatur karena kalo ga diatur pasti hidup ini jadi berantakan dan penuh masalah. banyak hal di luar pengetahuan dan akal manusia, jadi klo ga ada agama yg mengatur jalan hidup.. pasti sesat deh... hal - hal yang menyenangkang justru biasanya yang dilarang sih jadi aku berusaha melakukan yang benar dan menjauhi yang dilarang. tapi tau sendirilah, kadang apa yang kuanggap bener ga selalu bener :)
I’m really good at
eating and sleeping hehehe. I really like eating and sleeping, but I can't figure out why I didn't get fat... yes I can say that I'm slim enough considering that I eat a lot hehe

Oh ya, I usually good at judging people from their first impression. One day I met a man, he was my boss, I can feel that he's not a good person.. not really inline with me in term of attitude and way of thinking. And unfortunately, this judgment came true.. he really was not a good boss, nobody in the office really likes him.

Do you want to know how I feel about him now? I'm glad he's not working here anymore but I don't keep any grudge toward him and I wish him a happy life because I'm sure there are people who think that he's a good guy. He and me might just didn't meet in a proper way.

aku suka makan dan tidur hehehhe tapi anehnya aku ga gemuk2. yah emang aku bisa dibilang kurus untuk ukuran cewek yang doyan makan. hal lain yang menurutku cukup pandai kulakukan adalah menilai seseorang dari kesan pertama saat bertemu. ada kisah, suatu saat ketika interview kerja seorang pria separuh baya masuk ruangan dan aku langsung ngerasa ga cocok ma orang itu. sepertinya dia memiliki sikap dan perilaku yang bertentangan denganku, begitu juga cara berpikirnya. ternyata orang itulah yang menjadi bosku, tapi penilaianku jadi kenyataan... orang sekantor juga ga ada yang bener2 suka ma si bos.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a humorous girl, though introvert one. But I usually go straight forward about what I'm thinking or feeling about others. But sometimes this makes me looks like a careless girl too, because sometimes I said something that I shouldn't have said.

Someone told me: "her beautiful eyes. Very beautiful eyes! Very soft looking too! :) She's really adorable and beautiful with amazing eyes"

Aku suka guyon, dan terbuka dalam hal perasaan. aku biasanya langsung mengatakan tentang apa yang aku rasa atau aku pikir. tapi karena terlalu blak-blakan, kadang ada yang ngerasa tersinggung dgn apa yang aku sampaikan.. padahal ga bermaksud begitu.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sidney Sheldon is a good writer. She wrote a novel about a woman who has many personalities, alter personalities. Thrilling, full of mystery, and yet still neat in details so you can tell who each character really is.

for movies.. I like armageddon, troy, forest gump, a lot like love, the lake house, artificial intelligence, and gladiator. Those movies mostly involved heroic acts and romantic scenes.. I just love that.

I like to listen to a slow and romantic song... with a good lyrics, Sarah McLachlan with 'Angel' and 'I Love You' are good songs.

I like to eat any kind of food from various countries... I'm not a picky one I guess

Buku karangan Sidney Sheldon bagus. Film yang keren menurutku armageddon, troy, and gladiator. aku suka dengerin musik slow dengan lirik2 romantis... Sarah McLachlan yang judulnya Angel adalah contoh lagu kesukaanku. aku suka makan semua jenis masakan dari berbagai negara, aku ga terlalu pilih-pilih yang penting enaaak
Six things I could never do without
hmmm still don't find anything that I depend on most... ohh maybe the love of my life. Now I'm doing okay without my soul mate, but when I grew old and still haven't found him... I think I wouldn't be able to be as happy as I am now :(
what a nightmare to live all alone without a husband, without kids, without anyone to accompany me when I'm old and weak hiks hiks. I really couldn't do without

ga ada tuh hal2 yang membuatku sangat tergantung..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
he refers to my future soul mate

so I spend a lot of time thinking about how will he finds me, how will he catch my eyes, how will he keep me safe and secure with him, and how will he propose me :)

and then.....
my future life, my family life with my husband and kids. hmm I think I'll have a small garden of roses on the backyard of my house. a small swimming pool where the kids can have fun. and I don't mind if I can see cows around the neighborhood hehe sounds like in New Zealand.

and one day me and my husband will sit together watching the sun sets, looking at each other who has grown old and full of wrinkles but still has that same smile and comforting eyes like 40 years ago

awww I'm getting too much in to my emo personality hahaha

I also spend times thinking about my real life - in heaven or hell??

aku suka berkhayal tentang kehidupan masa depanku, gimana kalo udah berkeluarga dan punya suami serta anak-anak. dan yang penting, apakah di kehidupanku yang sesungguhnya aku bisa berada di surga atau neraka?
On a typical Friday night I am
Go out with my friends... but when I'm running out of money, I prefer to stay at home hehe

just sitting home and having a conversation with the one I love

biasanya pergi jalan-jalan ma temen kantor, tapi kalo lagi bokek ya mending di rumah aja hehe
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Never admit private things on public...
That's all in here... u ask me if u want to know

aku pernah merasa sangat mencintai seseorang yang bahkan belum pernah kutemui... aku mengenalnya hanya lewat internet.
You should message me if
you feel like... but beware, I might come with abundant emotions :D

kalo mo ngobrol.. silahkan
The two of us