37Staten Island, United States
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My self-summary
***Edited to add: I am not often on OKC during the week. It is blocked on my work computer and I don't have an iPhone so navigating it on my phone is less than convenient. I try to find some time in the evenings, after putting the kids to bed and chores and such but it doesn't always happen. Mostly I am online on the weekends. I realize this is annoying - I'm sorry - but it doesn't mean I am ignoring you, promise. :)***

I am a bisexual kinky poly woman who performs burlesque occasionally and dances constantly. I am also happily divorced (not quite officially, but soon) with two kids, could probably be called a raw foodist with a strong interest in paleo, and decided long ago that normalcy is overrated. Despite all that, I work a thoroughly corporate job - and I am totally okay with that.

Started a blog to write about it all!

I am occasionally mischievous, sometimes silly, and often horny. (To clarify here: When not on a date or somesuch, I am usually at a 7. You know, like, I'm not hunting for sex right now but I definitely wouldn't complain if someone hot dragged me into the handicap bathroom... ) I tend towards wide reaching intellectual conversations that find connections between, say, views of women's sexuality, the politics of food, self sufficiency and alternative forms of energy and the need for glitter.

I love to make things! Both because it is creative and because it is empowering. Give me ribbon and I can make anything. I also adore my sewing machine. Someday I will make my own shoes...

I am a big fan of all sorts of physical-arts - from capoeira, to poi, to hooping to trapeze and all sorts of things inbetween, and I want to learn them all. If you see a kooky-looking woman swinging poi on the ferry or practicing odd flamenco rhythms while waiting for the subway, that is probably me. Luckily I am not too concerned with what strangers think of me. :-)

I dance. A lot. Currently I do a fair amount of salsa, and occasionally some hustle or Angentine tango. I have enjoyed in the past (and would love to do more of) bharata natyam (traditional Indian dance), Burmese dance (swoon), flamenco, ballet (years and years), middle eastern dance and a smattering of Korean dance, odissi (another Indian dance), Graham, Cunningham, tap...the only continent I have yet to hit off is Africa. That will be remedied eventually.

I am flirtatious, playful, and love to dance
What I’m doing with my life
Juggling the kids, time for school and work, and time on my own. (Sometimes I even succeed.) Plotting how to build my own home in accordance with permaculture theories and live off the land...and import burlesque performances and salsa clubs...*coughs* Spreading a love of glitter wherever I go. Going to the Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico come July!
I’m really good at
Dancing, making things, planning and plotting, encouraging others, pushing boundaries, using Excel sheets for everything, designing nifty things with ribbon.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. My willingness to talk about sex. My ass. Did I mention the hair?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: too many to list. Terry Prachett, Octavia Butler,and Dianna Wynne Jones share space with many other fiction authors, some history books, cookbooks of all sort and various books on natural health. Mo Willems! (Seriously.) Francesca Lia Block. Margaret Atwood. Patricia C. Wrede!

Movies: The Princess Bride! Secretary. Star Wars. Fire. Empire Records, just because it's fun :-) Office Space. Clerks. Chasing Amy. Napoleon Dynamite. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Rock N Rolla. Lilo & Stitch.

Music: A whole lot of everything. I'm as likely to listen to salsa, Marley, Lily Allen, NIN, Little Charlie and the Nightcats, and Depeche Mode. Think a song is cool? Let me know - I largely depend on others to expand my musical repetoire! :-)

Food: Doing the raw food thing has been very interesting. Raw-wise, some of my favorites are curried sunflower seed pate, banana ice cream (SO amazing and takes 2 minutes!), guacamole (of course), and of course raw chocolate. I also love me some thai mango salad. Oh and I lurve me some green smoothies. Raw food, it sounds crazy but it's actually way easier and way tastier than you might think. Like, just eating pineapple as breakfast. Or a snack. Or dinner...

Cooked-wise, I love Indian food, Thai food, Korean food, sushi, Ethiopian food, and Belgian frites. Most of these I am working to replicate raw LOL.
Six things I could never do without
My kids, my sister, anything I can make a list with, a knife, bananas, raw chocolate. Actually, I *can* do without everything but the first two, but only if I had to! Avocados are mighty hard to give up too...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I have such a difficult time meeting women. Sex. Dance. Food. Green living. Permaculture. Sex. Writing. Erotica. Ways to make things out of ribbon. Natural alternatives to conventional products. The differences between S&M and D/s. Cultural brainwashing. How "the man" convinced people that cooking is hard. Why so many people, especially women, are not comfortable with their sexuality. How to fit more things into less time. Nifty raw food recipes. New ways to put my hair up. Aprons. 30-day trials. How to find more time in my week. Polyphasic sleep. Intentional communities. Burlesque ideas. Shiny! Passion. Not necessarily in that order.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing salsa or going on a date. Or home sleeping. Or finally getting back on OKC after a two year hiatus... *shifty eyes*
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I believe in some psychic phenomena.
You should message me if
You think we will vibe.

You will understand when I don't have a lot of time even when I think you are really awesome. :-)

Edited to add: I really like to get to know awesome people. I have made several amazing friends from the last time I was active on OKC - two years ago. That said, dating-wise I am more interested currently in something somewhat serious. Also, I've realized I have a thing for older guys lol! (What can I say, I am less picky with women...maybe women are sexier by default? Joking, joking! Mostly...)

And if you are that mythical creature who is polyamorous and generally nifty and *live on Staten Island*, what are you waiting for? ;-)

**NOTE** If you IM me and I do not reply, especially if it is evening, it is more than likely that I am browsing OKC from my ipod and thus can't respond. Send me a message instead. :-)

***I just got on Twitter. Like, finally! GingerBaker, if you're interested. :-)

OH and also on Facebook. Send me a message if you want me to add you.
The two of us