60Broomfield, United States
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My self-summary
Thanks for stopping by. If you haven't stopped by before, you may find my profile to be extremely long. If you don't get it all read this trip, feel free to come back for another visit. You're always welcome here...

Recently began pondering a relocation to warmer climes. Maybe the Southwest: Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Palm Springs...just thinking about it for now.

Personal/Public Service message: I do not respond to messages from ladies without pictures on their profile.

My answers to all those questions that are available to us are pretty literal, or at least based on a literal interpretation of the questions. For example, when a question states, "Would you consider...", then my answer will be from that standpoint; not necessarily confirming what I would do, but rather what would I think of doing. Just food for thought when you're checking our compatibility.

If you haven't written but a few sentences in your profile and/or you only have one picture of yourself, we're not a match. I want to chat with/meet/date a woman with more confidence than you're demonstrating.

When I read a profile, I look for humorous writing (One can't take all this that seriously now, can one?), and things that sound interesting. When I look at photos, I'm looking for a smiling face. I'm looking at the eyes (Why would you be wearing sunglasses for a profile pic? I think it's really silly to post a picture with a grandchild, or a pet, as the very first picture. Guys aren't interested in dating your dog, or meeting your grandchild until after they've met and gotten to know you. And what's up with horse pictures. Some guys will feel inadequate just because.
Just sayin'...

I have a quick wit, a gentle heart, a competitive nature, a relatively decent singing voice (I like Karaoke), and a good memory for recall. I don't hunt, fish, nor camp (unless of course we're in a camper or RV).

I do not like sleeping under bed sheets. I sleep on top of sheets but I'm not fond of that either. I prefer to sleep between blankets or between a blanket and a comforter. Sheets dress the bed nicely, but I don't care for them for sleeping. Hey,...nevermind what I'm wearing...I can't believe you would go there. We hardly know one another.

Other random thoughts...
I am finding the following to be true on this dating site, (or any other dating site, for that matter):
1) no one likes drama. Hello! Drama exists! We all avoid it, if possible BECAUSE NO ONE LIKES DRAMA! Deal with it - it makes us who we are; what our character is.
2) nearly everyone says they can't live without their God, love, or their kids (if they have them)...DUH!!!
3) Almost every woman likes the outdoors. Really! It's True! Very few exceptions. So it should just be a given thing and shouldn't be stated unless you DON"T like the outdoors.
4) Everyone is really good at kissing (some people are LYING, otherwise we wouldn't have to mention it!)

I'm sorry to say, I'm a grammar nazi. Call me Conan, the Grammarian.

Hey, how do you comfort a Grammar Nazi? Pat them gently on the back, or shoulder, and say, "There, Their, They're!"

As of 11/20/14, I have answered 2878 questions. Answering 2878 questions is a major undertaking. Most of these were answered when I first joined OKC. I've reread a number of questions and sometimes my viewpoint has been different. This makes me reevaluate the question and I alter my answer, or explanation, or both! This makes for a weird change in compatibility with a number of individuals. I'm surprised how it improves compatibility for some, but lessens compatibility numbers for others. The surprising part comes in identifying those I'm most compatible with. For the most part, I'm pleased with the results.

I like the matching numbers OKCupid generates for potential matches. Some people do not spend the time to answer the questions posed here. Some are silly, admittedly, but some are relevent for compatibility's sake. However, I don't put all my faith in these numbers. But online, there is NO CHEMISTRY. Just words.

I'm a hopeless romantic! I am emotionally moved by weddings and when I'm sharing my deepest feelings for/with someone that I care about (OK, I don't bawl my eyes out, I'm just a sensitive guy). I've played guitar and sang to my lovers, solely for the romantic notion. I suppose the reference is relative, but I feel it's part of who I am. I'm a "they lived happily ever after" kind of guy! (What a marshmallow!) I'd thoroughly love to please you; to be your lover; to be your mate; to be your friend.

My ex and I settled our divorce as of August 30, 2013. Our divorce was amicable, and we are not at war with one another. We just came to a point in our lives where we weren't fulfilling needs for the other. And we couldn't work out a compromise. Irreconcilable happens. Please be okay with this, as we are still very good friends.

What I'm looking for in my match: I need to be with a woman that believes in God and His son, Jesus Christ. She does not need to attend church regularly, but she must believe in prayer and fellowship and the Bible. I have wondered if that would be necessary to state here and, apparently, it does.

DEAL-BREAKER ALERT: Alert?...well, it's important to me! If you smoke at all, or use tobacco or marijuana in any form (yeah, it needs to be said), click to the next profile please. You have lost me. Even if you only light up once in a blue moon, that's one time too many for me. If you've long-since quit smoking (a year or more, arbitrarily speaking), that's like "no harm-no foul".
I don't apologize for my attitude about it either. Nothing to me, and I mean nothing, is more unattractive about a woman than when she is smoking. Some men think it's erotic. I am not one of them. Nothing more to say about it.

I am overweight (not morbidly, but carrying a tummy) and I also need a woman that will not judge me for my size. Judge my heart, if you must, because that is where you'll find me. If my size is a problem, we won't work. I want to lose weight, (I've lost 40 lbs. in 14 months) but if you're impatient and superficial, thanks for reading this far. I'll miss you! ("sniff")

I think I may want to try yoga. I was pretty much against the idea, but then someone said I need to be more flexible!...(giggle)

I would love to meet someone who can be comfortable holding hands in public and who doesn't mind a little PDA (I'm not talking about a Personal Digital Assistant). I won't shy from it and you must be comfy with it or I am not the guy for you. Just a hug and a kiss when we feel like it. I'm a discreet man; I consider myself a gentleman, so I would never go out of my way to embarrass my significant other in public. In addition, I want a lady who is a lady, and acts and dresses the part. Jeans and T-shirt stuff is okay, too, just hangin' out. But I want someone who likes/wants to throw on a dress and a little make-up and go out to a nice dinner.

I want a lover that is not hesitant in saying what feels good. I'm pretty good as a lover (I've been told), but I'm not a mind-reader. Communication in the bedroom is something I ask. I'm no dummy, and I learn responses quickly. I am all about my lover's pleasure. I want to be with someone who is a lady outside the bedroom, but an unbridled, impassioned lover in the bedroom.

I enjoy sports; primarily football and baseball. If you can play golf...BONUS! I am not great; a real duffer, but I've not had someone to play with regularly, EVER!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working in a hotel. Been with this company less than a year and I'm getting ready to begin my third job in this hotel. My nearly 40 years of customer service experience is paying good dividends. But this next position will be a huge challenge.
I’m really good at
Listening, giving massages, remembering numbers/dates/names, hugs (hence my username), and (most times, but not always) paying attention to details.

I'm actually "good" at many things, but I'm not "great" at any one thing. Except giving hugs.

I have found that many people put in this section that they're good at kissing. Of course they are. Who would ever admit, "I haven't got a clue how to kiss. I just don't get the whole pucker thing!"

Again, I'm just sayin'...
The first things people usually notice about me
I think they notice my speaking voice; sometimes I sound like a DJ or like I'm on the radio. And I've been told I'm a "charmer".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not much of a reader, but I like Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code), and Mitch Albom (Tuesdays With Morrie); I like tonz o'movies, and I can tell you the genres I least prefer: film noir and horror.
Shows: Several, but not too much time to really sit and enjoy them.

Lots o'music: Do you like John Denver?...Dan Fogelberg? ...David Wilcox...The Eagles...America...Darius Rucker (or Hootie & the Blowfish)...Jimmy Buffett? This would also be a bonus. Can't list it all here, but that's an inkling of my likes.

Do ya like seafood?...a good steak?...Moroccan? I'd prefer to take you to dinner before cooking dinner. I'm not much of a cook, but unafraid of the kitchen. I do get nervous when preparing a full meal on my own. I know I can eat my cooking, but can anyone else? (Lacking some confidence there, eh!?)

And I hate tomatoes! Only the unprocessed fruit. I can eat tomato soup, salsa, tomato-based sauces, ketchup; even sun-dried tomatoes (to a degree), but not a regular tomato. Sounds weird to most people, but it's a flavor thing. Not partial to berries of any kind, but will eat them occasionally. I don't eat fresh water fish, and I'll eat salmon rarely, dependent upon many factors.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter and her laughter (bundled - take that, Cable companies. I can do that too!)
My best friend
my integrity
my sense of humor
my electronics (computer, cell phone, TV, DVD player, etc.)
Intimacy/Romance/Love-making; (That's only one!...REALLY!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm thinking about my future and what lies ahead; My daughter; if I should write a book of poetry. I know I could do it.

I also think about ladies on this site that I'd love to meet and date, but live in another state. That can be really frustrating. Especially when I strongly feel deep down we could be great together.

By the way, the guy to my immediate left in your search is a stalker. Beware...
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching TV, or a movie, or the Rockies, at home, by myself. Sometimes, it's a trip to a local bar to have a beer or two, catch a game on a bigger screen, and bar food. Usually with some friends, sometimes just to get out and about.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm open to discussing most anything, but I don't feel comfortable talking about my past until I've known you awhile.
You should message me if like football and baseball. I don't know if it'll work out between us if you don't. don't mind a guy who's carrying extra weight. (I am working on it!) want to know about my passion for fantasy football (scared off 87.2% of the ladies with that one. Did you know that 77.3% of all quoted statistics are actually made up on the spot?)
Continuing... are a genuine lady, which means YOU aren't a game player. think I'm handsome, cute, funny, and/or charming. want to be treated like a lady; with tenderness and with respect.
The two of us