32Syracuse, United States
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My self-summary
I like knowing things, and I'm never happy unless I'm improving or learning. I double-majored in a foreign language and in music, and I seriously considered two other double-majors before taking the ones I did (the rejected majors were, for the record, computer science and religious studies.) One of the things that attracts me most to new people is a strong knowledge base in something I'm fairly clueless about, or a perspective that's very different than mine.

I've also got a wide network of super ridiculously fantastic friends nation-wide (sometimes internationally!) and I'm really glad for that. I'm looking at you, kostice, Color_Me_Amber, LemurFace, MaggieISOHopie, PlanetEm>>,<<darth_stickman, bm51h, Gnome_Chompsky! As you might have guessed from the stupidly long list here, I've met a lot of my good friends on OKC, so if you're one of those rare people who's on OKC and willing to meet someone who's not especially hoping to make out with you (I am dating someone I'm really happy with), and we have something in common, then let me know. People are cool.
What I’m doing with my life
Grad school! Getting an MS in Information Management to learn how to make change in organizations more effectively. I am super nerdily excited about this.

Just moved to Syracuse, and looking for a bellydance community, which seems to be sadly small locally. If you know of any classes appropriate for an intermediate-to-advanced-level bellydancer in Syracuse, please let me know!

I'm writing for China Insight, which is fun.
I’m really good at
fixing fiddly details to make things work better, especially details of writing or music. Learning, absorbing information like a sponge (ok, so that's not the most creative analogy, but it's what my first-grade-teacher said about me, so it stuck). I'm also good at passing on my enthusiasm about subjects (aka being a gigantic nerd about pretty much everything), which leads to me doing a fair amount of teaching and training. I'm good at most things involving language (writing, editing, proofreading, language acquisition, Spanish and Chinese) and I'm good at music-- I actually have absolute pitch. Bellydance, though I will never be as riveting as Rachel Brice, as innovative as Izzy Tejedora, or as genre flexible as Mira Betz. Caring. Empathy. Sentence fragments.
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
...see, my favorite movie is Amelie, so I feel kind of weird that Sample Person also loves that movie. I also like portobello mushrooms, but not nearly so much as Sample Person does. I'm vegetarian, but I will eat pretty much anything that doesn't involve meat, and I will like it.

In terms of favorite books, my standard answers are: Bridge of Birds (by Barry Hughart), The Sparrow (by Mary Doria Russell), and Historias de cronopios y de famas (by Julio Cortazar). If you like nonfiction, the Fortune Cookie Chronicles, by Jennifer Lee, is also amazing. In general, I have special weak spots for retold fairy tales and well-executed magic realism with gorgeous vivid prose.

Tea is one of my favorite things. I especially love Northern Lights Tea Company in the skyway of downtown Minneapolis: I know their stock so well that I could probably work there with minimal training. Especially check it out if you like Japanese green tea. They have a website: even if it is hideously designed, I personally guarantee the tea is DELICIOUS.

And I was a music major, so I like most music, with a special emphasis on classical music, international music, music with pretty harmonies, and, um, terrible pop music that I at least know is terrible. My favorite musical artist is Aterciopelados. In less obscure-in-the-States music, Lady Gaga and Janelle Monae are both awesome, though in very different ways. Also a big fan of Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters-- Beth writes such gorgeous and inexplicable chord changes.

如果你有什么特别喜欢的歌手的话, 请你告诉我。 其实我的中文音乐太少,让我有点难过。
Six things I could never do without
Words, music, love, learning, creativity, and... deliciousness. (Apparently I am a fan of broad categories and abstract concepts.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...does it count as thinking if it's an instinct? One of my favorite games my mind plays is 'Lishan the Human Jukebox.' Basically, I will have a song in my head, and not know where it came from, and spend 5-10 minutes puzzling out that someone accidentally quoted a specific phrase from the song in conversation 10 minutes ago. I have a song for EVERYTHING. I challenge you to come up with an exception.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about my friends and loved ones, about all the cool things I've had the opportunity to learn and/or am currently learning, and about feminism with a special emphasis on reproductive justice (it used to be my job!). I also think a lot about how to connect things that don't usually go together or people who would get along well together. For a couple disparate examples: I taught Jewish-themed bellydance once, and I introduced a good friend who'd always wanted to have formal vocal training to my very generous voice teacher.

La verdad es que prefiero pensar y hablar en otros idiomas. Es mas dificil, pero me siento mas libre y mas entusiastica tratando de formar palabras en espanol, o entender los frases concisos de chino.
On a typical Friday night I am
asleep. Or wishing I was at a gig or dancing. I miss being part of an arts community!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A veces, escribo en ingles pero usando el alfabeto cirílico para que otra gente no entienda lo que escribo. Solo lo hago cuando hay algo personal que tengo que recordar, como por ejemplo que nececito comprar ropa interior nueva.
You should message me if
you have actually read the content of my profile and can indicate as much! With questions that have to do with my profile, or comments, that have to do with something I am interested in!

Or if you know how to play jazz piano, or have always wanted to learn.

Or if you know a good place to bellydance or play music locally.

Or if you've ever heard of Aterciopelados. Seriously, if you have heard of Aterciopelados, message me.

Or if you're a fan of Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters, but I suspect that if you're a fan too, you've already met me and are super amused right now.

Or if the Alot is better than you at everything.

O si usted entiende lo que escribo aqui.

Если вы понимайте, что я напишу здесь. но мой русскый очень очень плохо.


Especially if you understand all three of the above languages, I will automatically think you are super cool.

Bonus points if you think statistics are awesome.

(In summary, I would probably like to meet you if you are not a terrible excuse for a human being and can put together a coherent sentence, regardless of your sex, gender presentation, or sexual orientation.)
The two of us