51Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Are you READY... to be loved? When you think about it... there's a chance you might not be... ready. I'm sure you've heard that you need to love your self first. Success, regardless of whether it's about fame and fortune, losing weight or falling in love... it WILL happen when and if it's meant to happen but you need to be ready... first, and I am. ;)

I'm honest, real, and not your typical guy. I'm understanding; (let's talk about it), creative, open minded, down to earth; (real), good-hearted; (not a player), ambitious, spontaneous; (grab your jacket, we're going out!), romantic, compassionate and passionate guy with an off-beat sense of humor, interested in getting to know a SPECIAL woman with similar attributes... preferably someone who LOVES to kiss. ;)

Maybe I sound rather serious in my profile? That's because I am serious... about meeting someone special... and since I'm hilarious (really?!), it would be great if you had a sense of humor as well. (Did I mention how awesomely modest I am?) Ha!

I'm a Boston boy... where we keep reality in check! ;) I'm selective because I value relationships as I believe we all should. After all, what's more important than having an ultimate connection where we can progress together? I don't expect this to be easy... but what great things in life are?

I've come to understand one important factor when it comes to a relationship that truly works. A person wants to be with another person that makes them feel good about THEMSELVES. In other words, I make "her" feel good about HER and "she" makes me feel good about ME. I believe it's the essence of true compatibility.

My friends tell me I'm too picky... about everything and everyone. I tell them not to flatter themselves! :D

We don't have to have the same exact interests either as long as we respect and appreciate each others passions. Differences between well-matched people creates captivating experiences.

You know it's practically impossible to get a REAL idea of anyone here online but one way to put it is that I consider myself a... "at the end of the day, what matters" type of guy.

Give me the chance to offer you the ATTENTION YOU deserve... finally.

I look forward to knowing YOU... ;)
I’m really good at
Hugging, listening, being thoughtful... so I've been told.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically? My eyes. Secondly, that time has been good to me. ;)
Six things I could never do without
· love/family
· knowledge
· curiosity
· inspiration
· simplicity
· thunderstorms
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Seems like most people aren't understanding this question.
The key words are not 'private' or 'admit'. It's the words 'most' and 'willing'.

Most people respond by saying something along these lines... "If it's private, then I won't admit it." Instead of stating something private but not TOO private to admit.
You should message me if
You're ready to be loved... if you're interesting... and interested in having the time of your life with someone who is ready for "us" to happen. If you want to be with someone who will really be there for you and who is really interested in knowing you and is tired of head games... it would be nice to hear from you.
The two of us