47Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the widget missing from the easy to assemble swing set...

It's been a year or two since I'd actually read my profile. Not too much has changed since then - I'm still quiet, stubborn, and thoughtful. I believe I should add frustratingly practical to the list.

This is the bit of the profile where you're supposed to say something that really grabs people's attention like all the advertisers do. I hate all the advertisers. OK, hate is a strong word, but most commercials that think they are being clever to draw people in aren't that clever. I don't want to be like that here.
What I’m doing with my life
Work, work, and more work.

Started a small business as a secondary source of no income. At this point it's really more of a hobby than a business, but someday - hopefully - it will become a secondary source of income or, better yet, primary source of income.

Recently became active with a local RPG group.
I’m really good at
Math (yeah, that'll make the women flock to me).

I've been told that I'm not a bad singer, but that's not the sort of thing that comes up often.

Painting miniatures. Yeah, I was surprised too.

Doh! I completely forgot I know how to dance, and I mean real dancing, none of that freestyle stuff. Been so long since I've gotten to dance that it completely slipped my mind.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Hey, who's the creepy guy over there?" Then again, didn't the Monkees get the funniest looks from everyone they met, and they turned out to be ok guys.

The fact is, I never cared for small talk and I think it's rude to ask someone you just met questions about themself, so I never know what to say when I do meet new people. A lot of people interpret this as creepiness, snobbery or rudeness. The people who make it past this speedbump usually find me to be all right.

Whatever people notice about me, it can't be good. I've had people decided they'd rather stand then sit next to me on a bus. It's not like I take up a lot of room either. That just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover - unless the title of the book includes the phrase "Calvin and Hobbes" then you can be pretty sure it's going to be a good book.

My eyes. I don't get this one because all the mirrors I encounter tend to be lit from above so I get shadow over my eyes when I see them, but a lot of people seem to think I have nice looking eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: History if it's not just a repeat of what they taught us in school. I'm not saying that the schools lied to us but they repeated the same things over and over without enough detail to make it interesting. When I graduated and actually read something that got into the details of what happened I found that history was pretty interesting stuff. I've been reading a lot of old comic books and calling it research recently.

Movies: Intelligent comedies. People just being rude and crass aren't funny. Old slapstick was at least well choreographed. Brit coms at least use clever wordplay. A lot of what is billed as comedy today is recycling old jokes and trying to see how far they can test the limits of the rating system. That's not funny.

I do like to watch very bad movies and either make fun of them or think about how I would have made them better. I've seen Flash Gordon every time it's been on television - it's a cheesy movie but it has so much potential that it's fun to watch and critique. Anything described as a "traumady" (traumatic comedy I'm guessing) I have hated.

Music: I like some of just about every style and I hate some of just about every style. Trying to explain my musical interests would probably fill up OK Cupid's server, and even then I'd probably fail.

Food: I like salads. They're good for you, there's a lot of room for variety in making them and I've almost always got the ingredients for them. I'm not a vegetarian, but not a big meat-eater either. I'll eat most pasta dishes. Pie. Yeah, "pie" isn't a complete sentence, but one word is all that's needed to get the point across. Soups, you can always make a big pot of soup and then have some leftovers to take in for lunch on the next few cold days (or hot days where your work's got the AC cranked up too high) - plus soup means cheese and crackers, and it's hard to go wrong with cheese and crackers. This was a bad question; I can go on and on about food.

Favourite book, movie and food - "I'd say for all three - Fried Green Tomatoes." (I never actually read the book, saw the movie or ate a fried tomato in my life, but it's a great line.)
Six things I could never do without
1 - oxygen
2 - water
3 - food
4 - sarcasm

Yes, the first three were meant to be sarcastic, hence the fourth one. The point is that most things I have right now I have had to do without at some point in my life, and managed to survive. I'm not some great aesthetic who denounces material possession, but there is nothing that I carry with me all the time because I can't live without it.

Oh yeah, clothing, but that's as much for everyone else's benefit as my own.

It's really a stupid question for trying to get to know someone, so I blame OK Cupid.

If it really comes down to arm-twisting, answer-or-we'll-drown-the-sack-of-puppies then I'd say trust. I hate it when people distrust me for no good reason.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Like it says above, I've got a lot of little projects going on and the schedule for use of the super computer (that's joking, not ego) I call a brain is reserved by the various voices in my head that are in charge of these projects.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, watching reruns of Hogan's Heroes and wondering if 9:00 is too early to go to sleep.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't drive.

I find people's response to this interesting at times. It isn't asking for your deepest darkest secret, just the most private thing you would admit. I've seen a lot of, "I'm not telling that to a stranger," comments listed here, which, in the spirit of the question, is actually saying my entire life is so private that I will not tell you anything about it. OK, so someone was arrested for mooning a cop and doesn't want the world to know about it - then that is a private thing that they are not willing to admit, but that doesn't preclude them telling that they like mustard on their french fries if that happens to be something they consider private but not too private to admit. Leaving the question blank is fine; that's just like saying that you haven't taken the time to rate your private issues (and who has time to do that just for a profile?). Taking the time to say that you refuse to share anything on the other hand is the like saying that you don't understand the question.
You should message me if
You should message me if you are not so lazy that you are going to use message text to do so. We've got the language of Shakespeare here, people, and we're reducing it to "how ru?".

Please message me if you can tell me why people put pictures of their feet in their profiles. I'm not asking for a rational answer because I don't believe one exists.

Anyone contacting me with the sole purpose of trying to get me to subscribe to their porn site will be openly mocked.
The two of us