43 Venice, United States
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My self-summary
I can't disable my account for some reason... I keep trying but it won't work??
So I'll just say... I'm in a relationship... with someone I met through friends... Not on-line... Hoping for the best:)

Good luck to all of you...
May love and connection find you well...
Xo GwG


So far, what I'm gathering about on-dating, is that like all other avenues of technology, the abundant amount of accessibility makes it very hard for people to actually "drop in" and connect. Not to be to harsh, but it's like shopping at the grocery store. So many choices of "produce" if you will, so why stop shopping? There's so much to keep you satisfied, amused and preoccupied thus, creating a falsified need to continue shopping. Then, when you find exactly what (who) you're looking for, the addiction of the proverbial "but wait, there's more" (cuter, hotter, smarter, richer, bigger... , etc) starts needling at you—from the depths of your "obsessive compulsive technology-A.D.D" and it hits you like an allergy. The outcome: You find yourself back on this site and possibly others, feeling frustrated, confused, empty, and still alone...
The cure: Stop going out on countless empty dates. Stop treating people like disposable bodies. Stop being so God-damn spoiled. Fight the narcissism that has continually betrayed you. Start appreciating the people you do go with by slowing down and getting to know who they are and if you actually connect. Stop pretending you like someone that you have no intention on calling or seeing again.
Be honest, loving and kind. And remember, karma's only a bitch if you are... So treat people the way you want to be treated... or, you will forever be unsatisfied, alone, and unhappy.

© 2012- Girl with Gratitude

Okay, finally, here's me:
... I'm smart, kind, cool, creative, athletic, multi-talented, well educated, interesting, accomplished and unique.... But not a brag?

I'm totally East Cost... real, grounded, secure, reliable, solid, sharp, quick, edgy, and an admitted snob when it comes to design and fashion.

I have a lot to be grateful for...I live in Venice Beach! My mornings start with gratitude & meditation.... More bragging...

I'm very creative and cool but very specific. I am not into organized religion but I do believe in God.

I am philanthropic & Green and giving back is huge, as I'm very into pro-social and environmental care & awareness.
I'm pro organic farming, homeopathic medicine, preventive care and staying healthy.

I'm laid back but I believe in loyalty & accountability. I'm organized and neat and cleanlines is important. mostly, kindness & Integrety is a must!

I'm anything but a quiet little mouse.. although I am quite little... My big smile has words to back it up!
I'm a tomboy girly-girl-feminist with traditional views on chivalry.

I'm contrary but not a hypocrite. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor......Sooo up on your toes;)

I like all things aesthetically beautiful. I'm a designer so I have very good (hi-end taste- my home in Venice that I designed has been shot in magazines and TV shows:) I've even won design awards for my "Eco-chic" accessories line.

I am always busy on a creative project or job, or philanthropic endeavor. I'm like a human hummingbird:)

The best relationships are about balance, kindness, acceptance, fun, loyalty, dedication, support, mutual respect, and of course deep passionate love.

You: I'm interested in meeting a 40 something sophisticated guy who is cultured and has that East Cost sensibility. You must be kind and filled with integrity... As well as athletic, healthy, well educated, sharp, funny, hip, cool, into art, culture and design, professional, responsible, successful, well traveled, creative, and you love love love music and film;)

If you're a grown up who can play like a kid....we might be a match...So send me a signal:)
What I’m doing with my life
I am an eco-friendly creative director & professional designer. I have 2 companies: Interior Design & Accessories goods. I am told I'm pretty damn good at what I do! ... More bragging....

I also run an environmental art program to help raise money for inner-city schools that have lost their funding for art.

I'm trying to live one day at a time... without over thinking it all... I think?

I'm trying to save the world with my opinions on everything. It must be the New Yorker in me?

My left brain and my right brain sometimes get into big arguments. When the right side wins- I'm usually very happy! (If you don't understand what that means, stop reading...and go to the next girls profile:)
I’m really good at
Relationships! I'm not a serial dater at all.
I was married for a long time and in another long term relationship after that...So I'd rather be alone or really connected to someone I care about. Honestly, I'm way too busy with work and my life to run around on pointless quick "let's see of we have any chemistry coffee/drink dates" I'll know if we should meet by how we correspond.
I'm very specific;)

I'm good at Saying exactly what's on my mind! I'm good at being genuine, kind and forgiving.

I'm good at anything artistic, designing, styling, writing, cooking-entertaining & hosting parties.... Etc...
I'm also pretty good at sports, traveling organizing & packing, landscaping & gardening.
The first things people usually notice about me
I look like my pictures

I dress pretty cool and dig fashion

I smell like fresh gardenia or tuberose (oil)...depending on my mood

I am well mannered

I'm petite with a big smile...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mostly Non Fiction: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, Bill Graham Presents-Inside Rock & Roll and Out, Bob Dylan Chronicles- Vol 1, - Steven Tyler-Does The Noise In My Head Bother You, Scar Tissue- Anthony Keidis, Bill Maher-Biography, Eat Pray Love, Pema Chodrön books, Michael Learner-The Left Hand of God, Middle Sex, Where the Sidewalk many...

Darren Aronofski, Wes Anderson, Judd Apitow, Woody Allen, Coen Bro's, Tarantino. Movies that are smart, edgy, humorous, twisted, and have great soundtracks;) Brazil, 13, Running with scissors, Frost Nixon, Barbarella, Fargo, Boogie Nights, 2 days in the Valley, Donny Darko, A Walk on The Moon, Game Change, Spinal Tap, Fight Club, The Wall, Hedwig, Easy Rider, Dazed & Confused, All that Jazz, Up, The Hangover, Lincoln, Django, Silver Linings Playbook.... etc....

TV: Bill Maher, J Stewart, HDTV, Californication-(they filmed an episode in my house:), True Blood, Enlightened, Family Guy, South Park, Girls....

Music!! I must have 6000 songs plus 2000 un-downloaded CD's!! I love KCRW & Sirius XMU-35 new & alternative, Classic Rock, Blues, From Led Zepplin to Robert the Black Keys, BB King, Derek Trucks, Maceo Parker, Alice Coltrane, Tupac, Beastie Boys, BECK, David Bowie, Jeff Beck, Radio Head, Grateful Dead, Rush, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Janice, Aretha, Bonnie Raitt, Adele, Broken Bells, Florence & the Machine, Beach House, MIA, Ian Brown, The Decemberists, Heartless Bastards, Beth Orton, Nina Simone, Etta James, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, & so much more.... (I was an AD in the Record business;) I know & LOVE love love music...
The six things I could never do without
I try to practice the laws of impermanence...but I can't live without- music, hope, laughter, sunshine, forgiveness, intuition, my right brain, gratitude, love, kindness, the people I love, and my dog Gus!

Btw, if you wrote your iPhone as one of yours.......
I spend a lot of time thinking about
.... Oh... If you only knew.... Ha!
On a typical Friday night I am
NOT at a sports bar, or cheesy club/bar!! ... USUALLY grabbing a bite in Venice (Tasting Kitchen, Superba, Joes, Oscar, VBW, Sushi, Gilina, etc ... OR cooking dinner and trying wines with friends... and relaxing, or watching movie .... or Yoga, etc. (Life is good;) more bragging....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
On-line dating is still very uncomfortable for me....and I probably would rather not admit to any of it.

I'm smarter than I look, and stronger than I think.

Oh, ...
and Im a brag:)
You should message me if
You are perfect in every way:)

If you are young in spirit, hip, and cool.

You must be financially stable, secure, grounded and comfortable. I am... And I'd like the same in a partner...

Here's a secret: ALL girls think chivalry is very manly and sexy;)

Another secret: Most girls think Flakiness and unaccountability is a huge turn off. I think it's boring... so so boring....

"Treat your woman like a queen, and she'll treat you like a king." Written by a man!!