46 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I used to live next door to this really hot lesbian couple. A couple of years ago I got a knock on my door on my birthday and the 2 of them handed me a Rolex. I said "what's this?" and they said "well, you said you wanna watch".

I'm looking for unique and unforgetable, who lives for the truley good stuff in life, someone open to starting a family if it's in the cards,  Someone to share a life long adventure with - not someone just looking for Mr Right now. Honesty and generosity are attributes that I live my life by and I open myself wholeheartedly for the right women who is willing to get to know the intelligent, sincere and hilariously funny me. Other perks to dating me, you ask? I don't smoke, I love listening to live music so concerts and shows are always game. I also enjoy taking bike rides and cooking. Yes, you read that right, COOKING!, and I won't make you clean up after me because I've already been properly trained to do that, and put the toilet seat down for that matter.  If I sound like your cup of tea, then hit me back! 

I live in Congress Park area and hope to find somebody close by.

A recent experience has proven to me that text msgs and emails are good for small talk to a point but you need to be face to face or on the phone at least for the important stuff. Things get lost in translation way too easily sometimes and you tend to make volcanos out of mole hills. If you have emotional baggage that you are carrying around with you from previous relationships please make sure you are free and clear before investing in me. I'm not willing to have it taken out on me anymore.
What I’m doing with my life
Even though I'm 45 I am still open to having a wife and kids and a family but if it isn't in the cards then I'll be fine with my lover and best friend. In addition I would also be enthusiastic if you were a professional career woman and I was the stay at home Mr. Mom. It's hard for guys to admit that because traditionally we are the providers and bread winners but I am also realistic, and above all, have a sales career that I can stop and start on a dime so in many ways it makes a lot of sense. So, if you are at that point in your career where you have climbed the ladder and need to stay there, but also wants to start a family, then we should certainly talk.
I’m really good at
Hooking shit up.
Useless music and pop culture trivia
Home repairs
Expressing myself and my feelings
Making perfect margaritas
Getting rapport with total strangers.
The six things I could never do without
Sour Willie Wonka candy
Mac n cheese
Social Distortion
Seattle Seahawks
My 2 adorable nephews
You should message me if
You are local in Denver, are open minded and long term, non judgemental, an excellent communicator, sincere, and may even want to start a family.

In addition, and most importantly, i'm not a ghoster and hopefully you aren't either. If you aren't feeling it just say something and move on. I'll do the same. At the same time when I'm interested in somebody I take the time to write an honest and heartfelt message so the least thing you can do is acknowledge it and at least write back and say you aren't interested. I'm in sales for a living so handling rejection is something I'm accustomed to.

Also, I like to read the answers to the questionaires just like everyone else but please keep in mind that many of mine were answered almost 6 years ago now when I first created this OKCUPID profile. It's quite possible that many of my ideas and thoughts have evolved since then so take it with a grain of salt.