55Stratford, United States
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My self-summary
I have read all the advice about posting a profile online ...

* Never post a picture of your car ... CHECK
* Never post a picture with your ex PhotoShopped out ... CHECK
* Never write tooooo much ... uh ... well ... ok ... I am going to say CHECK ... but ...
* Never come across as arrogant or conceited ... have you read this post? ... CHECK
* Never sound like your life is a permanent summer vacation ... no rock climbing ... no kayaking ... CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK

* Do write how your friends would describe you ... since I might just be my Brittany Spaniel pup's best friend ... I guess he would say ... "He is a good behind-the-ears scratcher and keeps me well-fed and exercised." - CHECK
* Do be specific about who you are looking for ... uh ... Tina Fay? ... Lizzy Caplan? ... Janeane Garofalo? ... intelligent ... maybe bookish ... politically aware ... quirky sense of humor ... a style all her own ... not gorgeous but adorable ... or maybe gorgeous but she thinks she is only adorable ... unaccompanied by excessive baggage, the usual, nothing more than a small carry-on - CHECK
* Do be specific about what you have to offer ... uh ... Roger Sterling ... kidding! ... John Slattery ... I wish ... intelligent ... well read ... charming ... look darn good in a suit, when I have the opportunity to throw one on ... gentlemanly ... honest to a fault ... loyal ... emotionally available ... easily amused ... and most times can amuse myself! - CHECK
* Do ask for something in response to your profile ... if you can work the word "ironic" into a single e-mail five times ... - CHECK
* Do be sincere ... for better or for worse ... I get all my news from the Washington Post and New York Times ... well ... and the Gaurdian ... well ... and Glen Greenwald and Ana Marie Cox, Greg Sargent and David Sanger ... what could be more honest and sincere than that - CHECK

Why wouldn't you want to get to know me? That doesn't sound arrogant ... does it? I wouldn't want to violate item number 4 above!
What I’m doing with my life
... realizing a life long dream. Professor of management ... directing a brand new Masters of Management program.
I’m really good at
Quoting lyrics from 80s New Wave and 90s grunge ... useless I know, but nonetheless a skill
The first things people usually notice about me
My infectious sense of humor ... balanced with really deep thought. Or my piercing hazel eyes. One of those two ...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pasta, coffee, Mexican Food, The Nutcracker, Pandora, iPad/iPhone, browsing at bookstores (sadly Borders), outdoor cafes, Italian Food, South Park, day trips, the shore, Chinese carryout, a good glass of wine, Arrested Development, House of Cards (homesick for DC), House of Lies, Episodes, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Mad Men, Homeland, Masters of Sex, Game of Thrones
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to live a life of integrity
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I secretly wish I was the voice of Eric Cartman ... he has all the best lines!
You should message me if
... you want homemade marinara every once in a while
The two of us