30 Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
Ì am here to stay open to the opportunity of meeting people local to the places I travel (update: sydney, where I am now is where i gre up though i havent lived her the last 13 years) to hang out with, have fun and maybe creatively collaborate with, if we are compatible in that way.

I have met a couple of good friends on this site, and have had fun Casual, platonic I am hopeful for more of that. In fact I'm not looking for anything other than that.

I'm in a relationship.
What I’m doing with my life
trying stuff
I've been living out of a little suitcase for 4+ years, with a very flexible approach to where I am and what I do. I have been living and travelling in many parts of Australia, North and South America and Europe in that time. I guess it's been a very 'go with the flow' period of my life, where I have been privileged to experience many different ways of living and very open to taking new directions.

My main hobby is art photography, and i am always looking to photograph people (not head shots or glamour shots..I'm likely to want to use your body in some creative composition or document you in your home environment or a state of intimacy (this does not mean I want to engage in any kind of sexual voyeurism..apparently i need to clarify this..rather if you dont mind generally being documented in safe situations of emotional vulnerability, or non Pornographic sensual experience) or just use your flesh tones in a texture or colour I love design I might venture into something a bit fashiony..but that is as about commercial as I get) , so if that is something you are open to, id love to hear from you.
I’m really good at
Not getting too attached
Spending time alone
Challenging myself socially (it's all a challenge..I'm a lone wolf really, but social contact can be really attractive sometimes)
Silent observation
Making good things happen without going by the book
Charming people significantly younger or older than me (my own age bracket is a little more hit and miss..I can get a bit overwhelmed trying to navigate the strange social pretensions of the 20s-30s and can probably be prone to them myself)
Listening to people's personal experiences and stories with genuine interest
Making nice food and atmospheres when faced with limitations
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
filling this stuff out little by little..but then again, i might not go beyond this section..

favourite musical acts/artists include -
psychic tv, wire, morphine, suicide, essendon airport, talking heads, nina simone,rowland s howard, arthur russel, townes van zandt, karen dalton, odetta, sun ra, moondog, ry cooder, michael gira, congo norvell, harold budd, patsy cline, tim hecker, talking heads..

Films -
I seem to be able to tune in most to documentaries, but love anything with beautiful cinematography and soundscores, and also comedies..anything that isn't too cheap.

food -
Sweet with salt, spice with sour, spicy everything and bitter greens. Really hoppy beer, coffee.
The six things I could never do without
Access to nature.
Vitamin d.
Places to hide.
A strong sense of autonomy.
Awareness of the existence of the many many people who are much more wonderful and accomplished and giving than myself.
I'd really struggle with any kind of immobilisation..
I spend a lot of time thinking about

How to be a better person.
On a typical Friday night I am
No typical Fridays or distinction between weekdays/nights at present.
You should message me if
If you are a woman or gender queer (if you are a man too, but I'm just probably gonna be way more excited about messages from women).

You are actually in the same city as I am. I have plenty of in real life friends and family that live in places far away, whom I can only contact online, but I struggle to find the time to dedicate to that, so I'm not looking for online relationships with new people.

you want to..but I will say huge initial contact turn offs ( I just won't respond) for me include addressing me as sweetheart/hun/darling or any other diminishing 'pet names', a singular hey or hi or wassup, and sexual propositions.

Don't send me sexual propositions. I won't reply.