28 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Still pretty new to Seattle. Get along with the people here better than the folks back in Tucson. Back there people still shout “Run, Forest, run!” after you if you ever break out into a sprint to catch the bus or whatever. I mean, Forest Gump is twenty years old: you’d think they’d find something more current to say. Anyway, nobody shouts things at me when I run here, even if I’m not in running clothes. As far as I can tell, this is the main difference between the two cities.
I left a graduate program in mathematics a couple years ago to pursue my own interests. Currently planning my next move. My true calling is to be a writer, I think.
What I’m doing with my life
I’ve been spending most my time between work and writing and volunteering as a tutor of mostly math at a high school. Before I start a career I want to finish some projects.

I’ve got some decent stuff written and am trying to get published. I’m not one of those “write for yourself and only yourself” types. I’m trying to make my stuff more accessible and satisfying. Marketable is what I’m getting at. So, in light of that, my current story is about a forbidden romance between an orc and an elf. It’s not set in Middle Earth, but instead a Tolkien-inspired version of the modern world (picture Sauron’s tower in the middle of New York City. Spoiler: Sauron is Donald Trump). I’m hoping it gets made into a 3D movie someday, starring whoever the next Jennifer Lawrence will be as the elf. It would be awesome to have a cameo by Elijah Wood, too.
Just kidding. I’m sure some people would be interested to read the story I’ve just described, but it’s not what I’m writing. Although now I kind of want to.
I’m really good at
Memorizing five-digit numbers and calculating expiration dates (I have to do this at work a lot). Drinking unsweetened black iced tea (can’t stand the sweetened stuff anymore). Knowing the difference between Pig Latin and actual Latin. Texting essays. Using parentheticals (about half my sentences end with them). I used to be good at upsy-downsies and hacky sack, but it’s been years. I can beat most people at tic-tac-toe two in a row, provided I go first (nobody plays this game, but it’s pretty fun!) Thinking from a snail’s perspective. Following the directions on bottles of Listerine.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too many to list, of course. I’ll limit it to five in each category. This is going to be hard. The ones I choose are not necessarily my absolute favorites.

Books: Fiction: James Joyce (I return to Ulysses for inspiration frequently and half of what I write is Joyce fan fiction), Franz Kafka, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, H.P. Lovecraft, Haruki Murakami. Nonfiction: But What If We’re Wrong? was thought-provoking and Gödel Escher Bach literally changed the way I thought about everything. Poetry: ee cummings, Dante, Pablo Neruda, William Carlos Williams. Graphic Novels / Manga: Inio Asano, Junji Ito (haven’t gotten very far into this genre).

Video games: Hitman, Portal 2, Limbo, Pokemon, Zelda. Casual gamer here.

Movies: Citizen Kane, a short film called Un Chien Andalou (it’s still radical 90 years later! You can find it on YouTube I think, though they keep trying to pull it down), Pulp Fiction, Dr. Strangelove, Repulsion. I liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, since that movie seems a popular choice.

Shows: The Simpsons & South Park (I like cartoons I guess. When it comes to these shows, I have a phonographic memory. That’s a Simpsons quote, by the way. They have a quote to go with every situation!), Louie, Bojack Horseman. I also liked Breaking Bad and Lost, but haven’t seen Game of Thrones.

Music: John Coltrane, The Velvet Underground, Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis, Kanye West, Leonard Cohen. That’s six oops. I like noisy stuff like Sonic Youth or Boris, but sometimes go for something softer. In college I wrote a paper about the grindcore genre, if you’ve heard of that. OK, some modern not-too-crazy bands I like: A Perfect Circle, Cold War Kids, The Killers, The Decembrists, The White Stripes.

Food: I kind of keep it simple. I literally eat ground beef and steamed broccoli and carrots with a side of bread for dinner. I eat out more than I should though.
The six things I could never do without
Black tea! No sugar. I like other teas and coffees, but all I drink really is black tea.

Springs. As in coiled-up springs, not hot springs or the season. Given the interdependencies of the modern world, I’m sure I’d be in a sorry state without them.

Free time. Seriously. While in grad school it felt like I had no free time and it was terrible.

My family.

The Internet, obviously. I mean I did OK without it for the first sixteen years of my life, but Internet access is now officially a human right, according to the UN or something.

My Holy Grail. I have one of those in my bedroom and it’s great.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
For some reason, I spend a lot of time thinking about human evolution. Like why do we laugh and why does water come out of our eyes when we feel sad instead of something else. Or music. I wonder if all our innovations are gradual rather than sudden. As a corollary, I wonder if it’s possible to create something without pretty much just ripping off your predecessors (spoiler: it's not). I started reading a book that claims to “synthesize modern knowledge on the origin and evolution of the human species” (Cosmosapiens by John Hands) and I haven’t thought about these things quite as much recently.

I like to think that in five hundred years our descendants will read about the problems of our day and wonder why we didn’t have our shit together. Either that or we’ll be done for.
On a typical Friday night I am
The last few months, writing. But before I hit my stride I was watching Animaniacs a lot, mostly for Pinky and the Brain (their show isn’t on Netflix). I have a few friends in this town, but only hang out once every month or so. I’m not exactly opposed to parties or socializing in general, but it’s not really part of my life right now.
You should message me if
You know “Jabberwocky” by heart. Even knowing the first stanza gets points. You’re a conversationalist who doesn’t mind getting a bit intellectual at times. You listen to music by artists that you didn’t listen to when you were a teenager. You’re always trying to expand in some way (cooking new food, traveling, taking a yoga class, etc.) You have a proof or disproof of the Goldbach conjecture (extra points if I can actually understand it). U no how 2 gramer (“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”)