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My self-summary
Maybe not :/

The new main pic is a sketch I created and dedicated to my fallen son 💔

For those who have written: thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your words of kindness and support ❤

I apologize, in advance, for not replying to anyone but one of my children has died and I'm just not up to talking. I hope everyone will understand. Thank you.

Happy New Year to all that has graced me with the honor of reading my long as it is. Hoping you will have the best 2017 life has to give you ;) ❤

"What are ya gonna do when no body wants to fool with you? Ain't it fun, livin' in the 'real' world?" I'm on some super strong shit at night for sleep and fell asleep with cereal in my fist and woke up this morning to find out it had migrated to my back. How the HELL does that happen?? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.
Sing it John...

Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. Like now. Tricep exercises anyone??

Evidentiary suport is a wonderous thing. So much so, that you can live in it.

I'll get to you boys ...just give a girl a min.. :)

Top quote of 2014
I have just traveled 14hrs to see my baby and smoke him out and he says, "is it kush?" Haha

My pajama top says: "Happiness: a feeling people are overcome with when I enter their lives"'s so true tho :p

Bragging time!! Ya'll listen to my baby and his boys Gremob. They smashed this!! He "is" Jerome (although his name is Jared) and his voice is the 4th "plus one" and his featured rap is the last verse, about 4 min in. I'm so proud of him!! **warning: if you don't like rap..skip this update.**

Ok. See, there is a reason for the whole "me in a nutshell" section. I understand that it's not really bedtime reading material. I also understand that, for some, you hate to read and that f*cker is just too long and you'd rather have your eyelids cut off than read it and may, in fact, be the only way you would read it. I get it. However..think of this invaluable information as more of a DISCLAIMER section. Disclaimers. What happens when we don't read the disclaimer? Anyone? Yeah...goofy lookin ass with your hand up in the back. ^.- That's right. Customer Service is gonna tell you that you are S.O.L. Shoulda read the fine print. tattoo pic was flagged as "non-appropriate". You're kidding me right?? The silhouette pic is ok but the tat pic just had to go! Men can have tattoo pics, that do not include their face mind you, but women can't?? WTF is up with that??

Per the Despair website on customer dissatisfaction: "We're not happy till you're not happy." Dude...I'm so feelin you right now..."

I was just given a poem written specially for me entitled "I just met an angel today" wow...props to the dude who had the balls to actually hand that to me! Lol

24 May 2014

*Top quotes of 2013*
Scene: My baby has come to see me on mother's day.
"Mom, it's hella dank in here."

**jamming to Demi Lovato**
"Omg mom!! Stop rockin out it's 11 o'clock at night!"
**confused look** "I was?"
"Yes! You're 'hella' loud. HELLA"
"Sorry 'mom' :/"

**3 March 2014**

Most updated without having to scroll alllll the way down ;)

Me in a nutshell: an Aquarius I am most compatible with Libras ;) just an FYI ...

Here's a little advice on how to date and/or seduce, an Aquarius, so pay attention fellas ;) My rising sign is Scorpio, and my moon is in Aries. I need a strong man who can take my strong personality. If you think you can deal...well, message me lol.

Aquarius Sun

Scorpio Rising (scroll down to Scorpio Rising - female)

Aries Moon

Just an FYI. :))

Carry on....

**5 May, 2013**
As I say goodnight to an awesome day, I leave you this brilliant self-summary from another Okc hopeful:

"There are almost 7 billion people in the world, and almost 4 times as many chickens. Currently working on a way to telepathically communicate with them. I plan to be the Genghis Kahn of the chicken revolution. I will rule the world atop my huge golden egg." - courtesy,

Again..wth?? Dude, you're doing it wrong. -_-

**1 May, 2013**
I just learned today that there is a site called "" where, apparently, folks post their issues with other OKC member's profiles and/or pictures. Take, for instance, this grievance sent in by a user to OKC moderators:

"I am reporting this photo because it is a T-Rex holding a lit stick of dynamite and shooting a machine gun while riding a shark and is not a picture of the user."


**12 March, 2013***
If you cannot see my comment code below, I did it right ha.

**411 - OKC is out to totally spoil a girl's fun. That's ok. Just so ya know...I did it right :/ Thanks guys**

Just on the spur of the moment, I feel I need to update my profile a bit. There is so much more to my personality than I have described. Time prevents me from telling all but if you're curious, please feel free to ask ;)

22 Mar, 2013 - I have plenty of time now :) So, let's get into it.

I totally agree with a fellow OKC'er (is that even a word?? No? Doesn't matter.) Please do NOT email me if you have no photo. I have one...(several actually) so should you. And if you're hiding for any reason..? Well..I won't go there -_______- And while I'm on a train of thought....if you cannot distinguish the difference between there, they're, and their, (or other errors that grind my gears such as the improper usage of "who's" and "whose" or "lose" and "loose") for god's sake...please go back to school (or perhaps read a dictionary...they have those online now :/), come back, and write an articulate, cohesive email that I might respond to. Probably. 80%. 75-80. <--bonus points if you can name that movie ;)

I know; I'm a bitch. Don't like it? Keep movin'.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm rediscovering myself as a person, having closed the chapter on one part of my life and opened another. I'm also sketching much more and have gotten into tattoo design and I love it!
I’m really good at
singing, sewing, graphic and web design, formulating skin care products, photography, cutting my own hair...and being a mom!

**and sometimes...a HELLA smartass**
The first things people usually notice about me
My confident personality, my hair, my deep "widow's peak", and my swag :p

**and that, up close, folks discover I wear very lil to zero makeup. No hate on the "younger" generation or anything like that. If you need the help..great! I've been blessed and don't really need it ;)**
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Tried and true..sing it Bonnie.

Been listening to Usher since "My Way"...but right now his "Good Kisser" song...really does it for me :p

I have recently been turned on to a song called "Perfectly Different" by Karina Pasian. Ok. If I had a playlist of one, this would be it.

**ok. Scratch that. JT is rockin my music world right now. Heh.**

**new playlist** Usher's Confessions I&II

.net, designing with web standards, layers, CSS mastery, anything to do with Photoshop, Illustrator, or Dreamweaver (speak geek to me!!)

What's Up Doc, My Cousin Vinny, the movie (from which the quote above is from..which shall remain unnamed :p), The Next Three Days, The Holiday, The Breakup

Dexter, Desperate Housewives (RIP Ladies..), House, Criminal Minds, CSI
Michael Buble, Amy Grant, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, All Jarreau, Earth Wind and Fire

Mexican! Actually, a better question would be what foods "don't" I like. I do not like liver. Can you say GROSS? Idl watermelon. I know..just sayin. Right off the top of my head, these are the only foods I refuse to eat. As long as it doesn't try and eat me first..I'm down!
Six things I could never do without
my bible, my kids, my computer (complete w/adobe cs6...of course!), music, my phone, a great kiss ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My work and making a great living for my kids. Also, (not to sound arbitrary) I think about those around me who are less fortunate than I am and how, if anything, I can make it better.

I think about how the choices I make today will affect my children tomorrow; my grandchildren.

I think about the price of gas and how it's gotten so crazy!!

My two youngest, who are still at home, and how proud I am of them! Jared is an excellent drummer..musical inclination runs in the family!!

How I might keep them under my wing longer..but life goes on and, eventually, so must they :)

**ok. The three hankie moment is over. They "have" a life. And so shall mom. Dammit ;)**
On a typical Friday night I am
catching up on Tivo or hanging out with friends.

**Friday nights and TiVo are no longer friends. They're more like...acquaintances. TiVo is hangin out with Wednesday and Thursdays now :p**

...or out with OKC'er friends driving with them in their cars waaay too fast ;) <=that wink was for a fellow OKC' know who you are lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've dated guys half my age...and liked it ;)

**What can I say? While I cannot tell a lie, I discourage no one from messaging me. You might like what you find :)**

I have a crush on Chef Irvine :P

**Actually, the most private thing, atm, that I am willing to divulge, is the countless times I was made to go over a song I had never heard before because we had only an hour to learn it before singing it live and I was very very young. But I did it because I knew it was what I had to do and dad knew I could pull it off. As an adult, I often listen to music with this mindset and people don't understand the many nuances involved in music and how it can just set us on fire! I learned this young and carry it with me now...

What I mean by that is..a song sounds different on maybe the 6th time..much like a fav movie is viewed over and over...and I hear things, musically, on the next run, that I didn't hear on the first couple of times...

Anyway...if you relate give me a shout...
Wait....none of that is right. The most private thing I'm willing to share is the first grade...I kissed a boy named Larry Lunn. He had one green eye and one blue. Shout out Larry!!
You should message me if
You find me warm, kind...bitchy...whatever...or just up for some nice chat :D

**oh, and if you do NOT have "casual sex" listed in your "I'm looking for" section**
The two of us