30Mays Landing, United States
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My self-summary
I am inquisitive, funny, and inspirational. I'm mad curious + adventurous. I have an open-mind and a free spirit. A night owl and a nerd. Read some of this shit and see if I'm decent.

im shy and hesitant to commit, but all u have to do is convince me, win me, or buy me. i'm easily influenced + deeply inspired by simple ideas. i try to be humble + disciplined, but i struggle to make a concord out of chaos + disagreements day by day. positive energy is good, and when you're a cunt you're spreading negative energy. if you're in a bad mood, plz just tell me; don't ignore me. that makes me sad :(

i have crystal clear awareness and study psychology for a living, so plz dont take advantage of me, cuz I'm a mystic writer and will cast spells upon you! don't feel naked either, because humility + grace is something I find attractive. many of you girls are fuckin FINE, esp. the ones I know ;) ... all I need is a chance from one of you, or we can help each other find SOMETHING. if you want a good chance @ being with me, and you've accepted everything so far, plz continue ahead and/or stop reading or ask me a question if u have a disagreement: I'm open to discussion at all times and can keep a secret; if secrets are important to you. here comes the twist...

I enjoy filth + proversion because it suits my interests/needs without much shame or guilt, but I also take solace in what is mature and noble and respect all faiths humbly. Ethnically, I'm a crazy mix of a bunch of white shit /w a huge % of Italian; "only the good half" if you're Italian + understand. Race don't really matter; there MUST be attraction, though. At the very least, we can be friends, and I always appreciate straightforwardness so we know what to do. Ok, now I'm going to tell you about the kind of girls I like so plz don't judge me or think I'm too ideal; who doesn't want someone perfect? Here we gooooo:

I love intelligent, classy women with poise. I start Aryan and branch outward from blonde hair/blue eyes, because I was born recessive, so I'm technically looking for like pairs. I shoot for girls way out of my league, because I believe in miracles and I've experienced a few and deserve more, because I survived death, and have learned that life itself is a miracle from the scource. (ask me about it if you're interested) Being with me would be a miracle itself, because I move patiently and tactfully. I don't like obnoxiousness or redundant gallivanting, but you're a grown ass woman so you can do w/e the fuck you want and I have no say in that if I am to respect your independence. With that being said, I will still go down on you, and if I commit, pleasing you will be my #2 priority below simple peace.

I'm a huge advocate of karma, and I have a mysticism that throws most women off, because my spirit runs deep + elevates you to challenge yourself, and most don't have the time/patience for that, so they see me as over-complicating, but I just try to be accurate. lemme know what else u wanna know.. and this is the bottom line before you decide to msg me:

I'm picky, but lonely, and will make friends with anyone. I don't judge, and I act accordingly to each person based on how I'm treated. I'm not big on attention, but I'm huge on giving it, and being ignored makes me sad, especially if I like you and you know it. I'm not shallow so if you're not sure if I'll like you, just ask, and I'll take ANYONE's friendship as long as you're not fuckin mean + cruel. In terms of reality: this following sums up how much of a man I am in REAL LIFE.
What I’m doing with my life
Work and play. I grew up a landscaper and cut lawns from age 9-22. I studied Latin and that's why I talk funny. I work in Ocean City, NJ on the Boardwalk, and I don't much make that much money so if you're looking to be spoiled or pampered, I only got a couple bucks for you.. If you're mad hot though, I'll save up n give u what I can afford as long as u do me good ^_^; good luck and have fun everyone!
I’m really good at
Video games (pro Starcraft), grammar, writing, teaching, philosophy, reading, expressing emotions, reading others' emotions, being a listener, caring for people, empathizing with people, embracing the earth. and NO im not a hippy :P
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, my somewhat 5'6 shortness. After looks, my jokes, my sense of intelligence, my debaitful side, and the overall feeling they can trust me as a person.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The world, the universe, earth, the will to power, if god exists or not, good and evil, higher learning,Starcraft, attractive women, when where and how I will meet a girl who shares my interests, if one even exists in this day and age.
On a typical Friday night I am
playing on the computer like a no-lifer
Reading a book
Watching TV
Looking for people to meet/ teach/ talk with
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I feel like I have the same taste as women. It's called the Anima. It's a Jungian concept. Certain qualities about me are seem mostly through women, and I am kind of embarssed admitting it, even though I can't deny it. I like flowers. Chick flicks are decent. I like some women's fashion. I like feminine women. I envy that women can wear things like bangles and thick bracelets and get off with it. Anyway, this is getting weird, but I promise you, I am not gay! I am just weird when it comes to things women are interested in.
The two of us