26 Palm Bay, United States
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My self-summary
Hello (insert name here), Thanks for visiting my profile! Now if you are actually taking the time to read this, then you will probably be able to get to know me pretty well. So to start off, I am 22 and am currently pursuing my degree in Buisness and Finance. I am pretty easy going, I tend to go with the flow when it comes to things such as having fun and relationships whether they be friends or my significant other. I am musically inclined, and have played the drums for 12 years but as of 3 years ago I started to learn how to be a DJ and have become fairly proficient at it.

A little about my background, I was born in Pennsylvania but raised all over the place. I have been all over Europe, with the exception of Italy but I plan on changing that soon! I love to travel, and it is my goal to visit every country before I die. I was raised by my Mother mostly and my Grandparents the rest of the time. My Father has never been a really big part of my life, but a little part of me always hoped that he would come back someday. I do not treat women wrong, in any fashion because I witnessed how men in my Moms life treated her, and I made a vow to myself that I would never treat any woman like that ever in my life. I am a Southern Gentleman through and through, and I do have a bit of a Southern draw. I am the person I am today, because of my upbringing and I have my family and friends to thank for that. However, I am the MAN I am today, because of my military background. I used to be very shy and had problems talking to people and the military helped me to gain a lot of confidence as to who I am as a man. I was a Space Systems Operator/ Analyst, which meant that I Maintained and Supported Multiple Satellite Constellations. I was very proud of the work that I did while I was in the Air Force, but the people I worked with and for were very self-centered and egotistical and wanted to try to change me into thinking the same way that they did. I got out in December of 2011 with an honorable discharge due to Medical reasons( If you want to know what they were I would have to get to know you alot better before I put that out there honestly).

What I am looking for, is someone that has some independence and does not need to fully rely on someone else. I look for Honesty, Integrity, and Faithfulness in any woman I could consider ever having feelings for. I am not too picky when it comes to looks, but I do have standards and I will not be with someone that can not even maintain they're own body weight. When I first look at any woman, I look at three things: Eyes, Smile, and waist. When I am getting to know someone, I look for some things as well: Can I see myself with that person, Would I want to be with that person for a year or more, and lastly do I think I can trust this person.

I am a fun person to be around, and if you intend to message me put some thought into your message. DO NOT just put "hey" or "hey there" or "hey, how are you doing." Also If you can not hold an intelligent conversation then you probably shouldn't message me either. Oh and use proper grammar, or at least spell check haha

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

P.S. I have a sarcastic sense of humor just saying!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am a stock trader, and I am going to school at BCC
I’m really good at
Technology, and making people laugh
The six things I could never do without
Computer, money, my sense of humor, my family, friends, and my kindle