39San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking for pieces that fit my puzzle. I don't know exactly what those pieces look like yet, I am just familiar with the edges that they fit with. And, just like any other puzzle, it's usually pretty obvious if a piece is going to fit or not.

That said, I'm not really seeking anything specific on here. I am happy to make a new friend. I have a whole lot of hobbies and interests, many of which are better with company.

I am honest, upfront, and blunt to a fault. I want to be sure that anyone I bring into my life would compliment and positively mesh with it.

I want to build unique individual connections. If you are a couple looking for your unicorn, I'm not her.
What I’m doing with my life
I work a lot and love my career. When I'm not working, I busy myself with projects or creative outlets.

Some hobbies and current interests:

I have a quad line stunt kite and am trying to learn how to keep it in the air. And then I will learn how to do stunts with it. So far, I have gotten it in the air and crashed it several times. Like Charlie Brown.

I have some Podpoi and learning how to use them. Eventually I want to get some fire poi. I need to get to the point that I am no longer smacking myself in the head with them before delving into the fire though.

Other fire performing. I do a lot of fireplay on people with transfer, wands, cupping, etc. Might someday grow the balls to do spitting/eating. I saw this video with Penn (from Penn and teller) and he was doing this really sexy fire eating scene with a hot chick. Made me want to try it.

I like yoga, though don't do it enough.

I love board games. Some of my favorites are Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Mexican Trains, Avalon, etc. I like to take a board game and give it a twist to make it more interesting. Twisted giant Jenga, Electro-twister, kinky Catan...

I love the beach, though don't go in the water. I don't like going in water that I can't see the bottom to.

I love to swim. (in swimming pools, where I can see the bottom!) I am a chunky little mermaid.

I like exploring new places. Finding hole in the wall taco shops, thrift stores, coffee shops, breweries... Yelp is my friend.

I like to take part in the local kink community and attend socials, classes, kink events when possible. I also run a few socials and events.

I just got a sewing machine and I'm trying to teach myself how to use it. I want to make medieval garb for when we go to SCA wars, and cute sundresses.

We like to camp. Well, it is more like 'glamping'. (glamorous camping) Complete with a solar panel, bed, kitchen sink, heaters, fans and misters... Don't judge me. haha. Anyways, if you are into SCA hit me up! I am always happy to make a new war friend.

I am pretty good with single tail whips. Still learning though.

I like to cook and try to do so with little processed food.

BBQs with friends are great! We often get together and do a potluck of sorts and play games.

One of these days I will grow another vegetable and herb garden. Last time I tried, it got eaten by bugs. But I loved having it when I did.

I have been trying to teach myself spanish for years. I go in spurts of having interest in it and then getting busy doing other stuff. If you want to teach me, awesome.
I’m really good at
Avoiding conversations about politics or religion.

Coloring in the lines of coloring books, but using all the wrong colors.

Making something edible magically appear out of seemingly nothing to choose from.

Building pillow forts.

Cuddle piles.

Making something mundane seem interesting.

Bribing my cats to do weird tricks.

Finding oddities.

Introducing people to things new to them.

Paying attention. Until I cant. Sometimes, I just can't. haha.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books. Well admittedly it has been awhile since I have sat down and read a novel. I really like stuff I can learn from. how to books, etc. When I take on a new interest or hobby or diet or language or whatever, I like to pick up reference material on it.
I do go through spurts though where I binge read. It has been a few years since I have done that. Last authors I really enjoyed reading were Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Gail Carriger, and Carrie Vaughn. I really like reading monster fiction.

Movies. Cheezy B-rated monster flicks! Or, I like comedies or romantic comedies. Or computer animation, with lots of special effects! I dislike overly dramatic serious, negative, or sad movies. I watch movies to be entertained! Not depressed.
With movies it is more about how you watch them than what you are watching though. My favorite is making a bed in the back of the truck and bringing my own snacks and whatnot to the drive-ins. Or, heading to that one cushy theatre where your declining seat has a foot rest and they have cheetos popcorn. Yea, thats a thing. And its great.

Shows. We gave up cable a while back because we didn't watch it much. Netflix for the win. Some standout shows I have liked were NCIS, Bones, Dexter, True Blood, New Girl, Family Guy, I like to watch cooking shows like chopped or hells kitchen or diners and dives, I like old school cartoons like scooby doo, or MLP. I like to watch the house flipping shows too. I would say that with shows it is more about who I am with and what they have on. Because if I were alone, I would likely not have the TV on.

Music. I like a lot of stuff. Though rarely like something that falls into the heavy death metal, rap, or country categories. Some favorites lately are Melanie Martinez, Puscifer, AWOLnation, Steel Panther, Blue October, Storm Large, the Lumineers, Fiona Apple, Bat For Lashes, IZ, Buju Banton, Bach, and Takinobu.

Food. I love food and I am a great cook. Though I have allergies so always end up seeming really picky. My all time favorite will always be sushi. A close second would be meat and veggies cooked at home on the bbq. I prefer to avoid processed or fried foods or things with heavy creams or oils and am usually super happy with some form of protein and produce. I don't like a lot of sweets but do love fruit. And rarely drink alcohol.
Six things I could never do without
Self Love - Top of the list. But admittedly it is something I often struggle with.

Chosen family - you can't pick your relatives, but you can definitely pick who you consider family.

Intimacy - I am at the point in life that superficial connections really just don't do anything for me.

Kink - I'm a quirky, imaginative, creative, and twisted individual. If you aren't open minded, I will be too much to take in.

Good hygiene

Creative outlets

Some things worth noting that make me happy:

clowns (seriously always never fail to make me happy)
getting pet - my hair, body, feet, hands.. whatever. Love touches.
Skeletons and skulls
turtles (especially mine)
cats (especially mine)
happy friendly dogs that respect my personal space
board games
driving in the fog
Thunder storms
pretty sundresses with matching panties underneath
soft fuzzy pajama bottoms
swimming naked
road trips along the coast
seeing a rainbow and searching for the leprechaun at the end
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Leaving people better off having known me or at least unchanged... Being a positive aspect in people's lives.

That fire poi set I really want to get.

What to make my husband for dinner.

Why my cats are so oddly attracted to water and obsessed with stealing my drinks.

Work. I am constantly learning new stuff and meet the most fascinating people.

Fire Eating. I think about it but still havent tried yet.

Riding my bicycle. I think about it a lot. yet rarely actually ride it.

Our next roadtrip. We go to SCA wars a few times a year, and enjoy other random trips when we can do them. My husband really likes to roadtrip to breweries.

My cats being cute. As obnoxious as they are, they are just as awesome in adorableness.

My next/newest project. I like to sew, build stuff, and create things. Whether it is a gift for someone else or something for myself, I usually have at least one project I am working on. Currently I just finished a giant jenga and a shadow puppet stage, and I am working on a onsie with a drop seat with skelly print on it, as well as a pinup style dress with monster print.

Sunshine and basking in it. When its murky out, I get so jealous of my turtle's perfect sunshiny environment. I love San Diego weather!
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't really have a typical.
You should message me if
You are awesome, recognize how awesome I am, and think our awesomeness mingled would be even better.

You have some common interests or think I might dig what you are into.
The two of us