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My self-summary
Warning: ridiculously long profile, so here's a ridiculously short version first (en anglais, parce que plus court):

Geeky-artsy-designy trilingual-and-two-halves francophone INTP 3D animator with a sense of humour (so they say), a passport, friends, a trumpet, but no bass.

WIDoing w/ my life:
Either coffee or at school making a 3D animator of myself. Normally, there would be much more, here, but school does take a huge part of my time.

Really good at:
Writing huge profiles.

1st TPN about me:
Long hair, or long profile if you 1st saw me here.

Garcia-Marquez, Code 46, small indie, Jack White, local/terroir.

6 things:
Slusho! (If you knew of Slusho! before reading this, you know, deep inside, that we're made for each other).

Spending time thinking about:
Motion and finding ways to say "Shiny" instead of "cool".

Dancing or RPGing (old-school pen&paper).

Hey! Earn it and go read it down below.

You should message me:
Yes, you should.

2013/01/01 Is noisetrade amazing or what?
Oh, and happy one. En espérant que vous n'êtes pas triskaïdékaphobe.
2012/06/19 Moving while following intensive study program: Don't do it (I'll have a coffe with that coffee, please).
2012/02/04 All right, where did put my old Scooby-Doo lunch box? Après révision de portfolio (dont création de 3 pièces expressément pour l'occasion, parce qu'il en manquait), un mois de pratique, 4 examens et une entrevue, je suis finalement accepté dans un programme (temps plein) de modélisation et animation 3D, question de développer mes lacunes dans le domaine et attaquer les projets qui m'allument.
2011/11/2 Discovered Hey Ocean (funky vid) yesterday through or thesixtyone. Just for the kick, checked if they were coming to Mtl soon and, what do yo know, they were at Divan Orange the same night. Got my tix and got totally struck by the first band, Whale Tooth(here, unplugged in Bellwoods).
I think Nutella just got a serious contender.

Contrary to what this profile may lead you to believe—I'm seriously thinking of renaming this service "Wikicupid"—, I'm not really talkative (I still share, though). I may be obviously am a wee bit somewhat damningly "writeative", I think.

Francophone à l'aise dans les deux solitudes, visant plutôt à les désolitudiser. It doesn't mean I deny my roots. Quite the contrary. Mon cerveau fait à sa tête pour le choix de la langue quand vient le temps d'écrire bilingue: Il préfère alterner, à son humeur, plutôt que doubler en traduisant (God, non! Surtout pas avec la longueur de ce profil). It also likes to find any occurrences of 42 in life, universe and everything.

Creativity and expression drive me. Whether done by me or by others : Drawing and animation, modelling (as in objects, not catwalk), role-playing, writing, playing and listening to music, dancing...

Kidding and jesting *is* part of my façon d'être, even when I'm deadly serious. Friends say I'm witty, but I don't know about that. They may just be good friends (I don't like to toot my own horn—actually, I do, but not in that sense. More on this in next section).

Geeky tendencies: I RPG, I comic book and I sci-fi. I also verbify names.

Myers-Briggs fans may like to know it figures me out as an INTP (Introverted, intuitive, thinking, perception more here). It seems, though, I also had high scores on "feeling", so I guess I'm some sort of think/feel bi-polar :)

I travel whenever I can. Exit the resorts for me: Gimme a backpack, a map, small inns, and a dictionary. Meeting and exchanging with people during a trip is my biggest joy (locals or other travellers también). I love lingering for days in a city, impregnating myself of its culture, its beat. Sitting at a café's terrasse or in a park and look at life going about its business will be as much an activity option as visiting any castle and whatnot. I miss Lisboa and friends in Matanzas.

All my previous amorous relationships grew out of friendship. As we were friends before, we still are today and consider each others as such. So, this is, basically, my first foray into "dating" per se—on-line or "analogue". It feels very alien, but since I believe that the outside of our comfort zone is where magic happens, here I am. So, I hope you're not put off by people fumbling towards ecstasy (yes, I do like Sarah McLachlan. As much as Skrillex, The Cramps or Dirty Projectors).

I also look for creative/artsy activity partners. I have very good, long-time, friends, but they don't seem to be into those activities. So, what happens is that I spot or think of random stuff I'd like to see/make (exposition, museum, a movie at Cinéma du Parc, a show at Divan Orange or at the Casa, a play at Mainline, going to Fringe fest, jamming, creating silly songs, serious songs, video/film project...), find nobody willing for it, go alone, then have no one to share this with. Frustrating. Time has come to add some friendly fresh blood, non-literally.

Also :

What I’m doing with my life
Just finished a 15 month full-time intensive education program in 3D animation and VFX in order to add tricks to my motion-designy belt. Boy, did that take a lot of my time. I'm slowly rediscovering life, going out, meeting friends, sleeping. Those sort of things. All that, timed with dear old summer sun!

I also play trumpet, part of an amateur—but quite good—orchestra and always on the lookout for other musical projects. I like to sing and explore arrangements. Next project is picking up Bass. I've wanted to do that for a while. I'm just on the lookout for a cheap one to make my teeth on. Boring stuff like food, shoes, gym (and the need for slimmer wardrobe coming with it) all seem to get in the way of getting one.

I've picked up gym in '09 after several years of letting myself go (mouse and keyboard have a way of doing that). Best decision in my life. Ever. There are times when it's an active battle, where the snooze button wins some, but it's really became a way of life now. I'll let my pride take over a bit on that one.

I'd be more than happy to meet someone that likes to get up crazy early for gym and willing to partner-up for incentive, or willing to do the same for some quick biking, hiking, or similar activities on the weekend (you know, "real life" physical activities). It's so easy to pass up when by yourself with an actual excuse for "I'm too tired".

Stuff I'm not doing, but looking forward to
Bass. Weren't you paying attention? :)

Writing for myself—Got stories to tell and ideas to spread. I just don't know where to begin. Right now, I compensate on Twitter and Facebook.
I’m really good at
1. Thinking I'm a ninja.

2. Finding out I'm not one, but quickly put that on the fact of probably being an excellent one to the point of fooling myself to think I'm not one.

3. Languages. I pick them up and los perdio très vite.

4. Listening, discussing and dreaming

4.5. with a glass of wine

4.75. or coffee

5. Cuddling,

6. Being up for an activity spontenaously offered.

7. I'm very good at developing a profile-crush on OKC (Hmmm. That should be in the "private thing" section, but, still, I *am* very good at it). Friends say I'm too impressionable and get excited over nothing. Pfff. I think it's your fault and should learn to be less interesting. Sheesh!

8. Seeing both sides of the story, only to find a third, then a fourth...

9. Being just short of 10.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, if people were to notice me, that wouldn't make me a very good ninja, would it? On the very unlikely event of being noticed, they rarely say what gave me away.

People that see me more than once seem to recognize me, though, so there must be something they notice.

The long curly hairs?

Or maybe, just maybe, people confuse my primary shyness+observing tendency with being judgemental. Which I'm not (jerks).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Overall, I'm a browncoat geeky sci-fi afficcionado.
You know, those guys in tights and capes? I like them too, though, er, not for that reason.

I really liked the sci-fi movie Code 46, and I think Scott Pilgrim vs The World is bliss in a bottle (that is, if your DVD or Hard Disk fits in a bottle). Par déformation professionnelle (en fait, je crois plutôt que ma vie professionnelle résulte d'une déformation personnelle), je craque pour l'animation, avec un certain accent pour les animés.

Pas regardant sur l'origine des films tant que c'est en V.O., quitte à voir les versions sous-titrées (yay subtitles!).

Wow. That sounds kinda hipstery-artsy. NO! I'm an embracing movie buff. Sucker for sci-fi (obviously), action and horror/scary, I also love the Coen brothers, Kevin Smith, Rodriguez, Tarantino, Lynch, Apathow, Jack Black, Arcand, Philippe Falardeau... I've been known also to have liked chick flicks—whatever that means. I swear it wasn't knowingly.


I enjoy all kinds of music, but not everything in each.
I'm currently totally turned on by the Pomplamoose "ecosystem" (Jack Conte and Nataly Dawns). They have fun AND are good.

I'm a frequent dweller of Concerts à emporter, and will often "flash crash" at Divan Orange just for discovery. I prefer smaller venues than stadium, or even Metropolis.

I also have a youTube list where I stash music discovery that strike my "shiny" chord.

J'aime le rebelle chez Xavier Caféïne (sous toutes ses moutures, incluant Poxy)—Il m'a fait danser d'innombrables fois aux Panic Nights du Saphir,
l'écriture (autant parole que musique) de Yann Perreau,
L'âme purement blues d'Adamus,
La folie chaotique d'Arcade Fire sur scène,
l'étrange énergie que me donne Muse,
Le déchirement de Scout Niblett,
Le chaos contrôlé des Dirty Projectors,
Tom Waits pour tout, finalement.

Je danse le plus souvent sur NIN, Joy Division, Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, The Cure, The Chameleons, The Smiths, Faun, And One, Apoptygma Berserk, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bikini Kill ...

Ça continue. Il y en a plein d'autres, mais à quoi ça sert, dans le fond, de mettre une liste si on ne l'écoute pas? Si la liste vous intéresse vraiment, mes habitudes d'écoutes sont sur

Quand il n'y a pas trop de lecture technique sur la pile, je préfère les romans.

My pile for the next break begins with Neil Gaiman, then Gibson, which I still haven't read (the shame). I also have an old leathery Abdul Alhazred lying around, but I'm still hesitant about this one.

J'ai encore de bons souvenirs des Jardins de lumière de Maalouf, Soie, du Coelho, Cent ans de solitudes, L'Homme incendié et L'Hygiène de l'assassin. J'ai entrepris Notas de Viaje de Guevarra. Mon premier livre en español...

J'ai découvert et apprécié assez récemment les livres audios, but in english because les titres en français sont rares et souvent franchouillards.

9ième art
Bilal, Moebius, Jodorovsky, F'mur, Grant, Morrisson, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Stan The Man.
Fav hero: Green Arrow
Fav psychopath: Batman
The '90's JLA/JLE was awesome.
I'm beginning also to discover indie stuff. Too soon to have favs, but it's exciting.

A Firefly widower, a Doctor Who would-be companion, a Fringe Slusho! spotter, a Mad Men fly on the wall, a Californication I-want-that-life-but-I'm-not-that-stupid-though-I-could-be voyeur, Dexter's Alibi.
Whenever I can, I watch Craig Ferguson. Probably the best host/personality on TV. Funny AND touching.
Off TV
Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, The Guild
19-2, "Tout sur moi" (beaucoup), "Mirador". <- 2 sur 3 d'annulées. ça va pas ben.

Various TWiT shows
This Week in Photo
Photo Focus
Film Riot
I've seen a lot of Savage's Love on profiles here, so I started to listen to it and am pretty much liking it.

J'ai faim
En nourriture, j'adore découvrir les restos, avec une préférence pour ceux qui mettent en valeur les produits locaux et du terroirs, ainsi que ceux qui sont fières de leur cave. Je pleure la disparition de La Montée de lait.

Toujours partant pour du thaï ou du coréen (mmm, bi bim bap).

Mes go-back:
Le Saganaki d'Ouzeri
Le tartare de saumon de Vertiges
La pieuvre de Confusion
Le pudding chômeur du Cocagne.

Les soupers et bbq de gangs sont fréquents.

Si ce n'était pas des efforts du gym, le vin serait plus fréquent, mais pour le moment, un 2-3 verres occasionnels par mois est plutôt la norme (tout alcools confondus) et le vis très bien, même dans les soirées arrosées.
Plus Scotch que bière.
Barman occasionnel à tendance mixologiste.

You probably got by now that I'm a bit of a foodist.

Question santé et ligne, j'évite le fast food, mais vous me prendrez au piège en proposant La Paryse et me convainquerez facilement que je pourrai toujours prendre une Juliette plutôt que du chocolat. (I am that gullible)
Six things I could never do without
Slusho! (You can't have just six)

Listening and playing music, go to shows (even though there's not enough in my life right now).

My passport.
No, really. I always have it on me.

Something Whedon-related.

My friends. (this point includes "supper with", "game with", "go out with")

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I could make this profile shorter, then add stuff to it.

Weird, 'cause I'm usually good at putting my thoughts into 140 characters... Following brousselaine will prove you so.

3d, polygons, lighting and photons, timelines, timing, squash and stretch. All side effects of my current intensive courses in 3D animation. I –dream– about the stuff. Serious. Borderline crazy, I tell you ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
I do like to go out, but I'm often playing RPG with friends. (the one with pen, paper and dices. Not the joystick or the latex suits ones).

If you want to create confusion in my mind on a Friday with a scheduled RPG game, though, propose club Saphir or Le Passeport. You —will— tear me apart. If you have a camera, it might just be Mythbuster material. (oh, yeah, add this to the TV list)

Saturdays, I'm free as a bird. (cue endless solo). Usually riding the darkwave, EBM and goth vibe at the Passport.

When in clubs, I usually hit the dance floor right after coat check and get off when the music stops. If I have a drink in hand, the DJ is probably failing at his job. Won't talk much either: conversations punctuated by WHAT? and HUH? kind of lose me.
I do become more aware of body language, though, even if I'm not fluent.

I like to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. With a mike.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm shy, but on the approach level only.
Once kissed (or simply introduced), this shy and reserved frog becomes an enjoyable social, er, still frog :)
(See INTP)

I'm working on this, though: I've now made a habit of smiling at strangers I pass by, and look them in the eye (nothing too intense, though. Something I picked up while backpacking in Cuba)—Now, who's the shy one? Ha! take that, North America! :)

Hmm. I hope this wasn't all TMI Too Soon. If so, (waves fingers) these are not the droïds you're looking for.
You should message me if
–You skipped right through to this section, you wise padwan.
–Creative/art-related activity, do or share with someone, you want. (Oops. Forgot the </Yoda mode>)
–You look for someone true, that is not into head games and has his past settled.
–You really, but reaaally hate that previous sentence, God knows I do, notwithstanding that it's a good concept in a person, usually.
–You want to start a band/duet with a trumpet in it, or a sucky bassist on his way up.
–You want a reply. I warm shoulder people.
–Both our "music list" don't match, but mainly because we don't know the stuff in the other's, and that means discovery.

If you read the equivalent of War And Peace every other week, why not continue...

*You want to learn/practice your French.
*Ne parlez pas anglais, mais Google vous donnes un traduction trop weird (remarquez, c'est peut-être pas un problème Google...)
*Something in this profile prompts you to.
*You search a partner to learn Japanese, or could teach it.
*You think I avoided things in my profile and want to call me on it (really? You'd want me to add something to this?).
*You don't like to rate people, but want to rate this profile. (from 0 to 9.8, or 42),
*You don't want to watch the game (or want to, but are ready to answer stupid questions about the rules)
*You look for someone to go to/out of the gym with,
*You're muse material (either inspiration or the band. Not picky),
*You can teach bass.
*You have a bass to sell, cheap.
*You know how to knit a Jayne hat and have some free time (you know where I'm going with this, do you?)
*You say "shiny" when something pleases you.
*You think Star Wars vs Star Trek debates are puerile, as the only valid debates are about incarnations of Doctor Who.

Joss Whedon & family.

*Ready to forego sleep a whole weekend just to create the perfect espresso blend.
*You wanna go see Dirty Projectors, Johnathan Coulton, or Scout Niblett, but none of your friends know who they are. (Having a post-concert high alone just sucks and it should be criminal)
*You think a trip to California should (read: "must") include a w00tstock show, and probably say hello to the chief TWiT in Petaluma.
*You have seven evil EXes I must defeat, or something,
*You are either :
A) shy like me (see above in "private thing"), but now that you know this, you realize the absurdity of the not-going-anywhere situation (begin message with "I'm shy" if you want. It'll be our secret handshake)
B) not shy and realize I probably won't be one for the direct initial approach, and that's OK by you.
*Don't mind reading (too) long profiles
*Or you'd have given up if there would have been one more line

And, please, don't be a zombie (Yes, a Dan Brown listener).
The two of us