67Schenectady, United States
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My self-summary
I live in Schenectady NY and Windsor Conn
I want a real nice looking lady who compliments me in everything we do. My family is on their own so here I am . I feel I should look for the best there is since I deserve the best.
I am looking for not only that physical attraction but the one on a spiritual and intellectual level too !
Love to go to dances with the lessons too ! Dining, traveling to anywhere. Trips to NYC, Boston, ballgames, shopping, cruises etc !
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing ?? Everything I can !! LOL
For one , I started an intense exercise program and so far, 70 out of 73 days !! I lost 15 pounds ( 218 to 203) and feel better than I ever have - ever .
I like any outdoor sports - kayaking, canoeing skiing, boating, sailing, hiking, bicycles- (for two ).... besides the dancing with lessons.
I do better in the summer than the winter .
I started another business which will get me to work and travel to mostly resorts areas.
That way I work and play at the same time !! LOL
The more I work on this the better I like it !!!
Make a big chunk of money and spend it on being foolish LOL LOL
I’m really good at
I feel even though I am in my early 60's I still can and will make a major contribution to the building industry very soon !
This new business is just what is needed in the multifamily arena , and I am going to part of these new changes !! Cant wait !!!

There are other things like sponsoring benefit dances, throwing parties and dinners for people who need some kind of help !!
I am very good at doing research in my business field and seem to gravitate to the latest and newest state of the art trends using computers, software, tools equipment ...

I getting to the point that I am creating my own dance steps lately .

I very good at picking out a best restaurant in a strange town I never been to before !! I use my nose to smell my way to the one that has the best aroma , aviance, cuisine ... Love doing that !!
Also do that with nightclubs, dancing ...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like spy novels, and Hi tech magazines ! Very few other books!
Movies with some kind of plot ! Suspense, detective, crime dramas' westerns, romantic comedies....

I like to try new restaurants with food that I never had !!
I am teaching myself to cook -- this week I did Chicken Stir Fry with 3 different types of sauces ---
Whoaaaaa What a chef I am !
Hey - I am going to open my own Chinese restaurant in Chinatown !!
Cant wait -- and then I will have my own TV show !! How is that ?

I like oldies but goodies the best music - actually anything you can dance to --swing , country, Latin, Sinatra ..ballroom stuff !!
Six things I could never do without
My Chinese wok -- lately my best friend !!! LOL
A terrific woman to be with , love her back as much as I can !
Making money and then run away to Neverland and spend it !!! LOL
Dancing with lessons, traveling, quick trips to anywhere,
Morning Coffee newspaper, sports page, and puzzles,
Dressing up and hitting the town with my date -- wherever it is !!
Have to be adventurous and be challenging -- Just like Captain Kirk on Star trek !!
My mission is to seek new cultures, explore all the unknowns, rub elbows with all local beach bums, investigate all strange creatures from other planets, wine and dine with the best Bozos in town .... LMAO
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to improve my business , how to improve my self by exercising, getting in shape is ideal for my new business,get better at dancing , my computer software skills ...
My communication skills need some improvement - so that is a work in progress !
Looking for the right woman !
On a typical Friday night I am
Whoaaaa-- That is a biggie !! It could be dancing, dining , movies, at a ballgame, watching a game on TV, bar hopping, traveling to Any Town USA -- pick one -- be my guest !!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That is a very tough one to answer !!!! It is probably my feelings each other but after a while that would be no problem to talk !!
It usually my past mistakes and how it effects me now !!
You should message me if
The picture in my profile is when I was 218 pounds . now 203!!
Read my profile and if you feel daring and adventurous ------
like Monty Hall on Lets make a deal -- Come on Down !!!
The two of us