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My self-summary
Geek. Queer. Genderqueer. Writer. Very romantically booked. A snappy dresser when I'm not in a t-shirt I bought on the internet.

I DO NOT IDENTIFY AS A WOMAN. I do not identify as a woman. (I do not identify as a woman.) I am very genderqueer and if you are looking for a womanly woman you should look for someone else. Thanks!

I'm only interested in media where people can live forever or fly. I'd list the fandoms that entails, but my god, the list. You should know about Doctor Who, though, because I've been ready to pack my suitcase for a TARDIS trip since I was three. My friends need to be patient with a certain amount of geeking out behavior (usually babbling about whatever's struck my fancy). I have a library degree, which has helped me be geeky more efficiently and with better details.

I always want to have more hobbies than I can actually do. Again, I could list the things I've been into, but holy shnikeys, the list. Current Things: For the last few years I've been churning out some very kinky Regency vampire porn (mostly m/m), and would like to get around to getting it published, but I'm much better at raw writing than overhauling that damn first 50 pages to make them print-worthy. Reading my work and telling me how you react to it is a form of foreplay for me.

As of 2011 I'm working as a taxonomist, constructing a ridiculous "All the Doctors" costume for the next Gallifrey One, and trying to do yoga consistently to straighten out some muscle tension issues. I also spend a lot of time reading social justice stuff, as an interesting exercise in new thought patterns and human understanding, and also in shutting the hell up and listening to someone else talk for once.

My current emotional work is on letting go of always feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. This has been my emotional work for the last ten years, so good luck to me with that. I'm trying to brush my teeth every day and respond non-dramatically to just about everything, because it makes my life work better. I don't relish fights, or even political debates.

Using the reverse Meyers-Briggs (reading the results and then picking the one that sounds like me), I was an INTP for about ten years, but have been drifting strongly toward INFP; I'm intensely interested in the rational and do logic puzzles for fun, but my interpersonal model is more and more heavily informed by the aspects of how people tick. I started listing "compassionate" among my best features a few years ago.

Something I think of as an unfulfilled hobby is getting past my social anxiety, which has been building up over the last 8 years or so due to lack of practice. I used to be quite the social butterfly and now I have trouble meeting people, which is frustrating. I even have trouble with responding to phone and email a lot of the time, which I then kick myself about. I'm distressingly good at self-criticism.

The quick name-tag version of my sex life:
-- I'm kinky (very submissive)
-- I'm genderqueer. I toggle gender and presentation. I'm usually happy with physically female but much more comfortable in somewhat masculine presentation... but really really not butch. Some days I have a dick. Deal with it or get out of my bed.
-- I'm queer/pansexual/bi/whatever you want to call it (but tend to date men or masculine-presenting)
-- I'm poly but not usually into casual sex.

I'm currently in the maximum number of romantic relationships than I have emotional energy to maintain, and I'm trying to set better boundaries around that. Most of my relationships are picked at least partially on the basis that the sex will be awesome, and then it quickly trails off, and then I end up with an even fuller dance card and not so much in the way of carnal satisfaction.

I'm 32 as I write this, and last wrote my description or answered any questions when I was 25 in 2004. I'm not rewriting from scratch, but probably should. I've just cleared the answers to 1258 questions. That feels better.

I am over-analytical, compassionate, and reclusive.
What I’m doing with my life
I want to be a librarian when I grow up. Oh wait, got that. I want to get a job in my field again. Update: Wooo, got that again, more or less. A taxonomist is me! I want to get a job in my field that doesn't involve commuting 2 hours a day to the east side.

I'm writing historical vampire porn. I have knitted an incredibly ugly scarf and now I'm working on a hat covered in squids. I'm trying to own fewer things and love people more.

Right now I'm petting a cat.
I’m really good at
Cross-synthesizing data. Logic puzzles. Writing dialogue. Getting lost on public transit. Appreciating music. Geeking out. Treasuring the strange bits. Making excuses for plot holes. Immersing in hypothetical situations. Summing up complex emotions with humorous analogies. Singing my own praises.
The first things people usually notice about me
Intense grin with a dimple. Short dark-blonde hair in a masculine cut. I often wear a tie. A fast talker, easily excited; I'm somewhat scattered in high energy groups. I'm reluctant to make statements if I'm not sure of my facts. I kiss everyone at New Year's Eve parties. I can relate everything to Dr. Who/Sandman/Buffy/some webcomic/(insert obsession du jour).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
And the mind goes blank.

Dr. Who, Forever Knight, Highlander, the new Sherlock, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Buckaroo Bonzai, the complete works of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, a lot of Alan Moore, an awful lot of webcomics (Family Man is one of the secret treasures), a fair bit of fanfiction. I have to not play Flash games, because they eat my days and then I have a computer hangover.

There are lots of authors I dig but don't get around to reading much, such as Elizabeth Kostova. There's a lot of new shows out that I know I'd dig, but I don't get around to much television or out to many movies. Inception was pretty cool. I think that's the last movie I went to in the theater. J brings home a lot of old DVDs from the library, so we watch noir and classic sci fi and britcoms. (Mmm, Fry and Laurie.)

Jason Webley, Indigo Girls, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Jason Webley, Harry Belafonte, Mos Def, weird a cappella, accordion punk, Canadian humor bands, music with deep structure and complex harmonies, singer-songwriters, guitar, piano, string bass, music with lyrics I can analyze to death, sometimes happy bouncy bouncy club and 80s music because I can, rock'n'roll, some hip hop, uh... I listen to a lot of stuff. Try me.

I like savory foods, not a lot of sugar, and really, really, not mixing savory with sweet. I'm a lightweight on spice levels, I'm not big on turmeric, and I can't abide green peppers, but I'll give anything else a shot.

My favorite fruits are strawberries and grapes. I have an unabashed love of ramen and spam. I love most foods of the "innabun" variety. I also like simple foods with fresh ingredients, if someone other than me wants to cook them.
Six things I could never do without
People on my wavelength. The Internet. Paper & pen (for doodling). Kinky sex. A cozy place to nap. Make believe (any kind, tv, book, fable or ballad - I just need fresh sources to avoid my internal fiction becoming an endless loop, like a song in my head only with more dramatic dialogue).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Dialogue for hopelessly honorable situations. (It's been dubbed "honor porn".) Sometimes also actual porn. Sometimes I manage to combine them. But there's always too much dialogue. I have a negotiation fetish.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either on a date with one of my established partners or sitting and doin' stuff on my computer. This is true of almost every night of the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm going to reread this profile about twenty times wondering what people will think of me. Also I've written porn about vivisection.
You should message me if
You want to geek out with me or possibly attend a CSPC event with me, because I have trouble going over there without company and none of my partners are well-suited to it Jan2012 update: new relationship is taking a LOT of my social energy and helping me get out more. Yay! Do introduce yourself if you'd like me to recognize your face when we run into each other at events.

You are sexually/kinkily interested in me, have checked out my Fetlife profile (also gement), and still think we might click.

You are at least 90% Friend, no more than 10% Enemy, and local to the Seattle area unless you have a particularly interesting reason. Check our mismatching questions under The Two Of Us; you'll find it enlightening.

I suck at making contact, so if I don't reply don't take it personally.
The two of us