30Houston, United States
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My self-summary
People call me Adam, but now I mostly call myself Nemo.

My family calls me Adam, and so do my coworkers. But my online presence is as Nemo. I'm greater_nemo everywhere except in person, and there are exceptions to this everywhere. Most internal memos refer to GraveTexan and me as "Nemo & Tex". I chose the name, but the identity chose me.


Here's a bunch of keywords:

Heteroflexible, sapiosexual, sex-positive, queer, polyamorous, cyberpunk, transhumanist, ADHD-PI, medicated, roguelike devotee, pro/hobbyist developer, minimalist, subreddit/Discord mod, Amiibo collector, bike desk owner, relapsed vape enthusiast, former comedy wrestling referee, former Doomsday Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Well, my character was.

I play house and assorted Marios with GraveTexan where our mutual aspirations allow.

TL;DR, I am intense, experienced, and adaptive. I used to be ENTJ, but I'm more of an (E|I)NTP now. MBTI may as well be a type of explosive ordinance as far as I'm concerned at this point. The real point is that I value logic, personal growth, truth, and progress above all else and I'm just awful at comforting people when they're sad because I just want to help them fix their problems and to feel uplifted by real progress, something they can take pride in.

The thing I'm best at is "learning".
What I’m doing with my life
Short answer? Games.

Long answer?

Being the change that I want to see in the places I care about, and trying to advance the position of games and gaming in the public consciousness by exposing their benefits and virtues as learning aides and as art.

I've heard it said that the actions of an individual are insignificant, but they accumulate over time. So I try to do a lot of small things. I believe in community and I moderate a few. Over the years I've organized and run tournaments for different games, and I try to contribute in other ways where I can. Sometimes that's through dialogue with other people, sometimes it's through writing on topics in-depth to try to advance the broader public consciousness.

Games are at the core of who I am and what I do. I've spent my whole life playing with my brothers and sister and parents and taking little lessons here and there where I can, slowly building up this repertoire of skills so that now I'm at a point where I can pick up most anything and play it at a high level almost immediately. In a cruel stroke of irony, the better I am at games, the harder it is to play with other people because no one wants to just pick up something new for funsies and get steamrolled by some nerd who, for the record, has never lived in a basement in my life.

I'm not going to try to pretend I aspire to change the world in some grand fashion, but I'm trying to make things less shitty, bit by bit, one well-thought-out decision at a time. I write more online than I give myself credit for, and when I write, I write to teach.
I’m really good at
I'm best at learning and implementation. I learn best from experience and I catch on quickly, and that's the root of most of my confidence. It also makes me really handy with instruction manuals or if you're doing anything you've never done before.

On the same note, I'm pretty damn good at playing games. It's an art form to me, and I've been doing it for almost literally my entire life. I try REALLY HARD not to be a pretentious shitbag about it and I can talk about it for hours at a time if left unchecked. The philosophy, the design, the technology, the artwork, there's so much depth to it. As children, we play to learn to be adults, and as adults, we play to remember the child we were. The wisest of us are lucky enough to do both, to grow infinitely younger and older in proportion. The tension, the mystery, the wonder, and the lessons that can be found are innumerable and inexhaustible, and I am determined to know them all.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have notably good taste in graphic tees. I wear artwork, that's my style. I don't like shirts with words on them unless they're in service of a theme, but even then I'd usually prefer something purely graphic. When you see Team Valor coming, you know. I don't need the shirt to spell it out for you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I collect sci-fi paperbacks. Or I did before I started going digital. The few I still keep for the look (and texture, and the smell, oh, the smell!) are mostly Asimov, Niven, Heinlein, Gibson, and Card. My personal spiritual beliefs are based off of the Asimov short story "The Last Question".

It is hard as hell for me to just sit and watch a movie, but sometimes I like to put on some of my old faves as background noise, and then I usually just stop what I'm doing and watch them. Top marks here go to The Running Man and Demolition Man. The resemblance to Megaman bosses are purely coincidental.

TV is something I begrudgingly accepted back into my life. I watch a lot of Chopped. There are so many episodes of that show, it's insane. I just really love competition shows. MasterChef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Forged In Fire.

Music is an afterthought to me most of the time now. If I have headphones on, I'm probably listening to game criticism or documentaries on YouTube or I'm listening to rain sounds.

My go-to games right now are Hearthstone and Pokemon Duel. I just have to get my strategy fix in. In HS I mostly enjoy playing Priest because everyone hates it and it's a frustrating class to play against with a high skill ceiling. I'm also waiting for the Switch with bated breath, seriously.
Six things I could never do without
My five senses and my wits. That's six. Unless multiple wits counts as more than one thing. Maybe just my singular wit.

Every time I come back to revise this profile, the above line is always the one thing I never touch.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Embarrassing things I did as a kid or teen that still keep me awake at night.
How to stay productive.
Work/life balance, and when I say "work" I mean my hobbies, which I take very seriously.
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying the fuck home so I don't have to hunt for a place to park anywhere or deal with crowds.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I deal with my depression and ADHD consciously on a moment-to-moment basis. I "think too much" and I always have. Sometimes I have anxiety attacks, but those are incredibly rare, like once a year. Sometimes I just cry for no reason and if I just let myself wallow in my sorrow for a bit, I'll be fine on the other end. It comes up once every quarter or so. My impostor syndrome is always nagging at me and devaluing my talents and accomplishments and it polarizes me at times between being insecure and meek or self-assured and assertive. In general though, I know who I am, what I can do, and what I want.
You should message me if feel like our acquaintance, dialogue, or potential friendship could be mutually beneficial.

If we mutually like each other and I don't message you, it's probably because I am a stupid boy and I'm fucking awful at starting conversations and clicking the star is my way of digitally making eye contact with you awkwardly from across the room and smiling at you before looking back down at my phone. Old habits die hard.

But really, I don't have a lot of time. I'm the type who's never bored. If I have free time, I have uses for it. At this point in my life, I don't feel the same need to constantly have people around as I did when I was younger, so I need a compelling reason to bring someone new into my life. I value meaningful professional and/or symbiotic acquaintanceship more than shallow friendship.

Does it look like we share interests or beliefs that would make us good sounding boards for each other's ideas? Do you feel like we'd make good friends with benefits? Do you think I might make solid conversation over coffee or lunch and an above-average hookup after?

I guess you should message me if you're not trying to fill a hole in your life, but you feel like there's something about me that might make you want me around. I might feel the same way about you.

In my relationships, I don't want to be needed, I need to be wanted.
The two of us