30New Delhi, India
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My self-summary
(Relationship-) Anarchist

I write a lot. If you have difficulties with reading long texts because of concentration issues, dyslexia or other, let me know and I'll try to write less or in a manner that's more comfortable for you.

Intimacy, friendship and traveling are important focuses in my life. Looking for outdoor adventure, art and social activities. Holler if you want to meet spontaneously for coffee, art,or any other event ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm an analytical information sponge but I don't take myself too seriously and enjoy good jokes/memories over debating.

Believer and practicer of good consent and this (16 ways to talk about consent)

Our bodies are built for connection. Not just a casual hug or hand on the shoulder.

I like meeting people who challenges me intellectually and emotionally, to be a better person and ally. Someone I can be vulnerable to. Someone to go on adventures with. Queer, straight, doesn't matter to me. I enjoy dark humor, but I don't believe in humor that punches down (like oppressive jokes).

Love to cuddle like this.


I find it as deeply sad to still have to write this down because we do not live in a world that is my utopia:
There is a foundation to every action that I can take. A foundation of respect to you as an individual.
I know what I want and I know that I can not get all that I want .
Most of the things that I want I get by asking with an agreeing answer or as a present. There is nothing that I "deserve" and i will not "expect" you to do anything for me or give me anything that is not consensualy arranged.
No means no and yes means yes!


I Love Sex. I am attracted to all of you and I enjoy having any kind of sexual relation.
I am aware that this can lead to a sexist behaviour.
I counter that by basing my actions on clear rules, with 2 very important ones (Deatils in the book More Than Two):
• Don't treat people as things
• The people in a relationship are more important than the relationship.
I am aware and I reflect about my behaviour constantly and enjoy talking and discussing about this topics, don't hesitate with your questions regarding that!

In the end I am nothing but the sum of impressions that I make, for only through interaction I am alive.
What I see in me can never be what you see in me - thus this whole profile is only real in a world that is mine alone.
Thus we should meet in person to get a feeling for each other. I am honest, authentic and pretty direct, frank.
Take that into consideration from now on.
I’m really good at
Asking for consent. I know early on, if I'm attracted to someone. I tend to ask directly if someone wants to kiss for example, especially if we're jiving really well. Sometimes this leads to no, which is totally fine!
Six things I could never do without
... I can do without this question.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Meaningful friendships and relationships.

Growth - as a person, in my relationships. I work on it everyday and have been focusing a lot in the last few years especially to learn and expand and grow as much as possible. I am still on that journey and spend a lot of time considering whatever I am working on at that particular time.

The future - I have many goals and have been bringing them to life slowly, one at a time.

Travel - I want to visit so many places and can't wait to check more off my list this year.
On a typical Friday night I am
No such thing as a typical Friday night! Could catch me at home drinking, watching a movie or simply reading. Going out to a club, getting food and drinks with friends, or whatever random adventure comes my way.
You should message me if
You want to send me any url links or article recommendations!
Want to go on a hike with me somewhere. Suggest places for me!

You want to meet up for coffee, or some other fun event. I'm interested in meeting all kinds of people.

You want to meet for the short "is there sensation here/shall we start as friends, lovers or...shall we just forget that this whole thing existed?" experience in person within a week or so of first exchange.

In addition to sexual touch, touch for touch's sake. (fingers running across skin, squeezing of muscles...omg massages?)

You want a new friend or lover.
The two of us