38Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
***Late 2016 update****
We have settled into our new house! Now that things are more settled, I am up for dating again.
Its much easier to make time for double dates with my spouse [as in we date partners separately] (victoria5). She is absolutely amazing! So if you have a cool partner and want to get drinks or something, send me a message. Not a usual scenario, I know but hey, OKC has a little bit of everything for everybody, and you and your partner can get a fun date out of it :).

I am a polyamorous nerdy engineering guy. I spend my time listening to NPR, talking about politics, and visiting with friends/family. I am very open and I often engage fundy religious folk in arguments about gay rights. I like playing soccer, basketball, and video games. BTW if anybody could hook me up with a good pick up soccer, ultimate frisbee, and/or basketball game in Philly I would be in debt to you.

I have had many nerdy hobbies in my past life in Michigan like rpg's, mtg, and board games but I have since eschewed most of these past times for my children, wife (victoria5), my ex-wife and her husband [and my best guy friend]

{okay, I haven't exactly stopped playing german board games... my wife, friends and I still play these when we get a chance without the kiddies [Agricola, Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan anyone???? What, you're not still playing Monopoly are you ;)]} <- parentheses overload...

I grew up in Ohio, did my undergrad there and then moved to Michigan and went to grad school... and now I'm here in Philly with my wife, ex wife, her husband, my 9 and 6 year old sons, and my ex's/husbands 2 year old daugher who are all joys to us.

1) If the fact that I'm married and have kids scares you, I'm sorry... it doesn't bother my partners or myself, perhaps you should just move on to the next profile (though I've been told you're missing out on a very laid back fun time). I have an extremely healthy relationship with my spouse. I require that my meetings are level-headed (and caring at the same time) with open communication. Drama queens need not apply...

2) If you're open, fun, and understanding then I would be happy to hang out some time... I know many people are here looking to find "the one". I can't be that for you, but I am a good listener, and treat everyone I meet with the utmost respect and consideration for their needs. If you've had a bad experience and want to get it off you chest, or just want a carefree night with no expectations or judging shoot me a message.

I'm very satisfied with my life but would love to have new experiences with interesting people. It would be great if I could
meet someone who has children and wouldn't mind taking the kids to the park, zoo, etc. Another awesome thing would be to meet someone who likes to play sports such as soccer/basketball/ultimate frisbee/disc golf with..... or perhaps someone who would like to try out rock band/guitar hero for fun, maybe do some Just Dance with the Kinect [I own the games and its way more fun with more people. My dance skills are suspect, but I'm having a blast, so who cares!!!!]... this site is about hopes and dreams, so lets knock out some bucket list items :) !

Whoa... that's a lot of potential experiences. If any of these things sound fun [or better yet, all of them], send me a message.
What I’m doing with my life
Update: I just got a new job.... its hard to believe I'm not a postdoc anymore after 13 years of higher education and i finally have a real job in the field. I'm now at a pharma company working on a couple different medicines that could help my mom and my dad....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

TV: Hmmm... we don't have cable at the house, and the old CRT only gets used for Sesame Street [which is a getting dressed motivator for our son]. {*update*: my wife bought me a HDTV for my bday, but we still don't have cable...its for rock band, movies, and occasionally antiques roadshow... why, I don't know}

Movies... 1st place by far...Shawshank Redemption. A couple other good ones of note in
Drama: Seven, Braveheart
Comedy: Superbad, Office Space
Epic: Lord of the Rings
Odd but good (and hard to find): Chutney Popcorn (about an Indian family including the lesbian daughter... its really good [my wife loves it too])
Kiddie: Dora (Swiper no swiping....that's our mantra), Garfield, Ninjago, Garfield.... we try to avoid the electronic babysitter, but we're only human.

Music... eclectic tastes... anything from bluegrass to I Fight Dragons and Automatic Automatic to Johnny Cash to Metallica to Tupac to Dierks Bentley... (if its good I'll listen to it)

Books: Ethical slut, 1981, The Good Earth

Food: Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese
Six things I could never do without
fun things... not essential life things in random come into my head order...

Jon Stewart (best luck in your new career), John Oliver,, xboxone, soccer ball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf discs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Interpersonal relationships things [like why, even though my life is so awesome relationship wise, I still look on this site occasionally].

and nerdy things... [like how long could you live in a vacuum and survive, why does some poop float and others don't, what is the baking necessity of any weird food additive] {wiki and the internet often have a miraculous answer to these quandaries}

and political things... [like how gay marriage really could destroy the moral ethic of America and then realizing how stupid the fundamental premise of that whole line of arguing is and wondering why Fox (Faux) news pretends to be real news]....
On a typical Friday night I am
having a home cooked meal with my family (fridays are family night)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I miss my family back home. Its hard to see them because we live so far away.
You should message me if
You would like to talk about something funny or intelligent.... you take life as it comes and are happy to meet a REAL person who treats everyone he meets with the utmost respect and consideration.... no pressure involved.... Message me if you would like to try something new; hang out with someone who is polyamorous and would like to have a no-nonsense, open, intelligent experience. 100% honesty required and given; relationship games are for junior high not intelligent adults. I'm a busy guy with a family and girlfriends, so I can only offer a small piece of my time... if that is not what you need, I wish you the best on this site. If something short term sounds right, that is more of something i can offer.

I know it is annoying to people who message and don't get a response so I would like to clarify my "bi" status so people won't misinterpret my profile. I have been in one serious M to M relationship in my life (back in the college days) and I really cared for that individual. I like to think of sexuality as a scale from completely homosexual - evenly bi - completely heterosexual. I fall very close to the heterosexual side of this scale.
The two of us