30 Helsinki, Finland
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My self-summary

(NB, a word of warning before you read all of this you might want to check out the post scriptum on my "You should message me if" section.)

I'll try to keep this "short". Check out my answers. I've explained many of them and you should learn a great deal more about me there. I strongly believe in match macing systems, but one must remember that it's not necessarily the answers that matter but the reasons for why they were chosen.

So, to the point. I'm a nerdy introvert software developer with bachelors degree in computer science looking for introvert company. Ideally I'd like to meet someone who thinks like me and understands me and who I can understand, relate to and appreciate. I don't need/have hundreds of friends, but I'd like to have one really good one as a life-companion.

A bunch of things that describe who I am, who I think I am or who I'd like to be: rigorously honest, good listener, introvert, visionary, geek, nerd, rational, intelligent, discrete, prudent, weird, logical, naturalist/materialist (philosophy), environmentalist, gender equality advocate, open source advocate, loner, ethical, utilitarianist, programmer, dreamer, a linux fanboy, hedonist, humanist (philosophy!), atheist, idealist, lefty, adaptive, eager to see/experience/learn new things, relativist and a bit lonely

Be warned! I also have the most cutest dog ever and even though I may prove out to be hopelessly inept at sweeping your feet off; he won't. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
What I sort of should be doing is finishing my masters degree in computer science, but it seems I'm having trouble motivating my self to do it. Nobody (for who I'd want to work with anyway) cares what sort of degree you got in this business anyway. So right now I'm working as a software developer, playing/walking with my dog, failing to study and just living my life.
I’m really good at
Computers, listening to other people and sudokus to name a few things.
The first things people usually notice about me
You tell me!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What it comes to books, I do have to admit I don't read that much. And most of what I read is not fiction and it is in English (and due to this I sometimes actually have trouble expressing my self in Finnish though I'm native). I'm also rather slow reader. Anyhow, as far as fiction goes one of the best books I've read is the novel Blind Faith by Ben Elton it combines nerdy stuff with religious criticism and heroism. I've also enjoyed reading all the Harry Potter books, The Lord of the Rings and other fantasy novels, though I guess I'm kind of growing out of that genre.

Films are close to my heart and I love watching them. So here's a (by no means exhaustive) list of some exceptionally good flicks:
Girl with the dragon tattoo, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Matrix trilogy, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, American Beauty, Amélie, Clockwork Orange, Reservoi Dogs, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Braveheart, Donnie Darko, Life of Brian, District 9, Beautiful Mind, Truman Show, Edward Scissorhands, Drive, Little Miss Sunshine, Eagel vs Shark, Me and You and Everyone We Know and many many more. I might also add that I tend to also watch a lot of not so great films, crappy films even. Sometimes I just want to watch some brainless bullshit that basically needs no attention at all. Kind of like elevator music :)

Some good television series: True Blood, Mentalist, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, Most CSI and the likes are pretty ok, MacGyver :p, X-files, Lost, Mr Bean. I do not really follow any series (from the telly) as I find the idea of having to schedule my life around show times for new episodes absurd.

On the music side my favourite bands are somewhere around alternative, indie, rock and pop. I also fancy a bit of electronic music as in clubs, but don't really listen to it much, but with the proper company I could easily be lured to take part on raves. I suppose when talking about music in my life you can’t leave out mentioning the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. Though he's music is no longer something I listen to on a regular basis his music was very influential when I was a child. Songs like The Earth Song, They Don't Care About Us, Black or White and many more have probably had more effect on my personality than the rest of the entertainment industry all together. As I'm now once more watching MJ on MTV singing about people hurting the earth, tanks rolling, big machinery raping the forests and the work of human greed, - to refresh my memories - my eyes start to leak salty transparent liquid. About MJs personal life and controversy around it, I prefer to say I'm not qualified to take stance on any direction. Now here's some good bands: CMX, Don Huonot, PMMP, Radiohead, Pulp, The National, M83, Placebo, Magenta Skycode, Jori Hulkkonen, Dj Orkidea, Scandinavian Music Group, Ultra Bra, Mew, Michael Jackson, My Bloody Valentine, Muse, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Ismo Alanko ja kaikki kumppanit, Hassisen Kone, Siekkarit aka Sielunveljet, Porcupine Tree (and it saddens me to the core that their latest music is not available on Spotify), Janita, and tons of more.
Oh and one more thing. Get your headphones, search for Pulp - Duck Diving, play it from youtube or spotify and close your eyes. I feel the story is just amazing, Jarvis Cockers voice is hypnotic and the music creates awesome atmosphere. Sure I'm crazy! ;)

Food, oh I love food. I love good food. I'm especially in love with Japanese food. Sushi and bentos are so good and I recently had the opportunity to eat a five course menu at Hoshito (Mäkelänkatu, Helsinki) and now I'm like I want to move to Japan because the food is just so darn good! :) I also like wine, beer and cooking my self (though I'm no master chef).
The six things I could never do without
Food, something to drink, electricity, computers and internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Religions, philosophy, politics, cool software that I would make if I needn't to worry about getting the food on the table and paying my bills, crazy ideas for reducing the carbon footprint of a human life and everything else. I spend a lot of time thinking about a lot of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Alright, I'll admit it. Wanking at home. :) But not always. I do go out too. It's just that most of my good old friends actually live in Hämeenlinna and I'm kind of short of company to do things with.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I'm alone, which I tend to be a lot of the time, I often speak to my self out loud and usually in English :)
You should message me if
If you find me intriguing and in some way similar and compatible to your self. I strongly unsubscribe to the phrase: "Differences complement each others." but then again I suspect I'm quite an oddity to match :)

P.S. At the moment I feel my time is quite precious and I suspect right now you might have hard time catching my attention. Feel free to try though, but I might not have any free time to spare for new friends until summer.