48 Saint Petersburg, United States
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My self-summary
Successful, but down-to-earth; complex, but not high maintenance; attractive, but not vain; physically fit but not obsessive; religious but not a fanatic; selective, but not snobbish; content, but always striving for betterment; mature, but haven't smothered the child within; responsible and settled, but with a daring, adventurous, spontaneous streak; optimistic, outgoing, and open-minded...

I am drawn to women who are upbeat, deep thinkers, avoid drama, and can see the fun in almost any situation. I'm not big on tattoos, excessive piercings, excessive drinking, or artificial enhancements. I like women who are real, natural, and comfortable in their own skin.

If you share these traits with me...let's get to know each other.
You should message me if
- You have NOT lied about your age. (Come one, you really think you're fooling anyone the blur-out-the-wrinkles photos?) Give me a woman who OWNS her age.

- Alcohol is NOT your first line of defense in dealing with life's stresses and discouragements.

- You at least OFFER to pick up a tab/check once in a while.

- You take pride enough in how you are perceived to use proper grammar and spelling, at least most of the time. You know the proper word to use in these groups:
your - you're
woman - women
they're - their - there
have - got
to - too - two
...and my personal favorite...
wonder - wander