24 Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
I am looking for people with three general characteristics:


I have started and worked in nonprofits all my life. We will not get along if you think charity is unnecessary, paternalistic, or people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But more than just thinking charity is great for someone else to do, I am looking for someone who cares enough about the world to actually help it. Ideally I am looking for someone who spends a significant portion of their time or money on causes that they are not a personal benefactor of.


Modern science is perhaps the most powerful tool humanity has ever created. It gives us a strong system for understanding the world and predictably changing it. I am very scientific and not just in the subjects taught in university. If you are religious, spiritual, an anti-vaxxer, don’t like GMOs, or are generally unscientific, we will not get along. It would be great to meet someone who has a deep understanding of randomized controlled trials, meta-analyses and statistics, but also totally fine if you understand science is great without knowing much about the details of it.

Open mindedness

The final trait I am looking for is open mindedness. Although this is a core tenet of science and in theory could be combined with the above, it seems worth special recognition. The benefits of being open-minded are huge, allowing a person to self-improve, update on beliefs, and generally become more awesome over time. It also leads to way more interesting conversations.

These three criteria are what I see as the most important things I am looking for, but other positive traits include: kindness, social skills, drive, intelligence, unconventionality, low drama, and having a sense of humor.

A few details about myself. I work for a medium sized charity that I co-founded called Charity Science. My most recent project has been working on a program to increase vaccine usage by sending text message reminders in India. I like hikes, volunteering, boardgames, outdoor firepits and intellectually challenging discussions. I am bi-curious and poly.

I am on okcupid because I am picky with friends and relationships and the number of people you meet in real life, even if you’re social, pales in comparison to the number you could search through online. OKC seems to have the most analytical people and the most information about the person before you message (for those of us who want to know more than just how someone looks).

I do not spend a ton of time on okcupid so this profile is mostly here in case a person who is a great fit sees it. I know it's against gender norms, but if you think we would be a good match, send a quick message, otherwise odds are we will not connect.