22 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
19 , female,
The first things people usually notice about me
dunno . you're a person , noticed anything yet ??
I thought that was funny =P

my demeanour ? the way I speak(calmly apparently)? smile? figure/body/size? (the people bold enough to tell me what they first saw was)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books : (fiction)
harry potter,
hunger games,
dr suess (as an author)
the hobbit
chronicles of narnia(now transversing once again ^__^)
lord of the rings(1st time reader already loving it)
age of five series (by trudi canavan)
and much more. (apart from harry potter this is like the last 6 months , not much but still a little hefty , for me)

copius amount of manga , though i need to get back to that as i stopped for exams .

also i'm unfortunately the type of girl who hordes books. i see a books sale and go H.A.M. and i'm currently attempting to read 3 book series at the same time. however, i gave up the illusion that it was in anyway simultaneous a long time ago >.<<br />
essays and poetry:
i watch alot of slam poetry these days , and essay's i like are by virginia wolf and other great writers my very liberal and well read english teacher was able to in part on me =)

a huge fantasy and sci-fi fan , also fairytales =)
though i must dissapoint some huge cult staples are missing , e.g star wars , any amount of consecutive episodes of star trek/gallatica/star gate (though i watched and liked them all, sporadically) , red dwarf (simillarly sporadic).

and so many new thing and things i want to watch again... ~sigh~

also love 'childrens' films , and the more serious stuff can never go a miss. but horror doesn't do it for me , please state your case if you'd like to convince me.

Doctor who
twilight zone
far scape
town called eureka
warehouse 13
once apon a time( also in wonderland)


if it's good i'll like it , but i havent heard too many genres. i welcome suggestions from avid music lovers =)
i'll add some song when i'm listening to them =)

food: i was tempted to put strictly anything but thats not strictly true. simillar to above music section , i'll get back to you=)
The six things I could never do without
i'm pretty good with the basics.

things i love to have in my life:

books , internet(for TV , information, anime and manga ), friends, good food , things to help get inebriated, and a mystery wild card (as i don't know a 6th thing)