38Ukiah, United States
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My self-summary
I am from Detroit area originally Midwest all around actually.
Being in Norcal has fazed and jaded me a bit, I am not into the anarchist type, nor anyone who bullies, yells or is aggressive towards other to further their "rights" being an ass is not okay as far as I am concerned ..I work within the "system" and don't value juvenile goals of breaking rules..., have no tolerance for bigotry or racism or blalent apathy.
With that said now on to me, oh wait those are big part of me.
I have not smoked in over three years and I seldom drink alcohol, and would prefer someone who was not interested in drinking all the time. Or thinks just sticking to beer and drinking thirty of them is responsible.. No thanks.
, I worked with my local bike kitchen to fix my wheels and I am ready to pedal, I was in the UDJ for my odd bike and dog..
I love hiking and hunting for mushrooms in the winter
I volunteer in my community and work for my community I believe in being an active part of my surroundings to make it better for all.
But I am picky about music, it seems to be the base of my life or at least a strong piece of the foundation... I can usually name a song quicker than your app on your phone.. unless it is Emo-High Fructose Pop music... most of that is ignored by my brain... Those who do not like dogs need not apply, I have a service dog.
What I’m doing with my life
I work at a dead end (or means to an end) 8-5 job, but it is a job that enables me to live a fun life in an interesting area where I have access to all my favorite things.. I love volunteering and used to work a few festivals in the summer as an EMT, volunteer with at risk youth, I am looking for someone who enjoys life here, and wants to hang out in this county for a long while. Enjoying the same food and music is important. That is unless I am meeting someone from out of county. I just dont like the part timers/ transient folk who come here to get rich quick. (Trimigrant?
I’m really good at
Being sarcastic, self depreciating humor, training squirrely dogs,
being nice and friendly... Joking.
Cooking, is my art... where I curse myself for the tasty creations I come up with.. I avoid ovens at all cost (not for sylvia plath reasons)
Mushroom hunting, talking to random people, cooking, reading and sleeping.
Creating fun stuff, babysitting, costume design, emergency medicine, office speak, soap box building, care pakages (well when I mail them), spoiling dogs and pullin formal letters out of thin air for akward social business issues. Eloquence amidst strange circumstances, never during the mundane ones. Knowing my limits and working with them.. until something I think I should be good with doesn't work out so well...
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh... it is unique... okay. I snort when I laugh. I hiccup like a teradactyl, and I sneeze like a mouse or pika chu..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Jitterbug perfume- Tom Robbins, Nation-Terry Pratchet, I have really gotten into the Dresden files..
I read for about two hours every day.
Ray Bradbury, Hunter S Thomson, Henry David Thero (sp) aCK!,
I don't watch T V beyond the Community and an odd Simpsons.
I am addicted to TED talks and This American Life, Dr Strangelove, The Goonies, Stand By Me, Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal and the Labrynth, comedy, documentary, cartoons, drama/action in that order.
Gillian Welch is playing in my car, Halden Wafford and the Hi-Beams at my desk and Florence and the machine on Pandora..
Love bluegrass but I work alot of varied music shows.. can do the Dubstep to reggae(kinda) although those two are not my favorite, Leonard Cohen for rainy days, Awolnation or the Pixies while cleaning the house, Ella Fitzgerald for dinner, Waylon Jennings for the jukebox, yeah I
Like music It would take a very long time to list all the concerts I have seen. Well if I work them I dont see them all...
No pork, no coconut and No msg.. I am mostly a vegetarian. ( unless you have organic, locally sourced happy lambs and cows)
beyond that there is a wonderful gourmet world at my fingertips..
Six things I could never do without
Lip gloss
Firstaid kit
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why? What if... new projects... what band to see next, is it worth it?
Ummm. Different things different days. Many choices and the best possible outcomes and how to get there... or did the dog eat all of the buttermilk biscuits or did I?
Planning, I seem to do alot of that, at work and home. I schedule out two months, so hobbies, volunteering, work and the magic of life line up. I am not saying I reference my astrological chart but it can be close some months.
On a typical Friday night I am
Most fridays I sit in bed reading to my dog or teach her to yodel.
I sometimes work on Saturdays and house sitting as well..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I have dreams about flying, I try the whole next day to fly. The trick is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
You should message me if
You are Not wearing a baseball hat and sun glasses in every picture.
You have read my profile.
You have a superman cape.
Have something in common with me.
You have read my profile
Believe in faeries
Like animals (well platonically)
Have not appeared in Mendo Booking log. (unless for some social justice protesting)
You Do Not like Nickelback.
You have read my profile.
Are not in Mendocino county to make it rich on alternative agricultural practices. You have filled out your profile.
The two of us