44Elmwood Park, United States
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My self-summary
┃┗┛┃━━┫┃┃┃┃ ╭╮ ┃
┃┏┓┃━━┫┃┫┗┫ ╰╯ ┃

I hope that was a big enough hello up top to grab your attention....

You should get to know me because.... Hmmmm.... Oh, I got it....

I like long walks on the beach too
Of course under the moonlight
Let's not forget the horseback riding across the mountain top
Yep, love going out...
Just as much as I love staying in....

Ok, if that's you, I totally lost interest...

I prefer the beach in the winter and sometimes will jump in. Brrrr.... And yes I've done the Polar Bear Plunge.

The moonlight is awesome when I'm behind the camera lens or enjoying a Halloween party. BOO!!!!

Ok, so I would definitely do the horseback riding in the mountain. But my favorite riding excursion was in the desert out in Arizona. (Awwww, what y'all say weez a gonna gallop way yonder inta da sunset there... YeeeHawww!)

And maybe if you were on the couch next to me, maybe you'll get me to enjoy staying in. Until then, show me your adventure. I'm highly creative, so show me what I've never seen. But most of all, show me you. OMG keep your shirt on! I meant your personality! Maybe.... Haha.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mt. Washington. I wanna hike it.
The two of us