28 Wellington, New Zealand
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My self-summary
imagine a less punk virginie despentes.
What I’m doing with my life
buying expensive shoes, translating a lil bit of stuff (most recently: masonic rituals from 17th century france, l'amour amer), studying modern languages, getting furious about's continued existence, lifting not-heavy things in the hopes of one day being able to lift heavy things, running short distances in the hopes of one day running slightly longer distances.
I’m really good at
getting creepy and/or incomprehensible messages on dating websites. having opinions. being really really funny on facebook. being moderately funny on twitter. being wilfully terrible on dating sites. eating.

i'm really bad at: pool. pub quizzes. phones. photos. pull-ups. other things starting with p, probably.
The first things people usually notice about me
the best comment i have ever received about my appearance is: "you look like ashlee simpson when she looked human."

the best comment i have ever received about my personality is: "you remind me of a young hilary mantel."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
if you like the things i like maybe you will like me.

if you hate the things i hate we will definitely get on.

this is the only section of my profile i update regularly because i'm lazy

books: non-fiction about genocide, explorers and sex work, british novels written in heavily stylised prose (londonstani (!!!), incendiary, pigeon english), and comics for children who speak french. i have an enduring soft spot for pratchett, and, as my "about me" suggests, virginie despentes.

i just finished reading: alex by pierre lemaitre (which i regret reading); look at me by jennifer egan.

i'm currently reading: the regulars by georgia clark, apocalypse baby by virginie despentes.

films: romantic comedies in foreign languages (that way they're intellectual, see?), comedy zombie movies, don bluth animated classix. my brother the devil might be the best movie i've ever seen.

tv: les revenants. if you spend more than ten minutes in my presence i will probably bore you to death by talking about this show.

secret diary of a call girl, party down, grandma's house, brooklyn nine-nine, broad city, hannibal, all the predictable choices really.

lately i'm watching: westworld and getting mad about it.

music: i like dad rock (the who, rolling stones, hair metal), arty girl-pop (preferably in the format [woman's name] and the [noun/s], ex. marina and the diamonds, rosie and the goldbug), """alternative""" country (deadstring brothers, old 97s), and stuff that people cooler than me stopped liking, like, two years ago.

recently, i've been listening to: one direction (fight me), arctic monkeys, chromeo, jme, justice, run the jewels and a cover of hungry like the one by reel big fish. (this list will almost certainly be different by next week). also a bunch of globalfaction-type stuff (okay yeah mostly lowkey, akala and médine).

i would put youtube links in but who clicks on those, really?

food: feijoas and granny smith apples and other green fruit. chocolate. chocolate with green fruit in it. v.
The six things I could never do without
i live off self-righteous indignation and v.

everything else i can do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sex workers' rights and labour issues. islamophobia, particularly in francophone europe. i could probably natter on about these things for hours.

what else? a bunch of crap related to our conceptions of terrorism (i wish talal asad was my friend!). feminism (this is a v. broad categorisation, whatever, i'm lazy). whether it's fair to describe myself as fluent in french (probably not, but i have a passable accent and it confuses people). am i actually just really stupid and everyone is humouring me (probably!). whitenoise.

bonus: the fact that osama bin laden played volleyball, apparently with great enthusiasm and a surprising amount of skill. tell people this fact at parties to get them to stop talking to you.

bonus bonus: making sure my okc is as insufferable as i am.
On a typical Friday night I am
getting drunk and talking about politics'n'shit / sleeping / playing the sims / reading bad wikipedia articles / painting my nails / lifting / watching whatever late night bad crime shows are on and getting mad at everything in them. sometimes several of these at once.

when new zealand's next top model was on, watching that, yelling at the tv. without fail. is that ever coming back. god, i hope so.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm not ashamed to admit this is the funniest thing i've ever seen (not work safe) :

You should message me if
honestly, i couldn't recommend it.