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My self-summary
Please. Please. I can't see likes 😊. So if you like me, message me and I'll respond. Happy searching.
190+ likes😳... and counting. No messages. wtf?!

I will warn you now. I get wordy at times and find myself having to explain. I write like a conversation. So I hope this comes across as such. That being said, if I repeat, it's because my memory at times is about 30 seconds long and more than likely I've changed my mind and I'm easily distracted. I'm bad with names, but never forget a face and details about you, but it does take a while for me get the name, although I am getting much better. Vitamins must help! I really enjoy the exclamation mark!!! And, the smiley face :D 😊. Mostly because I'm usually smiling. Especially in the face of adversity. Read on if you like...or have time.

Some details that have been asked.
Not Asian. Japanese. Yes there's a difference 😊. Ask an Asian πŸ˜‰
I hug. A lot. Everyone. By a lot. A lot 😊. I am respectful of those who don't, are not inclined that way; but, I can forget sometimes. Because, I'm a hugger 😊.
I am divorced. If we chat/talk we can talk about it. I'm an open book with pretty much everything. I'm on good terms with my ex as we share the most incredible daughter there ever was. She (my daughter) is my everything. I hope you'll understand that. She just makes everything better 😊, including me. She is always my first thought.

I was never really in the dating game or know how it works, so this is really new territory for me. If we connect/chat, I'll keep responding until you say not too. You'll probably have to hint about a date (by hinting, I mean say "let's meet!"). Cause I'm not good with the hints. 😊 just sayin. Also, I may say things that may offend you or seem out there, I'm just trying to be funny, and I don't really mean any harm. Keep smiling and I hope everyone finds what their looking for.

I'm a hopeless romantic. Eternally optimistic. Realistic expectations, but will always expect and try for more.

I'm honest, so be careful what you ask. I'll most likely ask you the same question too. I'm a good listener.

I really am happy most of the time, I think if you aren't happy then you better figure it out. Cause not too many people will or can for you. Pollyanna, has been used to describe me. I take it as a compliment. I'd like to be able to say the same of others too. 😊

I have an opinion on everything when I think about it, although I'd rather be busy doing things. I may not agree with you 😊 but, I will always respect you. I will need to know the why and thought behind your opinion.

I know I said a little about me, but I tend to ramble on when given the chance! So if you made it to here, you deserve a medal/trophy and I should stop here and leave something to the imagination! I can't stop rambling though 😊. But, as a reward for makin it to here I'll give you a massage. Trust me, I'm good at it. The only thing I'll openly tell anyone that im really good at it There are rules, I'll explain them, it'll make it better and its worth it.

Did i mention I also talk alot?!! 😊. When comfortable. Also, I can use colorful language. Most of the time it's in an appropriate manner. 😊. It's not meant to offend anyone. And, I do have manners so no fear of Tourette's.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enjoying it and looking to live it too it's fullest!!! Trying to more personal stuff when travelling and take holidays! I know. Long story. Decided to add a travel section here cause my profile isn't long enough 😊
Trying to be the best me, I think that's all I can really do.
I find myself traveling some with my work/job which is cool. Not a whole lot, but enough to make it nice.
Working a lot. It'll be nice to enjoy it and take advantage of the second chance I've been given. :D
I get to travel some with work (I have been all along), lucky enough to be able to.
Denver in Oct. 2014 was epic! 😊. Got to see history be made, 100 feet in front of me! Was my real first venture and beginning to my 2nd chapter.
Another edit... Plans for the Super Bowl fell thru. There will be another chance! 😊 There are still other places/plans, for trips but I'll update when I can.
2016 travel update:
Buffalo end of January. This was a great trip! Who knew I'd want to go back?! Epic is probably a better description 😊
Toronto in Feb was spectacular! First vacation in a long time and will do this more for sure. Was good timing and planning. It was so special!
San Diego for 2 weeks in March. Work sacrifices πŸ˜‰. The things I do!
Montana in April was fun! Forgot how much I like the area. Relaxed. Has changed and stayed the same. 😊
Salt Lake City was awesome! There at the end of August. Can't wait to go back!
Kelowna. πŸ˜€. Nothing else to say. Except that it seems to get nicer every year. Lucky to go every September.
Oct 2016. Springfield IL is great! Who knew that Abe Lincoln was a super nice guy. I will never change now 😊. Detroit was incredible! Aaawesome! Yep. Triple AAA awesomeness.
2017 travel plans: can't wait!
Savannah. Get to go twice!!!
Fargo. I know. But, it's a great place.
Vegas! It's for work. Really. It's a tough job. πŸ˜‰ Salt Lake City. It's a fun place too! It isπŸ˜‰. Buffalo. I know, awesome! Springfield, IL, yep. Abe's place. Chicago.
I'm suppeded to go these places twice a year. Work is rough! The things I have to do πŸ™ƒπŸ˜³πŸ˜‰

Savannah is f'n awesome!!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ If you ever get the chance. Go. So stoked about getting to go back in September! Amazing place. And, well... who doesn't like a southern accent too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š. If you have a thing for ghosts, then that is the place for you.

Here some other possible plans: DC, LA, NYC, Kelowna and......
I’m really good at
Being me and no one else.
Uhmmm.....I'd say jack of all trades and master of none too! I'm honest enough to know I know nothing, but have an opinion on everything! But sometimes that filter to keep your mouth shut doesn't work all that well! And, when I think I'm whispering, yeah I'm not.

My inside voice isn't so "inside" apparently. Apparently it's louder than most people's regular voice. Maybe I'm losing my hearing?! :D
The first things people usually notice about me
Short hair (or bald head). I shave it every few days, so it depends on when you catch me. My laugh or smile. I'm always doing one of them. For me, this is the best way to live. Some may say height, but I call it perfect height; because, it's well, perfect. πŸ˜‰
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lots...when I have the time or make the time rather. There always seems to be something good on everywhere and there's so many books to read. But, I watch and read most anything. I'm a guy, so sports (watching/playing) is enjoyable. I like all music, but I probably have more hiphop/edm than anything else and I listen to it on shuffle, always. Which has gotten me and my daughter a few looks when after Linkin Park is blaring, Feliz Navidad follows it up, with some techno or hip hop and some classic. It's all good though 😊
Six things I could never do without
My daughter
Money to live
Someone to enjoy the above with and more
I spend a lot of time thinking about
About: Nothing and everything.

Why no one tells someone they're stupid when they clearly are. Thankfully my friends tell me. A little too often now that I think about itπŸ˜‰.

I keep answering the questions, and they say this question is irrelevant. So why ask it? And why ask questions that can have more than one answer if you're not going to count it? Or, does it mean I'm non-committal? I don't think I am, I've got an opinion on most things, but I've been told to be careful who I say them too!

How does anyone have enough time to read the books I have or want to read. And, my daughter keeps giving me more to read. Crazy. And, then put in all the tv shows and movies. It's hard enough to find time to watch a game.

First world problems 😊
On a typical Friday night I am
Hate to say it. Working, then nothing. Unless something is planned. Shame face 😞. I will need to change this. 😊
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm right and I'll agree with you because I think you're hot! Just sayin!!! 😊. Although I can be convinced otherwise. Possibly.
When people ask where I'm from, I say Canada. If they ask again I'll say Lethbridge, where I was born. I only say it because I think we should all be proud to be Canadian. My heritage is Japanese.... but I'm darker than most. However, I'm 2nd generation Canadian. It's fun to play with people from time to time 😊. In a non-douche bag way of course. It is interesting to learn that many people do not know the history of Japanese Canadians and why many do not know Japanese. Ok I'm really rambling. Like I haven't said enough yet.
You should message me if
If You want to. Age and height doesn't matter. Not that it should anyhow. 😊
Doesn't matter where you are, it'll work itself out in the end. Friends are always good to. Provides a good reason to travel someplace! 😊. We don't have to be soulmates or whatever, friends are good and that creates more paths to explore, that would not have been there before.
It may seem like I'm on here all the time, but I'm not. I only use my iPhone, not the computer. I figured I bought this thing, so I better use it!
Also, in response to this actual made it this far, so......😊
The two of us