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My self-summary
KGS (Go server ( ): mabblebrox

Openings: Is there an order to the universe, or a chaos held unto its own demise: Promulgation, a secret beheld yet unknown, and this not spoken but into the wind -

We listen to music, yet cannot grasp its meaning - what is this, a resonant frequency, elusive as it is felt, deeply, here to be more than a harmony invoking what - the Eternal Soul? I do not know, more than I know what a stone has seen, landed upon the beach from the sea.

A river, speaking breath to the land.

Some humor:

A hot dog, or a cold piece? I bought a hot watch, but I got burned.

Definition: 'hot potato:' a stolen spud

--- ... After which, returning to the point of origin (being the source of the sandwich), n(x^y) was presumed by its nature to be an offer for pickles; promptly, said condiment was applied. But, it had not been considered that were y to be the constant -1 the possibility of untreated cucumbers arose, even anti-pickles, and so, proceeding carefully to remove the offending exponent, the mathematician discovered in its absence that in fact, n(y^x) proceeded in its course to produce not only tomatoes, but in its derivation, perhaps even ketchup, and with this epiphany ran mad through the streets, exclaming 'X and Y and Y and X, I've discovered it!"

And, the townspeople staring oddly at him, began throwing tomatoes, which he received with relish, piling them in his coat, his hat, even his socks, and once nearly every accesory of attire was packed full of tomatoes he sat down, right in the middle of the street, began eating them, and produced from his knapsack a notebook, upon which he inscribed the new theory, so simple yet so elusive - the Sandwich Theorem had been solved. ---

Entelechy, by which unknown an encephalous meander, had behind its becoming known if-of or not the other, and therefore, was.

Well, I try to write.

Okay so apparently I exist. Yes, I know that much. Beyond that ...

I'm a poet, a dreamer, a thinker, sometimes a cynic, sometimes a whimsical fool. I write and play music.

Windswept, the notions of an impermanent presence betwixt this, that and yonder, presuming upon beds of latent alleatory bliss, remembered, having once chanced to find in allegory a meaning: this itself but a hazy recollection, for I have often lost myself in thought.

What is it to be alive? One wonders, fleetingly, as clouds or a storm pass by, and even the sun hides behind the trees until one enters a meadow and can bask in its aura, warm, familiar the way one might wear an old coat, with a memory of its own, once new and unimagined, yet now feeling a part of you.

I have no answer, though perhaps a glimpse at times, I still wonder, and, as we all do, lose myself to the daily rhythm of habit, coffee, tea, the work of the day, and in habit perhaps a reminder of solitude, though one might desire to share these motions.

In the infinite span of time I find comfort, that all cannot be lost, for were it the case, might the sun extinguish and in a blazing nova explode, surely there must be a reason, a cause, some intelligence beyond which my own, or anyone's, could scarcely comprehend.

// This next section was written several years ago.

I am an indeterminate particle in an asymmetric orbit relative to the spin of an otherwise normal planet which seems may or may not be doomed due to the failure of human evolution.

I'm not always a serious person. I can write endless pages of ranting about the problems of society but ultimately, when it comes down to it, I often just want to laugh about really stupid things such as those Martian squeezy toys whose eyes and ears pop out when squeezed.

Randomly, I am interested in this thing ASMR, or Autonomous sensory meridian response, which is basically this weird feeling you get while for instance, watching somebody write, or tap a book, it's hard to explain.
What I’m doing with my life
Hanging out and volunteering at music festivals, detangling karma, trying to figure out life.

Honing my movie critique skills a la Mystery Science Theater

My ultimate dream is to become a music producer, but in practical terms just getting an album or video made would be awesome.

I tend to get *really* into music sometimes, if it's soulful. The poetry of a good trope or lyric speaking to some profound reality or experience can be almost overwhelming in the right state.


Right now I'm trying to figure out how I might go about achieving this. Want to learn more about electronic music. Maybe some dance styles. Contemporary movement-art can be quite amazing. Hip-hop and break dancing are equally amazing.

There's a lot to learn in the world to be sure.

Beyond that, I'm aiming at some point to go back to school and study computer science, philosophy, Near Eastern languages, Far Eastern languages, and the philosophy of cartoons. Seriously, applying literary theory to classical cartoons can be quite fascinating. The psychology of Tom & Jerry?

Well mainly wanting to head to this St. John's place in Santa Fe.
I’m really good at
Good at a lot of things. Um ... I can't work with equations in quantum physics, yet, or upwards of 10 dimensions. I can't lift 500 lbs yet either. I can't tell you the mean deviation of prime numbers up to and including 5 billion, which itself is probably not a prime so never mind.

I'm decent at Go, the ancient Chinese board game.

I play music, I'm decent at guitar and write songs here and there.

Music theory, I have a decent knowledge of that.

I dunno, lattes? Philosophical dissertations?

Random fact, the standard QWERTY keyboard was designed to be deliberately inefficient to prevent the arms on the typewriter from jamming up. So I use Dvorak, an alternative layout actually designed to be efficient, and never get cramps from typing really fast. Fun stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
I happen to be invisible.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently watching old episodes of SeaQuest.

Awake, by Katy Perry. ssssssoooo deep, you have to really watch the video. If you get it, instant awesome.

Sting .... meh. One or two.

Chili Peppers .... venice queen ....

Vanilla Sky. Yes, it is deep.

The Grateful Dead, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sigur Ros ... definitely, Sigur Ros ... Enya, Miles Davis, Sting and The Police, David Lanz, good ambient grooves on Internet stations. I'm always open to quality music and if you're listening to something awesome, I'm there.

Pink Floyd, excellent classic prog-rock that opens the mind.

Want to get more into folk/americana also.

Simon & Garfunkel are profoundly poetic. Question: who is Kathy?

The Yellow Submarine by The Beatles is excellent.

Classical can be intensely moving or aesthetically difficult, depending on the piece and my mood. Atonality tends to be harsh to my ears. Generally I find most classical to be rather melancholy. I think classical captures the condition of the society from which it emerges, and it's difficult to separate the music from cultural critique.

Jazz is great.

Ulysses, by James Joyce, is perhaps the greatest novel ever written and contains many of the core truths of reality. Aristotle. Maurice Merlot-Ponty. Heidegger. Heisenberg. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The enigmatic Kafka. The dreams of Woolf. Anything by Gilles Deleuze although it's difficult to read in light of the revolutionary potential of his ideas and wondering if they will ever bear fruit.

Dietarily, I like to eat healthy when I am able to. Quinoa is great. I like vegetables. I don't like hamburgers.

In general I can't stand modern television although there are a few exceptions such as Third Rock From the Sun. Used to be into Star Trek but mostly it's only watchable to laugh at anymore. The films, however, are excellent. The original films, before they ruined it with the Borg.

Classics like The Twilight Zone of course are interesting, if only for the sake of critique. Ideally I'd really rather not watch TV.
Six things I could never do without
Hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, intelligent conversations, pointlessly silly conversations, good music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Seriously? Thinking? I have no idea, I just kind of exist in a perpetual state of thought. Gets irritating.

Social justice? Social injustice? Music, and the role of music in the popular experience? The way in which music has ruined or enhanced the popular experience?

How social reform might properly occur?

The aesthetics of fashion insofar as capitalism has ruined fashion in a giant pool of rot and poorly-angled hats? Well okay those can be kind of cool, depending on the angle of the skateboard ... but whatever ...

Mostly just how to get a band going I guess. And life and all that stuff. Making a billion or so dollars and then getting rid of it before the global economy collapses. Fun to dream anyway.

How to properly hold a sign on a construction site.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing stuff.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well you've got to get to know me better first.
You should message me if
you believe that you are a particle whose relative spin might complement mine or in general want to talk about interesting things.
The two of us